How to Organize Your Refrigerator + Organization Bins

Here is how to successfully organize your refrigerator AND keep it tidy! I transformed my fridge with few bins, reusable bags and labels. It is aesthetically pleasing with color coordinated containers #fridgegoals and it is incredibly functional. Ever since organizing the refrigerator, I feel as though I better stay on top of what is in the fridge and utilizing all that I have.


Here is exactly what I used to organize…

Produce Bin with Lid

These are perfect for items like salad mixes, bell peppers, chopped zucchini, cucumbers, and just about any product item. I also love that they easily stack!

Fruit Bin with Lid

These bins are super similar to the product but have an adjustable piece that allows for separation like if you’re doing strawberries and blueberries.

Egg Holder Bin

I love an egg holder because it makes eggs look so chic and aesthetically appealing, especially in contrast to a brown egg carton. This is the one I have.

Plastic Egg Holder

This isn’t the exact one I have but it’s slightly less expensive.

Fridge Labels

For only $8, this made my refrigerator especially the drawers more organized!

Reusable Stand Up Bags

These reusable bags are perfect for chopped veggies for my kids: carrots, celery, apple slices + so much more. I love that they stand up and look great in the fridge.

Plastic Storage Bowl – Slate

We are all about leftovers here, but leftovers thrown into a glass bowl look so sloppy. These totally elevate the look of leftovers and the fridge.

Plastic Storage Bowl – Mint

Another color!

Bamboo Lid Glass Food Containers

These airtight containers are great for just about everything!

refrigerator containers
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