My Home Gym Equipment Essentials (all Amazon Prime)

With many of us doing more at home workouts, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my home gym essentials. They’re all from Amazon Prime so you can build your home gym in no times. These home gym essentials can be used for all types of workouts, and, of course, I can help you pick a workout plan best suited for you here.


These are all items that I have and use regularly in my home gym. They also happen to all be available on Amazon prime, so you can build your home gym in no time.

10 LB DUMBBELLS ($17 – here)
Dumbbells usually cost $1 per pound. Oddly enough, if you click the pair it’s more expensive than buying 2 singles?! Anyway, if I could only have 1 dumbbell set, I find the 10 lb option to be the most useful for both upper and lower body exercises. I also like pre-weighted dumbbells in 5s and 15s.

Without a doubt, this is the most useful option for dumbbells. You can build the dumbbells to be lighter ~5lbs up to ~20 lbs each dumbbell so it definitely allows for a greater weight training challenge at home and is the most cost effective option. This is the brand I’ve used for years and love!


Bands simulate a cable machine that would be found at a gym. The constant tension on the muscles is very effective. I like this particular set because of all the accessories/attachments and the door anchor!

A bench is a versatile piece of equipment allowing for incline presses, step ups, hip thrusts and so much more. This one in particular also has leg extension and leg curl options, which acts as 2 popular pieces of gym equipment.

An adjustable barbell set is something I got after a few years and it’s made one of the bigger impacts in my home gym. It allowed me to do a lot more exercises. I like the adjustability so I can do things like bicep curls and squats. Also, these adjustable options are lighter and shorter as compared to an olympic barbell, making them very versatile.
FYI – the set my husband got me for Christmas 2 years ago was both a dumbbell and barbell set for only $85. It’s not sold online, but I wanted to show where he got it (here)!

OLYMPIC BARBELL ($129 – here) + PLATES ($69+ – here)
If your budget allows and if you are interested in heavy weight training, an olympic barbell is a big deal. When I first got mine, I really felt as though I could do a gym style workout right at home, especially with bench press, deadlifts and squats!
I suggest a 10 lb and 15 lb set of bumper plates (they’re made of rubber so more home gym friendly)

BENCH + RACK ($210 – here)
This one has both a bench and a rack. At this price, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the quality. You may recognize this one because it’s the exact one I have and we’ve had it for 5+ years now. The rack allows you to use your olympic barbell for benching, squats and so much more! You can also obviously move the bench around and use it on its own.

JUMP ROPE ($10 – here)
This most inexpensive, most challenging cardio.  A jump rope can be easily stored. You can take it anywhere. AND, it will kick your butt every time.

TRAMPOLINE ($40 – here):
A super fun, at home cardio option (and my 2 1/2 year old thinks this is his toy so it’s really a win. This is not only an amazing cardio workout but also always gets my core sore. The folding design makes it more convenient.

MINI BANDS ($16 – here):
These help intensify lower body exercises (especially the glutes!) and can be creatively used for total body training. I love using these!

LOOP BANDS ($13 – here)
These are a go-to resistance band of mine that are very versatile. I have both the purple and orange resistance levels. You can wrap it around things to create an at home cable machine too!


20 LB KETTLEBELL ($34 – here)
A kettlebell isn’t something I use often but it is nice to have both for weighted movements and cardio. I find the 20lb option very useful!

*thank you for supporting me through my links; all links are commissionable Amazon affiliate links 


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