Not sure if I think I’m Oprah (if only lol) but I wanted my holiday gift guide to include my favorite things.
I do almost all of my shopping through bloggers. I cannot say enough about how much their personal recommendations means to me. I feel like once you vibe with a person a lot of what they like and think is very similar to yours.
It’s the “you won’t like the quality” or the “I use this all of the time” type stuff that I find myself totally agreeing with, so I hope that’s what today’s gift guide does for you too!
Also, I’m including a variety of price points. Many of these items are under $50 and I think just 2 are splurge-worthy $150+ items.
christmas gift ideas for women who workout

1. OIL DIFFUSER (here)
During Christmas time, I burn Bath & Body Works 3 wick candles like crazy but all other times, I’m really into diffusion oils. My friend Liz has taught me so much about certain oils and how they can improve mood and health! It’s worth looking into if you haven’t already.
2. WATER BOTTLE (here)
You know how much I love my Swell water bottles. Well, I just saw this new shape and marble design and immediately hit add to cart! A cute water bottle = extra hydration for me.
3. MANTRA BAND (here)
I wear these inspirational bracelets all the time. They’re also not too expensive so they make perfect gifts for girlfriends!
My new gym isn’t all that big so I can’t be carrying a gym bag around. I recently bought this wristlet to hold a few small items like my car keys, pony tail holder, etc. while I’m working out. I love it!
5. BLENDER (here)
This is the exact one I use. We’ve had ours for 2 years now and it still works wonderfully. Blenders can be so pricy but this one provides quality without a ridiculous price tag. I love that it has 2 options: single serve & the big size.
I have these in the standard black and white color. I wear them A LOT! When I saw this pink color, I instantly added it to my wish list.
By far my favorite piece of equipment in my gym. If you don’t have these and you follow my workouts, I HIGHLY recommend them. You can increase/decrease weight to create challenging workouts with minimal equipment. 
8. SNEAKERS (here)
I just ordered these in a different color way and then saw this black gold combo. I may have to exchange (or get these too!) Super comfy and classic.
This yoga mat is a bit of a splurge BUT it is by far the best I’ve ever practiced on in preventing your hands and feet from sliding around. Try it out in the store – wet your hands and slide them on the mat. You will stick! Totally worth it if that’s a common issue you have. Mine is now 4 years old and still in great condition. 
I have the big over the hear Beats headphones which I love but I want to try these. This item is the only one on the list that I do not have. Does anyone have these? What do you think?
11. APL SNEAKERS (here)
There is just something about these shoes that make ladies go crazy. Whenever I wear them, people ask “what brand are those” or “those are so cool” – they’re just different. I did a full review here on the sneakers if you want to read that. 
What are some items you would add to the list? Comment them on this post!

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