Holiday Gift Guide: comfy + cozy

I call this a favorites list of all things comfy and cozy. The proper blogger term would be Holiday Gift Guide for Her: Cozy Budget-Friendly Items. Every Sunday, I share the best sellers of the week on Instagram stories. I noticed a theme in the items… comfy and cozy. That inspired me to share a full post of all my favorite “comfy and cozy” items in a Holiday Gift Guide in case you’re looking for yourself and/or friends and family this season.

holiday gift guide cozy

ROBE (here)

If you watch my Instagram stories between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM, this is the robe I’m in. I wish you could feel it through the screen because the plush coziness is on another level. Also, it’s warm but not smothering hot, you know what I mean?!
I actually went in to buy the super popular. Barefoot Dreams robe but ended up liking this one more.


I have two pairs: the chestnut brown and pink (I don’t think they sell the pink anymore). My pink ones are 5 years old, so while they’re pricey for slippers… they last! My favorite feature is how they can be worn higher up around the ankle or rolled down to show more of the fur

BLACK LEGGINGS (here – save | here – splurge)

Everyone needs a really good pair of black leggings in their closet. I’ve talked at length about the Lululemon align leggings being the best I own and these being a very similar option but just $25 on Amazon. They are so good that I plan on gifting at least 4 pairs to some friends for Christmas.┬á


If you’ve been in the LG Community for even a minute, you know about we are all bananas over these bedsheets. Quick summary: they feel like butter, they’re just $25 and we all swear we sleep better on them. You need a set on all your beds and they make for an amazing gift!
If you need bedsheets, read THIS blog post I wrote with allllll the sheet details

HOODIE (here)

Hoodies are here to stay this season. And, they’re not just “sweats.” Hoodies can be dressed up and layered over jeans and over the knee boots. Front tucked into a a pair of skinny jeans with flats. This particular hoodie is cozy AF and I think the wide-width drawstrings add a fashionable detail.


I plan on ordering our family the 4lb cream one for Christmas. I’ve always wanted a chunky blanket but they are usually pretty price. This is a better price and it has great reviews. Plus, Amazon: *add to cart*

CHIC PJS (here for cami | here for pants)

A few years ago, I putting a little extra effort into finding cute yet comfy PJs. We wear them so much, right?! It’s worth feeling fabulous in them. These are EVERYTHING! I wear the cami tucked in to show off the ribbon on the pants.

JOGGERS (here)

A classic, comfy jogger pant yet flattering. These come in 4 great colors: black, gray, tan and blush pink. This was a purchase that I liked but since buying them, it’s become a “love” as I’ve worn them more and more.


I wear this pullover 2-3x per week and I have it in both black and cream. It’s cozy and looks great with everything: workout outfit, jeans, loungewear, etc. For reference, I wear a size small and the small actually fit me when I was pregnant last winter with Beckham.


You can’t have a cozy list for fall and winter without a flannel, right?! A flannel shirt that checks all the boxes is hard to find. I have a lot and love this particular one the most. There are several different plaid options but this brand and style offers one that isn’t stiff (hate that!). It’s also a great length so I wear it tied up or tucked into jeans as well as long over leggings.

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