HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: a little something for everyone

I wanted to share a holiday gift that that includes a little something for everyone. One of my favorite parts of the holidays is gifting thoughtful items. I love when you give a gift that is beyond just a gift: a monogram, something that relates to topics you talk about with the person, an item that accounts for their favorite drink… anything that just really shows a little extra effort. It’s all about sharing love. These items are a little something for everyone with that added layer of love.┬á

holiday gift guide stocking stuffers
ROCKETBOOK (here is the one I got | here for the less expensive, just notepad option)
I treated myself to this! I love the feel of a pen and paper: making lists, calendar, etc. However, my life and work is so digital that I need my schedule and tasks on all my devices. This is the best of both worlds! Write everything in the notebook and use an app to transfer it to your computer. There is a more basic option of just a notebook or the fusion that I got with all sorts of pages: notebook, calendar, lists, etc. Such a good gift to give and treat yourself to!
On my list! I’ve looked at products like this but the $$$ held me back. This is inexpensive and so cute. It can obviously be used for travel or just to keep your products organized at home. I know my girlfriends will love this too!
These are an amazing price. Pottery Barn stamp of approval. I am stocking up on these for teacher gifts, and they would also be perfect for adding some cute things into to make it a bigger gift. Also, I will be adding an L mug to the cart for myself ;):)
Everyone raves about Barefoot Dreams anything and everything from their robes to their loungewear and socks. I love that these are a taste of a high end brand but under $20.
A gift ideal for wine connoisseurs, craft beer lockers, cocktail enthusiasts, etc. So many “keep your drink cold” options for under $25. The reason I like this brand in particular is because it’s one of the only stainless steel options that doesn’t give your drink that icky metallic taste. Also, the options are endless… I particularly love the wine bottle holder (holds an entire bottle of wine) and how cute the colors are: glitter rose gold, marble, etc. You can use code LAURENG for 15% OFF your first order!
I like giving books that I personally have loved readign and ones that relate to what a person may be going through. This is one I’ve given to my friends who are going through some sort of transition of change in life. I often include a little handwritten note when I give books.
Another book I like to give to my friends who are taking charge of life. Again, a handwritten note with the message of “you’re kicking ass at life and I thought you would enjoy this as you continue accomplishing all your dreams” is a cute touch. Get this for the friend who loves vision boards, goal setting, etc.
There’s something about a personalization to a gift that makes it feel extra special. Normally, monogrammed items are pricey but these are inexpensive and extra beautiful.┬á
A great family gift. I get so many compliments on ours. I especially think this would be great for a family that has recently had a new baby.

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