You have probably seen 721,068 “pink drink” pictures on social media by now. The Starbucks pink drink craze is in full force and today, I’m sharing my healthy pink drink alternatives. Also, be sure you enter my giveaway to enjoy a pink drink on me (it’s at the very bottom of this post)
If you haven’t heard, Starbucks has a secret menu and now it features rainbow drinks: pink, purple, orange, green and blue. It’s called a secret menu because the order to these drinks aren’t found on the posted, in-store menu. 
I’m all about a splurge on occasion, but personally, I rather enjoy pizza and cheesecake than liquid calories. For that reason, I’ve always attempted to find hacks to my favorite high calorie/high carb Starbucks drinks. 
Not to burst your bubble (and I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone), but in doing some research for this post, I wanted to see the actual nutrition info for some of Starbucks most popular drinks. *Jaw Dropped* I cannot even believe they make drinks with close to 100 grams of carbohydrates/sugar! Not to mention all of the fake sugary syrups and whatnot. 
I can’t help but giggle a bit because I know those drinks taste so good and I’ve certainly enjoyed them too. Still, on a regular basis I always like to have healthy alternatives in my arsenal.

The Order: strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk and added strawberries (the key is to ask for coconut milk to achieve the creamy taste and milky appearance; otherwise, the drink comes out clear if made with added water
This original pink drink isn’t even that unhealthy or high in calories/sugar; the grande (16 oz) size contains just under 30 grams of carbohydrates. Not terrible at all, but again, I like to eat my calories and macros not drink them. 

The Order: iced passion tango tea with coconut milk, unsweetened with a packet or 2 of stevia added (light pink drink)
Starbucks has a classic syrup that they always use unless you specify unsweetened. With this order, I think the drink itself tastes great as is (and I’m one who normally adds my own sweetener). But, you can always add sweetener like stevia.
To keep it naturally sweet, I suggest sugar or stevia (versus the Starbucks syrup) so you can control the exact amount. Starbucks offers stevia now! This may sound crazy but I have liquid stevia in my purse, in my car, in my kitchen, and who knows where else. A few drops is all this drink needs to add a bit of sweetness. 
This drink has a fruity and creamy taste yet it’s light and refreshing! Perfect for summer! I also like that there isn’t caffeine in this drink. Don’t get me wrong, I loveee a caffeinated beverage, but I also like options I can drink late in the afternoon after I’ve already had more than enough caffeine for the day.

The Order: half passion, half green unsweetened iced tea; I ask for no water added to achieve a stronger flavor but if you prefer your tea bit more watered down, leave that out of your order. Finally, if you like it a bit sweeter, ask for a packet or two of stevia added (dark pink drink).
This is a drink you’ve likely heard me mention before as I’ve been drinking it for years! Just like with the other pink drink, I always am sure to specify unsweetened. Then, I add my own stevia for natural sweetness as I find this drink a bit bitter. However, my husband loves it unsweetened and as is. 
Unlike my other pink drink, there is caffeine in this drink because of the green tea used. Obviously, the larger the size you order, the more caffeine the drink will contain. 


  • Specify unsweetened: like I mentioned, Starbucks adds in a classic syrup so be sure to mention that to cut down on sugar/carbs
  • Stevia: if you still want some sweetness, add your own; liquid stevia only costs a few dollars and just about every grocery store now carries it (there are even fun flavors like lemon stevia or toffee stevia that taste amazing in drinks)
  • Lemon: a squeeze of fresh lemon juice into a drink can add some naturally delicious taste. This tastes great in the second LG pink drink I shared!
  • Order a short: if you want the original Starbucks pink drink or any of your favorites regardless of nutrition info, enjoy! Maybe try ordering the short size to indulge but on a smaller scale.
Just a little heads up… I’m going to be giving away (me, personally #NotSponsored) TEN Starbucks gift cards so you can enjoy an LG pink drink on me. Look for the a pink drink photo when I post it to Instagram to participate!


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