The Glute Guide 2.0 (quick edition) is live! Today I want to give you a sneak peek inside and to discuss all things glutes. Glutes, as most of you know, are the butt muscles and they often require a bit more dedication and strategic training to improve. My new Glute Guide will help you achieve all your glute goals and then some. Read on!

I’ve never had a “baby got back” style booty, but it’s always been pretty lifted, tight and fit thanks to weight lifting. Haha – this is so awkward to type but I’ll do it to help a fellow sister out. Anyways, I always felt confident with my butt whether I was in a bikini, jeans or leggings.
When I had my son, I took 8 weeks off of any exercise and only at 4-5 months postpartum was I actually lifting how I did previously. The one muscle group that physically appeared to “suffer” the most from that time off was my butt.
The year prior to having my son, I released the original Glute Guide but the workouts were much longer. I did modified versions of that plan, switching up the exercises and shortening the duration. I basically created the Glute Guide 2.0 for myself and for this challenge, I thought, why not actually share it.
By adding in short, glute-focused workouts to my regular lifts throughout the week, I was able to reduce cellulite, lift it from it’s former saggy status, and sculpt it to look like a healthy, fit booty! Honestly, I’m so proud of my glute progress. I feel confident from the backside and I hope you will too!
There are 4 different training approaches used within the Glute Guide to target the muscles differently.
LOWER BODY STRENGTH: there is 1 exercise I found to help sculpt the booty more than any other exercise and it’s not a squat or deadlift (as you may think). The lower body strength workout will focus on specific sets, reps and weight using this very effective movement.
GLUTE ISOLATION: these days will focus on isolating the glutes through targetting movements. Often times, these workouts will include unilateral exercises (one side at a time) to further emphasis the butt muscles.
PLYOMETRICS: 1 day per week, we will include plyometrics or jump training. This is a hybrid between glute workouts and cardio and I find it very effective at achieving that fit, sculpted booty.
GLUTE ACCESSORY: the weekly accessory workout is designed to provide us 1 more day of glute training without getting too sore and fatigued. These workouts are the cherry on top of a beautiful booty sundae.
During the Fall Challenge Preview Week, I shared 4 Glute Add On Workouts but I want to include them here as well. 
lauren gleisberg glute guide workout

Lauren gleisberg glute guide workout

lauren gleisberg's glute guide
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