Happy Friday, friends. I am happy to be chatting with you on another beautiful Friday… isn’t Friday always beautiful despite your mood or the weather lol. On Friday, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s exactly how I feel today. The past few weeks have been so full for me lately. Full of a lot of amazing things but full can be exhausting as well. I’ve been receiving a lot more life/personal questions from you lately, so I figured I would do a “life update” in this Friday Five post.

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Otherwise, grab your cup of coffee, pick up a  foam roller or get to stretching if I’m catching you post-workout or relax for a few minutes and enjoy the Friday Five! XO


We’ve been all about Fall lately. It’s funny because yesterday it was almost 90 degrees here in Houston but everyone is in the spirit. Being a Wisconsin girl, I really miss the changing seasons, so I try to just pretend lol.
Here are a few things, we’ve done to embrace Fall

  • Bath & Body Works Candles – I love BBW 3 wick candles but I go crazy for the the fall/winter scents. My current favorites are Leaves, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple
  • Mums – I switched out my planters on the front porch with mums
  • Pumpkins – of course, we had to get pumpkins out on the front porch already and they’re sprinkled all over the home
  • Crockpot – we’ve cooked a bunch with the crockpot already; fall food is just the best 
  • Cozy Clothing – I am a huge shopper as in I don’t like to go to the mall every week and pick out a few things. I am more of a “it’s fall… place a big online order for the upcoming seasons” and then wait again until spring to do the same. I just purchased a bunch of new stuff so I’ll be sure to share that as it trickles in



I think everyone can pretty much agree that life is just getting busier and faster. I certainly feel that way lately. I am not someone who needs a clean home 24/7 but I certainly thrive off a tidy space. When my home is organized, my life feels organized – you know what I mean?!
I have been on a mission to keep up with my daily cleaning schedule (I shared that in yesterday’s blog post) but I am also going to be tackling one organizational project a week. I’ve been weirdly obsessed with figuring out little organizational systems like I bought these clothing rack dividers and I wrote the days of the week on them. Every Sunday, I pick out all my outfits as well as Leo’s so our mornings flow more smoothly.
I’ve been searching for more ideas on Pinterest but if you have any little tips and tricks that help you, I would love to hear them!

3. LEO 

I am thinking the most popular update will be for Leo Lococo lol. If you’re not familiar with my family… Leo is my 15 month old son. He is wild, determined and always smiling. What’s new in his world… well, he started PT recently (you can read here for more on his leg). We go to Texas Children’s every Tuesday morning for that and I wish I could say it’s going great but honestly, I think he needs another session or two to warm up to the environment before he can focus on the activities they try to get him to do.
If you watch my IG stories, you see his big personality but when we go out and about, he’s definitely shy and reserved. It’s really important to both Anthony and I that we focus on getting Leo in different environments where he will learn to adapt, get comfortable and feel confident; I feel that’s going to be a greater challenge for Leo in his life so we’ve been trying more “new places and faces” lately.
Other than that, here are a few things he loves to do lately:

  • Talk – he is so talkative. He says a few words (mama, dada, hi, bye, bubble, ball, yeah, etc.) but I mostly love that he does baby babble and will carry on a “conversation” with me for a few minutes lol
  • Clean – the hand vac and swiffer are his current favorite toys 
  • Outside – he stands at our front door and bangs on it. This kid would be outside every waking minute if we let him. 
  • Trucks – Leo is just obsessed. We take morning walks and I purposely go past the houses I know have trucks just so he can look at them. He points and yells “ooooh”
  • Holding hands – just this morning on the way home from the grocery store, he yelled, “dada” and had his hand waving in the air. He begs to hold your hand while he’s in his car seat. It’s the cutest thing ever!
  • Eating – hands down, his 2 favorite foods at the moment are: 1) grapes and 2) mac n cheese


4. BABY #2

I am 20 weeks pregnant this week – half way there! Wooee! I told you in our pregnancy post that we already know the gender but wanted to reveal it to y’all in a fun, cute way. I bought the supplies this week so just waiting on it to arrive – it’s so stinkin’ cute and I can’t wait to share.
On Monday, I went in for the anatomy scan. This is the appointment with Leo where we learned about his leg, so I was a bit more anxious that I normally would be. Our OB suggested we see our maternal fetal medicine specialist who we saw regularly when I was pregnant with Leo. Our OB didn’t suspect any problems but knew that the MFM could answer deeper questions for us and that we were super comfortable with her. I am happy to share that baby #2 is perfectly healthy! I am so so thankful!
At this point with Leo, I ordered all his nursery furniture and I had an entire wardrobe for him – washed haha. This time around… the room that will be the nursery is still being occupied by my husband as his “man cave” sooo I should probably start on that soon.
Right now, I am just enjoying all the baby kicks. This little one sure is wiggly and I love it!


I’ll divide this into a few sections on what my life looks like lately…
WORKOUTS: I am still getting to the gym 5 days per week. This week, I’ve actually been there a few days for 5:30 AM just to squeeze it in. Even when I am pregnant, I workout because that helps me feel like me. I crave that endorphin rush and I still have such a passion for weight training. I am following the Fall Challenge and modifying moves if I have to… gosh I still can’t get enough of the workout format (it’s the same one I loved from the Weight Training Plan 3.0) 
MEALS: I have a slightly different mindset when it comes to my meals lately. I simply focus on making really delicious yet healthy recipes. I go through phases with how “dialed in” I get with nutrition. Right now, I am a bit more relaxed. I’ve been really enjoying cooking and eating the Fall meals I’ve been sharing. It’s a fun place to be. Although, I do need to curtail my snacking lol.
Thanks for taking time to read the Friday Five. I hope you have an amazing weekend! XO

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