Welcome to a very fun edition of the Friday Five… LG Sister staples. If you’re new here, my Friday Five is a weekly blog post series where I share 5 thing I am obsessed with that week. Sometimes I get extra creative and my Friday Fives have a theme like my 5 Fav Food Brands or my 5 Fav Books. Other weeks, they’re totally random!



For this week’s Friday Five, I tried to think of 5 products that I couldn’t live without and/or that I use nearly everyday. They’re things that I use and love… my staples! I wanted to share because of how similar we all seem to be.
It’s so funny that when I share a product or show, so many of you respond “I watch that all the time too” (Friends, Law + Order SVU lol) or when 4000 of you bought the $25 butter-feeling bed sheets I swear by.
Anyway… onto my 5 staples


I’m always wrapping my hair around my hair ties so you can’t see them. It gives a more polished look to a simple pony.
I used to wrap the hair and secure it with bobby pin. That does the trick but after a few hours or during a tough workout, it comes loose. 
Then I began using THIS – game changer!
My mom used to use this on my hair all the time. The smaller sized one is perfect for wrapping hair around your elastic. It is so simple and the tool comes with instructions on how to do it. Best part… it takes all of 20 seconds.
The one piece of home gym equipment that I swear by more than anything!
The main obstacle in working out at home is that you may not have the equipment to challenge yourself with weight. When attempting to make gains (like increase in strength and get more fit), we must train progressively… something must get more difficult each workout and each week.
A traditional set of dumbbells is obviously one weight. Example: 10 lbs. That may be challenging enough with bicep curls but when it comes to back squats, you likely could do 10x that amount.
Adjustable dumbbells allow you to quickly change the weight you’re using without having to buy a bunch of dumbbells. I also LOVE an adjustable barbell set but I started with the dumbbells so it has a special place in my heart.
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These are for my smoothie-loving ladies. I’ve shared these straws for the past year now and I’m still just as obsessed.
They’re reusable silicone straws that work great for any liquid beverage AND smoothies.
Okay, I love these straws so much and have the usual colors but just this month ordered the PINK color and my liquid game couldn’t be cuter lol.
THESE – wider, smoothie straws
THESE – normal drinking straws
THESE – normal drinking straws, longer length (good for tumbler/yeti)

To the inventor of high waisted leggings… thank you. I hope these never go out of style! I don’t know the last time I bought a pair of normal rise workout leggings. The high waistband feels so nice around your midsection. When you’re working out and bending over, I also like that nothing digs into your tummy.
My favorite high waisted leggings:
THESE moto leggings (this waistband feels the best out of all these)
THESE classic black leggings (I also get the crops)
THESE leggings that feel like silk on your skin (the length is amazing, it’s more of a cropped pant and by far the most flattering length for both short and tall women)
Part of living a healthy lifestyle is taking time for yourself… ensuring your cup is filled. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup, right?!
By far, one of my favorite things on a daily basis is getting cozy at the end of a long day. Robe and slippers are essentail.
FAVORITE ROBE: here (although I have a bazillion as you know – target has amazing robes)
Even if you’re just at home, on your couch and watching Netflix… treat yourself to amazing relaxation with plush cozy essentials lol.
Well, there you have it… my Friday Five LG Sister staples. Hope you enjoyed the read. Have a great weekend!

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