Friday Five: my 5 favorite "self help" books

Finally… a theme to my Friday Five. Usually my Friday Five post is a list of 5 random things I’m into (or obsessed with is probably a better word to describe it) each week. This week, however, I thought I would share 5 of my favorite “self help” books.

Can we talk about the book category – “self help” – for a second. What does that even mean?! When I see the sign at the bookstore (I still love going into a bookstore! anyone else?!), I feel like I should put my head down and be ashamed I’m rummaging through self help books.
I guess “personal development” is the newer, lighter term used but even that, I’m not so into.
Whatever you want to call this category, I am sure you know the kind of books I’m talking about… the let’s stir up some positive energy / you’ve got it, girl / go for your dreams type of stuff. I LOVE those kind of books.
I was organizing my nightstand this past weekend because 1) I’m following the Organization Spring Cleaning Checklist Challenge and 2) our new bedroom furniture was finally delivered after 3+ months of waiting.
It was definitely worth the wait. We love it! Here’s a quick pic of one of the nightstands (we also got the matching dresser)…

I have a lot of books! Most of them take up residence in my office but I keep my very favorites on my nightstand shelves because I do reference back to them.
Anyway, my organizing inspired this post because I wanted to share 5 of my favorite self help books. Hope you are able to enjoy some of these too!

This was the very first “self help” book I read. I think it was Oprah Winfrey who I once heard talk about how certain books hit you at the right time in your life and that’s how you can form a deep connection to it. That is how this book was for me. I was at a crossroad in my life and looking for guidance. I was confident in myself as a person but doubtful in my abilities and career path.
I feel this book encouraged me to think bigger, go after what I really wanted out of life life and believe that I could make my wildest dreams a reality. All that stuff sounds cheesy but when you actually think of your biggest dream and then a book helps you believe you can achieve it… I don’t know it really happened for me and this book was what I read before making likely one of the bigger decisions of my work life (not going through with dental school and going full time into LG).
I would also sum this book up by talking about going from good to great.
I’ve always lived a good life. I was loved. I had a roof over  my head. I excelled in school and sports. This book challenged me to take my life from good to great. Prior to that, I didn’t really understand what living life at a 10/10 was all about but it’s possible!
This book truly changed the course of my life, which is why you’ve probably heard me recommend it 100x and why it’s #1 on my list. I hope it works magic for you too!
2. YOU ARE A BAD ASS  (here)
Definitely read this book is you’re a newbie to self help and/or if you want a really good “basics” refresher. My issue with the whole personal development, better your life world is in the wording. It can feel a bit new age and hard to connect with.
Language can definitely cause division. Some of these self help books are Christian based and use “God” others don’t identify with a religion and use terms like “source,” “energy” or “universe” – I feel like this book does a pretty good job at using neutral terms and everyday laungage.
It’s like the 2018 summary of personal development.
I’ve heard a lot of people rave about this book because it really has the potential to ignite positive energy and momentum in your life. If you’re feeling like to want to take yourself and your life to the next level, definitely read this one!
If you are in the workforce… if you come in contact with people on a regular basis… if you’re looking to start or deepen relationships/friendships… if you’re looking to improve your interpersonal skills…  basically all of us… give this book a go.
I read this book in one day not because it’s an easy read but because it is so intriguing!
This was one of the more applicable and insightful books I’ve ever read.
When I first went to purchase this book about 3 or 4 years ago, I remember reading the reviews… people were talking about how they struggled with depression and social anxiety and how much this book helped them break out of that. I read business people sharing that they give this book to all their employees to better handle work relationships and conflicts. I recall a stay at home mom writing about how she could interact with moms at the playground more confidently.
When you read this book, you can think of so many way to apply it in your home life, work life, social life, etc.
It is such a great read and so useful!
4. POWER OF NOW (here)
Just a minute ago, I talked about how books can feel a little new age and the wording is hard to connect with… I wrestled a bit with that while reading this book. BUT, it’s really good if that doesn’t bother you too much.
This book came into my life at the beginning phases of my personal development journey: a journey that never ends but one that is so so amazing to ride. I am not sure what I did with my time when I wasn’t focused on becoming my best self lol.
I was also getting into meditation and yoga when I read this. I feel that this book may be better suited for someone who has already dipped their toe into that space.
This book focuses on living in the moment and getting out of your own head. The ways this book helped me practice that and become aware of the power of now… wow. I still have a few takeaways from this book that come into play on a daily basis. For example, there’s one part in the book about that teaches you how to feel the life force within your body and I swear I can do that which instantly elevates my vibe (again, weird wording but don’t think about the words just live it).
There’s another part about how when you encounters situations that don’t feel good, you let them move through you to ease the pain. To this day, I still visualize this when I grapple with something that is upsetting or sad… and I think about learning that tool in this book.
I also purchased THIS which is like the footnotes of the book… I find myself flipping through it randomly!

I bought this book last week. I am half way through and I am loving it. I heard Aubrey Marcus talking on a podcast to promote his book. He was talking about his morning routine. You guys know I’m obsessssssssed with AM routines so as soon as I heard that…. purcahsed.
This book is a bit more aggressive and edgy but I love his philosophy… if you want an amazing life, you’ve got to look at what you’re doing on a daily basis.
I feel I connected with this book in a magical way because a lot of what he talks about is stuff I believe and things I share with you. Even down to having lemon water (he adds sea salt too!) first thing in the morning.
If you’ve liked some of the stuff I’ve shared about daily habits and how I try to live my best life through my daily routine, you’ll really like this book.
Again, I haven’t read the entire thing so I am little hesitant to share this without finishing it but I do really like it so far!
Super interesting too… Aubrey and his fiance practice an open relationship. Like WHAT?! I’ll be real with you… that’s not for me but I enjoyed hearing his perspective on things. They may be different from mine but I liked that I could be so open-minded in listening about that.
Bottom line – awesome philosophy about taking it one day at a time!
There ya have it… my 5 favorite self help books. The biggest realization I have with personal development is that it all has to be applied. You can study success daily. You can read a billion books. BUT, if you’re not living it, it won’t work.
What’s that phrase… your dreams won’t work unless you do?! Or something like that!
If you have any books that you love, please share them with me! I’m always looking for new ones 🙂
xo Lauren
I had to share this…
as I was snapping these pics on my nightstand, look at who was just chillin’ on the bed
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