HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: workout + wellness

This Fitness Holiday Gift Guide should really be titled a wish list for you. It’s full of workout and wellness items that may be good ideas to add to your list and/or to gift to all your fitness enthusiast friends. Below you’ll find specifics on each item and I try to include a bit more info (as the unprofessional, professional product reviewer that I am ;))


If you’re not familiar, bumper plates are like a typical plate you would add to a barbell but they are made of rubber. They’re ideal for a home gym + much more quiet. I’ve been eyeing this pink ones forever!


Vital Proteins just launched collagen bars, which makes taking your daily collagen incredibly convenient. If you’ve been around for more than a minute, you likely know that  have my collagen as an afternoon snack along with a beef stick and/or string cheese lol. It’s a ton of protein + totally curbs my afternoon cravings. The bar option makes this even easier as there’s obviously no mixing required. The bars contain 16-17 grams of overall protein. FYI: my favorite flavor so far is Lemon Vanilla; it reminds me of a lemon poppyseed muffin.

Blender bottles are the premier shake bottle for all your supplement needs. It’s the only brand I trust enough to have filled up and in my bag. I recently discovered this glass bottle with silicone (you can get the silicone in a few different colors). It’s the chicest shaker bottle I’ve ever seen.
Just so cute! $13.99 for all 6 pieces. I am gifting these along with some cookies to a few friends who I know will love these items.
These are such a good splurge item. You can’t go wrong with any APL sneaker but these are the ones I have my eye on next.
I have these and love them. I am actually buying an extra set so I can keep the one I have in my hoem gym and bring the other to my gym (for whatever reason- my gym doesn’t have mini bands like this). They intensify so many exercises especially lower body moves.
This is genius. Whenever you workout on a mat, 50% of the time, you’re stepping off it. This is the solution!
BLACK LEGGINGS (here for budget-friendly + here for splurge)
Everyone needs an amazing pair of black leggings. These are my 2 favorites of the entire year: a budget-friendly option + a splurge.
I was gifted these by a different company a year or two ago…. first time user + I was obsessed. I go through so many plastic bags when I pack my kids snacks on-the-go. I like that they’re sturdier and you can easily wash them out for another use.
You know I’m a huge fan of silicone hair ties because they reduce the crease in your hair. However, most I’ve tried stretch out after they’re in your hair too long. These are the stronger version. I can workout in them and they hold that pony in place! They’re also super cute on your wrist… it looks like a little bracelet.

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  1. Christin

    Love the peach bands too!!! And everything else looks amazing!

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