FITABULOUS FALL FITNESS CALENDAR: Get Fit + Look and Feel Fabulous this Fall!

So many of us have been craving a fresh start with fitness. We want some new, something different, something fun and effective! We want to push through plateaus and really reach the results we’re aiming for!
If that’s you, the Fitabulous Fall Calendar is ideal for your goals!
Here’s what we need to do….we need to switch stuff up! We’re going to promote muscle confusion through the craziest combination of workouts to keep our bodies from adapting to one kind of workout style. 
This plan is result-driven and highly effective…
Every day and every workout is going to be something new & different.
Workouts will be challenging yet incredibly motivating!
Watch this quick video to learn all about the Fitabulous Fall Calendar:

What is the calendar?
The calendar is your guide to see what workout(s) need to be completed each day. Simply find today’s date, see the workout, and locate the page in your plan.
What workouts are involved?
Here is the crazy combination of workouts we’re about to embark on…
WEIGHTED WORKOUTS: weight training workouts will help us shape, sculpt and tighten the body for a fit physique (booty focused) through the BRAND NEW BEAUTY AND BOOTY BLUEPRINTS
CIRCUIT TRAINING: circuits will help us strengthen the body and shed overall body fat, promoting visible muscle definition; we will hop, skip & jump around 30×30 Fat Loss Shred to use the very best fat burning & sculpting workouts in there
ABS: abs that POP to be specific. Find a free bonus “Abs that Pop 4 Week Plan” included with every download to be worked into the Fitablulous Fall Calendar. You’re going to love these intense ab workouts!

What are these new blueprints?
Now this is what I’m psyched about!! Since you loved the Beauty and Booty Challenge so much, I wanted to create a plan even more beneficial than the challenge. In these blueprints, you’ll find customizable Beauty and Booty style workouts that you can tailor to YOU! Custom fit these workouts to muscles you want to improve most and equipment you have available. There are 1000s of workout combination available, so you can use this plan well beyond this Fitabulous Fall!

Note: these blueprints are a limited time product, available for the next 6 weeks only


Calendars Can Be Found at the End of the Plan Downloads
Right Click The Calendar & Save As To Download:



Fitabulous Fall Bundle (save 15%)
You’re the one who’s really setting herself up for success! You’re all in for booty sculpting, getting fit, leaning out and seeing that abdominal definition!

Beauty & Booty Blueprints (for those who already have 30×30)
You’re the one who already has 30×30 and is ready to see beauty, booty, and ab results while looking and feeling fabulous!

On Instagram, share a committment photo or use the one below with the hashtags #LGFitabulousFall and #LGAccountability so we can come together as a community to get fit & fabulous this fall!

Questions? Don’t hesitate…
Email me


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    Astrid Delgado
    October 5, 2015 at 8:22 AM

    So does this start October 6th?

    • Reply
      Melissa F
      October 5, 2015 at 9:33 PM

      Yep! From what I read in the bundle it starts on Tuesday. =)

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