Fit For Life: the at Home Workout Edition Ebook


For Life: the at Home Workout Edition is a 12 week health and fitness
program divided into 3 phases. Each phase has a different workout
schedule to keep the body in a constant state of muscle confusion,
leading to faster results. In the past, I’ve been a nonbeliever in home
workouts as I personally was unable to see results from them. Being a
working student forced me to create effective workouts I could do right
from my dorm room to save time. I like to keep fitness fun and
motivating, while being challenging and result driven; those intentions
are infused into each workout to get you results, while enjoying it!

I first decided to share the collection of home workouts that kicked my
own booty, I wanted it to be more than just a fitness program. I am a
big believer in making health a lifestyle choice and not just a temporary
solution. Therefore, the workouts are just one component in this 43
page ebook. In it, you will also find – what I almost think is the most
life changing aspect – my nutrition guidelines. I will explain to you
how I went from anything but a clean eater to someone who enjoys healthy
food. I share the guidelines I use to know how much to eat, when to
eat, how to calculate macros, and so much more. I provide you a list of
approved foods and sample meal plans, teaching you how to make
appropriate substitutions, so that you can learn to build your own
health meals for the rest of your life.

I know this
ebook will not only be something that transforms your body, but also
provides you a new perspective on life. I am confident you will see
lasting results, understand how to move forward constructing your own
workouts and health meals, and make healthy living your lifestyle. My
hope is that these 12 life changing weeks are followed by a lifetime of
health and happiness. Building your best body will just be one of many
amazing results from this program! And it can be done right from your own home!

always, I am always here to help when you need! If you’re on Instagram,
hashtag #FBFitForLife to any and all pictures, so we can all interact
together! Let’s build a community of support to empower each other
through positivity, experience and knowledge!

What the program includes:
-12 week, 3 phase workout plan that can be done right from your home
-Exercise photo guide for every movement as a visually explaination
-Nutrition Guidelines
-Grocery Shopping List
-Tasty sample meal plans
-Supplement guide
-Measuring progress tips
-Stretching guide
-Dining out tips
-My personal story
-Post-program success tips

What the results may look like:
-Reduced body fat
-Lean muscle and increased muscle definition
-Increased energy
-A positive self-image and outlook on life
-Self-confidence and confidence in relationships
-Better blood work and physical results (ie: cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)
-Knowledge of healthy living
-Motivation to inspire others
-A foundation for leading a healthy lifestyle

Common Questions:
Q: I’m not familiar with many exercises. Will I be able to understand how to do the movements?
Every single movement (including all cardio exercises) have
demonstration photos to serve as a visual “how to,” which are located in
the photo exercise guide section of Fit for Life. Both the pictures and
text are easy to understand.

Q: What type of equipment will I need?
1) Set of dumbbells 2) Resistance band 3) Jump rope. If you already
have these items or ones similar, you can certainly make them work for
the program (ie: daughter’s jump rope or kettlebells instead of
dumbbells). I used a set of 10lb dumbbells and a medium resistance band.
There are plenty of great deals online and in discount stores. All 3
items cost me less than just 1 month of my gym membership.

Q: How long in length are the workouts? Are they every day?
Because I designed this home workout program for busy moms, students,
workaholics, and those of us who are just short on time, the workouts
are between 25-45 minutes long. The workouts are no more than 5 days per
week, but are adjustable to fit around your busy schedule.

Q: What if I’m a beginner and have never worked out?
Fortunately, the 3 phase design allows for the workouts to build on
each other, increasing in intensity, so this is a program for all
levels! My mom who is 51 and doesn’t workout much was able to complete
the workouts, but they also kicked my own booty!

Q: I’m an experienced fitness enthusiast. Will this program be too easy for me?
Certainly not! I am not traditionally a fan of home workouts because I
do believe many aren’t enough of a challenge for me. I worked extra hard
to ensure they would build on each other, yet provide great results to
those who exercise regularly.

Q: Are the meal plans customized?
I am a big believer in eating for your goals. In the nutrition
guidelines, I share my personal philosophy on how to do so.
Additionally, in that section, I teach you how to customize the meals
you will be eating for yourself by using the grocery list and sample
meal plans; substitutions can be made to accommodate a variety of
dietary needs, including dairy free, gluten free, soy free, vegetarian,
and vegan, which is further explained.

Q: I paid, but have not received the ebook yet. What do I do?
Hang tight and do not panic! Following payment, you will be able to
receive the ebook in two ways 1) the screen will prompt you from paypal
(only accepted payment method) back to sellfy for immediate download and
2) a confirmation email will be sent to the email address connected to your paypal account for
additional download. If you are still having problems, contact me on my
Facebook page or “Fitness Barbie – Lauren Gleisberg” (link on profile).

This product is not physically mailed to you; it can be downloaded and
saved to your computer or iPad and accessed anytime following. To be
safe, I would not attempt to save this to a mobile phone. Fit for Life:
the at Home Workout Edition is a PDF ebook and will require a PDF
viewer. To prevent sharing, there is a maximum download amount. There
are no refunds for this product.

A big thank you to Kory Woodard for her design work in making the book as beautiful as possible!
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  1. sellychan

    I absolutely love the layout of your eBook! Both you and Kary did a great job, and I will definitely consider asking for her professional help in the future with my projects!!

    • Fitness Barbie

      Thank you! I am in love with it too!

  2. erika

    Hi! How many times can I download this? I would like the option to put it on my ipad, phone, and laptop ­čÖé

    • Fitness Barbie

      Hi Erika,
      Sellfy will only permit 5; however, once you download it and save it to your laptop for instance you can send it to yourself as your own file as many times as you want!


    • erika

      Thanks so much Lauren! I love your workouts, so excited to download this ­čÖé

  3. Anonymous

    Hello, I'm having trouble purchasing your ebook via Sellfry. Do you have a direct payment option? Or card though Pay pal?

    • Fitness Barbie

      Oh no! What problems are you having? Sellfy only accept Paypal. Do you have an account? You can add a card to your paypal!


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