Favorite Newborn Baby Products (0-3 Months)

My favorite baby products for Leo from ages 0-3 months, so that newborn phase! These are not sponsored items. I purchased them all with my own money (except for 1 which was a gift to Leo from his Nana lol). As a new mom, I constantly heard the advice “we loved this but every baby is different.” I get that, yet you have to have some stuff to see what your baby likes, so that’s why I wanted to share our favorites in hopes your little one will love them too!

One thing to note… I didn’t include any sleep items on here because I have an entire post dedicated to our 6 Top Newborn Sleep Essentials.


ROCK N PLAY (here)
If you’re a new mom, I’m sure you’ve considered the rock ‘n play and/or the mamaroo. We have both. While they each served a different purpose for us, if I had to choose just one… hands down… the rock ‘n play. Funny story: I actually ordered this in the hospital after giving birth. I purchased this one because I remember being half awake and not wanting to read the different models/features, so I bought the premium one and some of it is unnecessary, so I would suggest this less expensive option. BUT, be sure you pick the auto version so it actually rocks.
Every pediatrician will tell you, “don’t let your child sleep in a rocker or swing” but I would guess a lot of pediatrician moms have bent their own rule on that haha. Surprisingly, Leo actually liked his crib but we definitely used the rock ‘n play for occasional naps. AND, Leo had this early morning thing he did where he was like asleep yet talking (I actually read this is somewhat common)
Bottles. Pump parts. Pacifiers. Toys. Anything and everything. This grass is our countertop drying rack of choice (at 9 months, we are still using it!). Not that this is the priority when you’re a new mom, but I’m all for baby products that are aesthetically pleasing and I think the grass is pretty cute. We used it so much we also bought the Boon Sprigs ($10) for drying too! I also like the price of these.
A nursing pillow is likely on everyone’s list, but my most common uses weren’t for nursing actually. I did use it for nursing and I liked that this one in particular has more surface area that the more common Boppy. Like a lot of babies, Leo hated tummy time at first. My mom (the NICU nurse) actually propped him up on this on his belly and he started developing a lot of head/neck control. I also used it a lot for when we were lounging in bed and I put it around him when he was learning to sit.
The Nook brand is famous for all natural fabrics but you’ll pay for it so if you’re not into that, I would save the money and do the Boppy and/or the Boppy Lounger
This has been on Leo’s love list for 6+ months. It was great for getting him to look up during tummy time and when he began rolling. When learning to crawl, I would put it a few feet in front of him and he would reach for it. I feel like all babies love mirrors so this one and the little things they can grab onto/squeak are perfect!
BATHTUB (here)
The Rolls Royce of baby bathtubs is the 4Moms brand. There are a lot more affordable options but this is worth every penny in my opinion. I’ve been to 4 baby showers since having Leo and we’ve given this to each family and all 4 rave about it to me!
As a new mom, there are so many things to learn and bath time was a bit scary for me at first because there’s a lot involved; I feel like this tub gave me confidence lol. There is a digital built in thermometer and the tub has 2 sections so the baby is constantly getting clean water while the rest drains out. It supposedly fits in a sink but we did the baths in our big bath tub.
Stock up on these. The first few weeks (to months lol) are a bit of “survival mode” when you’re a new mom. One thing that made it easier for us was to have little baskets with essentials around the house. These baskets contained blankets, burb rags, diapers, wipes and these changing pads!
No way was I wasn’t running upstairs to Leo’s changing table for every diaper change. I just pulled out one of these pads, changed him and put it back in the basket or threw it into the wash if it got dirty. I have them in the car, diaper bag, everywhere. They’re still what we use 9 months later.
PLAY GYM (here)
This was Leo’s first “toy.” My mom got it for him for his 1 month birthday and he loved it. There are a lot of options out there but this one was just enough without too much extra.
PLAY MAT (here)
This surprised me as to how much we use it. When I say we use it dialy, I mean we use it at least 3-4x per day. Again, this is the Nook brand which is a more premium, natural option. You’ve probably seen we have a square mat which was a limited edition version.
We have carpet in our family room and bedrooms but it’s a bit icky to think of us walking on it with our shoes and then my son putting his face in it. I wanted a playmat and loved the Nook brand so I got this one. When we started using it, I become obsessed with the quality. Its like foamy/spongy so when Leo takes a tumble (like he does often) it’s not a hard impact unlike using a blanket or foam mat.
Of all the silly things we’ve wasted money on for Leo, I wish I would have purchased another one of these that’s how much I recommend it!
HONORABLE MENTIONS (others we love but aren’t our absolute favs)
mamaRoo: Leo loved this when he was content. We would put him in it while we ate. He ocassionally dozed off in it but didn’t like it for sleeping. As he grew, he LOVED looking at the mobile. This item seems to be a hit or miss so if you’re thinking “should I,” I would say to save your money & do the rock ‘n play. If you’re swimming in cash or just a bit product-crazy like me, get both. (we got ours when 4Moms ran a sale so sign up for their email list and wait for that!)
Solly Wrap + Ergobaby Carrier: these were the 2 carriers we got. I used them enough but I wasn’t wearing Leo all the time. I think with baby #2 I’ll get more use out of these. The solly was awesome when Leo was tiny. My hsuband’s preferance was always the Ergo and I like it now that Leo is bigger (Ergo does have a newborn insert that we got but it’s just challenging in my opinion)
Baby Frida: this should be on my favorite list. The NoseFrida and Windi especially! I bought the bundle and loved everything but that snot sucker is the absolute best!
Black & White Book: this entertained Leo quite well
Aden + Anais Hooded Towels: really good quality towels that make bathtime so much easier (the hardest part for Leo/us was getting out of the tub)

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