Fall Challenge Giveaway Winners + Testimonials

I’ve been hosting fitness challenges and plans for coming up on a decade. I aim to provide the most effective and maintainable workout programs, and I am very confident that I do that. The added bonus is the community support, accountability and friendship that come with following a program. It’s truly what makes any LG offering a stand out, and I have you to thank for being a part of this LG Community. Here, I want to highlight some amazing community members and the hard work they’ve put in.



For the Fall Challenge, I wanted to provide an accountability incentive. There were so many of you who served as the ultimate example of strength and support within this community. For that, I wanted to gift $1000, $500, and $250 for you to spend however it best serves you. Sharing those 2 prize winners below.



On December 27th, my 2021 plans launch, and I want to invite you all to join! There will be a Weight Training Plan 2021 as well as a meal-by-meal nutrition component to deliver the absolute best results. Most importantly, it’s a refreshing way to shake off 2020 and begin 2021 STRONG alongside a community of women who get you. I’ll be sharing preview workouts this month!


1st place – Kate R.

“I realize I am not the normal progress pictures but I have worked so hard to lose 65 lbs this year with your plans and meals. I had my baby in March and since May, I have lost 65 lbs using 30×30, Weight Training Plan X & 3.0 and the Fall Challenge (I am now in the middle of the 30 Day Home Workout Plan). The Fall Challenge was a huge success for me. I enjoyed posting, staying accountable and reaching out & connecting to new people in the LG community. The photo challenge really helped me connect with others and stay accountable. The weekly videos were so helpful. There are a lot of moves I wasn’t sure I was doing right and the videos helped me fix my mistakes and do them correctly. In the beginning of the challenge, I struggled with the workouts. I started with 8 lb dumbbells and by the end I was using 10-12 lbs. The last 2 weeks of the challenge, I could see and feel the results. I felt stronger and could see big results. My legs and arms were stronger and leaner and I had lost 10.5 lbs at the end of the challenge. I see that most girls using your plans don’t have a lot of weight to lose. A lot of them have maybe 20 lbs or just want to tone up. I think it’s important to show that people with more weight to lose can have success on your plans as well. I am so thankful that I found you and your plans because my life has changed. I now dedicate 30-45 minutes a day for myself, my health and selfcare. I am a better mom and I am healthier because of that. I am excited to see what you have in store for us for 2021. I am ready to continue getting healthier with the LG sisters! Thank you, Lauren!”

2nd place – Lauren S.


“I loved this challenge! I just had my second baby on July 29 and got cleared to workout 6 weeks after. I was struggling to find the motivation to workout consistently because I was so tired and many of the workouts I was looking at were too time consuming. I have followed Lauren on IG for a while and done many of her programs (including the mom plan when I was pregnant!). When I saw she was having a fall challenge, I knew this might be the motivation I needed! I am so happy I took on the challenge. I loved that the workouts could be completed in 30 minutes or less. Even though they are short- they are intense!! At first I thought I would just try to do at least 3 workouts a week, but I looked forward to them every day and I actually ended up doing all the workouts (except for one- it was during a rough week with the newborn 😂). I loved the weekly videos that summed up some of the moves I was unsure of. I also thought it was fun to do the photo challenge, I enjoyed posting different pics in my stories and I got to know more about a lot of the ladies that were doing the same challenge as me.l through their stories and posts.

The pictures were taken at the beginning (Oct 3) and end (Nov 14) of the challenge. This challenge has made me feel so much better about my post baby body. I still have a ways to go, but this challenge helped steer me in the right direction, got me excited about exercise again, and most importantly I am starting to feel more like myself! Thank you so much to Lauren for this awesome challenge, I look forward to the next one!!”

3rd place – Holly K.


“When I first found Lauren on Instagram this summer I had no confidence in myself. I had two kids and became very self conscious with my post pregnancy body. I watched Lauren’s stories daily and finally one day decided I needed to get my body back and feel confident in my own skin. I first purchased her meal program and have loved every meal I have tried. Then the fall challenge came out and I decided to give it a try. After one workout, I was hooked! In a few weeks I started to see results and could feel my confidence coming back. I have now purchased a few other plans and enjoy working out each day! I love that the workouts are 30 minutes or less so they fit in my busy schedule, I can do them at home, and can go at my own pace.

I was doing a different program before this and didn’t see results and it basically made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. There were weight suggestions for each move and the weight was so much higher than what I could do so I felt upset the whole time. I wasn’t even close to lifting the recommended weight and felt like giving up. I never felt that while doing the LG fall challenge. I always pushed through with every workout and never felt less than what I was and I appreciate that!”


Alyssa S.

“I love everything about your challenges, this was my first challenge after giving birth! And it was the perfect challenge to get me back into fitness! I was able to fit every workout in surprisingly during a nap time or chill time! Working out has always been my calm in the storm that is life with three active kids! So it’s nice to be able
To just take a moment to myself get in a quick workout but it be effective and literally set my legs on fire haha.
The last two wks I was a sore I hadn’t felt in well 10 months. But a good sore!
I paired this with your meal plan! My fave is the sweet potato turkey chili. My boyfriend and kids even LOVE it! We made it a lot! And I did the pelvic floor and core as an add on!
I started at 180.3 and at the end of the challenge 173.5 that’s a 6.8 lb difference!! Any amount feels amazing!!
I know pictures aren’t necessary and I don’t have the greatest since they were all mirror pics! But the changes are noticeable! Thank you so much for these amazing and affordable challenges and workout plans/meal plans that are easy to follow quick and effective and killer for any type of person! Busy mom lifestyle approved 100%!”

Jessica S.

When I saw the LG fall challenge – I didn’t even think about it, I’M IN (obvi.)

I have been doing LG programs since I was cleared to workout postpartum (18 months ago) and LOVE them. I love LG, her motivation, humble success, her vibe, her big heart, her sweet fam, and of course, her style. I will never turn down a challenge.

Mentally, I had my heart set on winning this one. I had been tracking macros all summer, lifting heavier and thought I could lean out a bit and get a really good before & after photo… life of course never goes as planned, right? AND is that really a measure of success? Sounds pretty surface level to me.

When I signed up, I ignored the fact that I’ve been in a funk and that my body was telling me to slow down. We’re trying to get pregnant with our 2nd and it’s been a challenge. Prior to the LG fall challenge kicking off, I was advised by my doctor to increase my calories (counter intuitive to leaning out!) and about halfway through the challenge, I also noticed my core not looking quite the same… I was also diagnosed with Diastasis Recti. I was majorly bummed on multiple accounts – life is insane with the pandemic, working full time, being a wife & mom, trying to stay active, eat well, do laundry, keep a clean house, prep for the holidays – etc, we all know the list can continue to go on.

This is where it came full circle for me. I had the option to throw in the towel when I was faced with adversity but the LG community, amazing energy and my commitment to this program kept me accountable and feeling strong amidst some big challenges. I managed to continue & finish the challenge [in a modified way] that best served me and my body right now, that’s what it is truly all about. Everything Lauren preaches FINALLY clicked.

  1. I stopped doing my workouts at the speed of a time lapse video – I often only have 30 minutes to workout, so just because I’m short on time does not mean I need to rush through a workout –  go slow and MAKE. IT. COUNT. It makes a HUGE difference!
  2. Macros, macros, macros. Even though I’m adding calories now – recalculate those macros and track for at least a couple weeks to get a sense of where you’re at with caloric intake and ratios!
  3. I got religious about the LG pelvic floor & core program and am healing my DR & core (with the additional guidance of my chiropractor)
  4. I am focusing on MY body, and MY personal goals – tweaking it to make it work within the LG plans, macros and challenge. These challenges are created for thousands of people, we are all unique – you have to make it work to fit your body, your life, and your goals! This was truly the most rewarding part for me – being able to continue even though my challenge ended up looking slightly different!
  5. Stick it out. I could’ve easily thrown in the towel but I made it work and I am SO HAPPY I did.

I don’t look drastically different from when I started but that’s not the point right now. I stuck to the plan, joined the LG community full force and am a woman on a mission to reach HER OWN goals. I have so much confidence and am building such a strong foundation. Yes, someday I would love to have the physique of LG (and I will once I’m done making tiny humans) but today, in this season of life – I need to focus on our growing family while staying fit, active and healthy! I am beyond grateful I stumbled upon LG years ago and have her in my virtual corner. She has truly been a catalyst for change in supporting me as a wife & mama in all I do. I am forever grateful.


Glorimar D.

“My experience doing the LG fl challenge was amazing. This was my first LG challenge so I didn’t know what to expect. I was 5 months postpartum during this challenge and needed to build up my strength again. Doing this challenege I noticed a difference in my endurance and my ability to lift. I started with 3lb dumbbells and finished using 8lbs. I could barely do a push up after having a baby but by the end of the challenge I able to do push ups without struggling. I wanted to do this challenge to push my self to reach new limits and get back into a routine. I feel like my goal was accomplished and love the mental and physical results I got.”


Heather S.

“This is a photo of me, after having my son in 2015, and right before I started completing LG workouts. The after photo,  is the last day of the LG Fall Challenge! About 5 years of consistently completing LG weight training workouts.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the Fall Challenge, as I do with any LG Challenges/workouts, I have ever completed! I love that the workouts can be completed within 30 minutes, and I feel so strong and energized afterwards. I’ve also always been one to workout 6 days a week, and with this challenge, I took the two rest days during the weekend, and I am now a 5 day a weeker, when it comes to working out!  It was nice to have that extra time to just relax some and rest my body, and then crush the weekday workouts. I also loved the weekly videos and extra exercise demonstrations. I always like to know if I’m using the correct form, so I can make adjustments if needed.
I stumbled upon Lauren’s Instagram right after having my (miracle baby) son, in 2015 and jumped right into weight training, and never looked back.” Fitmas” was my very first challenge and the energy and love in this community is just unbelievable. I have several, of the LG plans, and I have used them all multiple times. They are my go to!  I haven’t been as present in social media since first beginning LG workouts, but I thought it would be fun to complete all the checkins for the Fall Challenge, and have that extra accountability.  Lauren is so positive, so real, and so motivating! Her workouts really have changed my life, and have become a great and positive outlet for me, while giving me the “Me Time” I desperately need, being a Mama of a crazy, and oh so fun little boy! I struggle with autoimmune disease( like so many others out there), and work very hard at my health and fitness, because it just makes me feel much, much better! I feel stronger and accomplished after completing the LG Fall Challenge. Thank you Lauren, for another great Challenge!”

Erin P.

“When it comes to your work outs I would follow you off a bridge and have been doing them for years.  I love weight training!  And I love that you make it different and fun.  I ALWAYS look forward to your work outs.  As I get older, I realize I should ENJOY a work out and I enjoy every plan you put out!   Where I was more hesitant to follow you is macro counting.  I kept telling myself that it wasn’t for me.  As long as I ate healthy (Tone It Up meal plan so I was sacrificing ALL the good foods I have grown to love living in the South) then I would be fine.  I thought I was just meant to have what I called “fat pockets” and was learning to love them!   I attempted macro counting the day after you gave us the Macro Book and I am in love!  My fat pockets are slowly dwindling AND I get to enjoy food again!  I tell everyone about your Macro Book!  When people say “oh I can’t eat healthy like you”,  I love telling them that I eat 215g of carbs per day!   I’m ready for the next challenge with my Macro Book in hand!   Thank you for all that you do for us!  You are genuine.”

Julie W.

“I am a little new to your community (just started following and doing challenges during quarantine) but I love this community so much already and it has honestly completely changed my life. I started doing your workouts so I would have a program to do at home, and your engagement on IG, the quality of your team’s work, and the accountability have helped me form healthy habits where working out (weights specifically) is just part of my routine now. I am 37 years old and probably in the best shape of my life. Thank you so much for your insight, work, and for truly caring about your followers. I am definitely now an LG sister! I barely used IG before the challenge but it was so much fun checking in every week and meeting others in the community. I literally cannot wait for the next challenge. It’s not a miraculous visual difference, but nothing compares to the strength and energy I feel now. I can actual do real push ups – like multiple, without stopping.”

Kristan J.

“I finally found a workout plan that kept my interest and the community kept me accountable!”

Madison R.

“I’m so grateful I stumbled across your platform this summer and stuck through. I’ve never started and completed anything like this and actually STUCK to it! I’ll forever recommend you & your plans because. . . THEY WORK! Even though the plans are over, my goals are not and I plan to continue working on myself and reaching my goals to the fullest! I’ve been doing some of the fall challenge workouts still, and may even restart it along with the 8 week WTP. I enjoy them that much!”

Kiana P.

“This is the first LG challenge I have ever done and it was so much fun! The daily pictures kept me accountable. I loved looking at the hashtags and seeing other members of the community working on the same thing as me. I purchased your cookbooks a while ago and I incorporated those into my routine. The workouts were so fun and quick! Which is nice as a busy mom of three. I have been doing your Weight Training 3.0 plan and I love it! But it was fun change to have some cardio mixed into the workouts in the fall challenge (even though it kicked my butt). I loved feeling like a part of a community especially during Covid. I obviously didn’t meet up with anyone or anything like that but the community you have built is so amazing! I will definitely be joining the next challenge!”


Lisa B.

“I loved the fall challenge! The daily check ins really held me accountable to do my workouts and I really enjoyed the workouts. I was actually really excited everyday to do my workout! ”

Karen W.

“Thank you so much for putting together this challenge! It was my first ever challenge I participated in AND saw through to the end. The photo challenge was a fun way to help me stay connected with all the other inspiring women who were sweating alongside me, and the workouts themselves kicked butt in the best ways possible. I’ve gained so much confidence with my form thanks to your helpful videos, and not to mention I’ve built a lot of strength. I’m proud to say I can do full push-ups now! I had so much positive energy coming off this challenge that I jumped right into another one of your plans the moment it ended.”


Marcela B.

“I just want to say how grateful I am for the fall challenge. It came at a very good time for me. Exactly six weeks before my move from Washington to South Carolina. It helped me so much mentally to be able to just stop thinking about all the things I had to do for the big move for at least an hour everyday and just focus on me and my mental health. The big perk being that I lost some body fat and gained a whole lot of strength.

I also wanted to just note how much more accountable and motivated I was with the new set up of getting the workouts at the beginning of each week. I’ve always struggled fully finishing a challenge because life gets in the way and I think “oh I’ll just miss one day and then start up again” and then never do  But with this setup I’m proud to say I finished every single workout!! “

Danielle M.

“I really enjoyed the fall challenge! I am a mom of three kids under five. I love to work out and love to show other moms that it is possible to work out with kids. I loved the fall challenge for many reasons. First off, the work out were shorter than my normal work outs but still super effective! I feel like I cut my time in half by going hard for 30 min. The 30 min timeframe helped me plan my day with kids so much better. I saw big results in my legs during this challenge. I actually plan to start the challenge again Monday. It’s more challenging to stay focused around the holidays so I love the way this is already laid out for me. I know it’s going to save me over the holidays! I was a huge fan of this challenge! I’m always looking for ways to push myself mentally and physically and I loved being apart of this.”

Jessica B.

“This plan helped me move through a dark time in covid! I had put on 10lbs because I was working from home and did not have the energy nor motivation to work out. None of my jeans fit comfortably anymore. I was feeling really down about myself and my body. I decided to do the plan to see if it helped. I could not believe the kind of results I was seeing from only working out ~30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I felt transformed by the end of the 6 weeks, my jeans finally fit again, and ever since the plan ended I have continued to work out daily. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with this and I love the new body I am building and the fitness community I have found through Instagram. ”

Shelby K.

“The LG Fall 2020 was the best fitness challenge I’ve completed in a very long time. I loved the variety in the workouts; it was fun to have a traditional weight training circuit one day, EMOM or AMPRAP protocols another day, and the cardio burst workouts were awesome too!! Each day challenged me in both my strength and cardiovascular fitness and each day left me feeling very sore and very accomplished. The PDF format was easy to follow (I plug my phone into my TV) and the Spotify playlist was BOMB!! I had so much fun and also got great results. Also, I felt like a total badass after I completed each workout… it kept me motivated through a very stressful time at work (I’m a pharmacist and this flu shot season has been so busy!!). I loved the challenge program so much, I just started the six weeks over again!!”

Sebastiana B.

“My fitness journey has been rocky ever since having my two tiny humans. But this is the FIRST plan I’ve ever completed from start to finish by anyone. I tend to start out strong and then I sort of teeter out or it gets to hard and I give up. I owe a lot of that to the photo challenge as well as an Instagram accountability partner. Even though I didn’t lose overall inches I feel stronger, which feels like an absolute win! Your program has been set me on the right track and has helped me feel a little more comfortable in my own skin and I am so thankful for it! ”

Amberly H.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Fall Challenge and didn’t miss a single workout! I am proud of myself. The Fall Challenge helped me get my motivation and passion back for fitness. The workouts were quick, fun, and effective. It was so easy for me to schedule in a workout 5 days a week, I looked forward to the workouts. I’ve been following you and participating in your challenges since 2012. I admire you and appreciate you. You’ve taught me so many things about nutrition and fitness over the last 8 years. THANK YOU Lauren! 💕”

Victoria M

“I’ve had this nagging feeling for quite some time that I needed to hit the reset button on my life, a feeling that was only accentuated by the craziness of 2020. I know I can do better when it comes to my health and wellness. The LG Fall Challenge came at the most perfect time. The workouts pushed me just enough, even on days when my motivation lacked. It helped to give me more confidence and more energy. I didn’t develop a bodybuilder’s physique and I didn’t lose weight, but I feel the difference! One day when I was carrying my groceries into the house, I actually thought for a second that they were making gallons of milk lighter! Nope, just my stronger arm muscles. The best part of this challenge was that it ignited my interest in strength training. If I succeeded in completing this challenge, what am I capable of next? You’ll just have to wait and see…”


Keisha A.

I LOVED the challenge!  The community really helped me stay accountable.”

Shauna S.

LG programs and community has been an excellent resource for me, the workouts are sooo helpful and well explained then there are videos on Insta and of course in the emails/YouTube’s from the Fall Challenge that help me work them into my schedule on my time. If I can’t make it to the gym, there’s absolutely no issue doing LG workouts at the house. They aren’t time consuming but they are sooo beneficial and make you feel amazing after”

Lauren D.

I completed the fall challenge and loved it!! It got me motivated after my postponed covid wedding & mini moon! I loved the different formats each day and the mixing in of cardio moves! Each day, I was so excited to get going with my workout. I specifically really loved the weekly videos with Lauren going over various things we’d need to know for the week. Every time I complete a challenge, I feel so empowered and excited to tackle the next one!

Bailey J.

“I’ve been following your programs since April! I’ve never been this dedicated to a workout program and I’m definitely seeing results like never before! I feel stronger, confident (which I never thought I’d feel after 2 – 9.5 lb babies), and overall healthy! During the challenge, when I would post pictures people would message me and ask what I’m doing because I look so good and “jacked”. I love that you have helped me and have helped my friends who have now joined in! You’re so fun and such a genuine, mind, motivating individual! You have helped me win for my health and family! Thank you for everything 🙂 ”

Laura M.

“I started the 6 week lg fall challenge to prepare for my sisters wedding in Mexico. It did not disappoint! I threw some runs in there and modified what I needed to but the challenge kept me on track! I felt so confident at the beach in Mexico and at the wedding! I have done Lauren’s workouts for 5 years since before I was pregnant with my first! They are so easy and can be done quickly so I can get on with my day and tend to my 3 and 5 year old! The other challengers were great and so uplifting! I just can’t say enough good things about this group of women! Lauren Gleisberg is someone who I plan on following for workouts and life tips!”

Katie P.

“This was the first workout program/challenge I’ve purchased and actually stayed on track and completed on time. That was a big plus for me. This challenge helped me finally focus on myself since COVID hit and all chaos started in my home with virtual learning, kids at home and working from home full-time . I have been so stressed with everything going on in the world and at home and this challenge was so good for helping me cope with my anxiety and overall feel better about myself. I haven’t felt proud of myself in a long time, but this challenge helped me gain back my confidence while feeling strong! Thank you for putting together a challenge program that helped me get back on track, both mentally and physically!”

Autumn J.

“This was by far one of my favorite workout programs! It helped kickstart my postpartum weight loss, and was so much fun. I loved the variety and mix of workouts, so I stayed interested.”

Laura H.

“For me, it started with making the priority to get up every day and get a workout done, before anything else. This is a big deal for me, as the consistency is the most important part.  I really am able to feel my best, and my strongest, when I am consistently doing a Lauren Gleisberg weight training workout first thing every day.

Over the course of this Fall Challenge, I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger, my muscles getting more defined and my energy level getting higher with each week that passed. I loved how the workouts were designed to build off of each other, and that even when my muscles would become tired after one day’s workout, the next day’s workout would strategically target a different set of muscles to keep things fresh and good for my body.
And of course, the LG Community! I love reading the blog and the emails for tips, and have a few local friends who are a part of the LG Community. It’s super nice feeling like I am a part of a community so vast and full of people who all are a part of the same challenge! That is definitely one of the things I liked best about the the Fall Challenge. Just knowing so many other women are doing the same workouts with me every day definitely motivated me to get my workout done too!”

Melody G.

“I can attest to the amazing results from the Fall Challenge by how much better I have felt since starting! We all know the impact this year has had on us all, and it was super easy to get lax on committing to health and indulging too much. At the start of the Fall Challenge, I felt uncomfortable in my clothes, unhappy with how BLAH my outlook was. I committed to the Fall Challenge and most importantly, I feel like I gained my strength back mentally and physically.  Yes, my clothes also fit better and I keep my head up in confidence but the mental growth this challenge has given me is something I’m truly thankful for in this crazy year.  The workouts were tough but I walked away every day feeling accomplished and ready to take on the day. I feel the muscle gain everywhere and I know I’m setting an example for my son.  I loved the workouts so much that I started the challenge again for a second time!”


Brianna S.

“Your programs are the best, they are short and effective and they work! I love everything you come out with and I can’t wait for the next program or challenge! “
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