Our Everyday Drinking Glasses, Plates + Kids Dinnerware

With all this time at home, I’ve been enjoying decluttering, organizing and Marie Kondo-ing my home. One take away from Marie’s book is that I should really, really love every item in my home. I realized most of our everyday kitchen items aren’t full sets anymore and are pretty old. A little refresh was exactly what I needed right now, so here is everything we use on an everyday basis.


These are the plastic-ish plates I just bought for our house. We use these options for less formal meals, and I’ve I’m being honest… we gravitate towards these types of plates a lot lately, so I wanted to get rid of the ones we’ve had for a decade and get some new ones!

Picnic Melamine Plate (Set of 12) | here

I snagged these because they reminded me of a cute picnic from my childhood and I thought they would be perfect for casual snacks and meals.

Gingham Melamine Plate | here

For our casual plates, I like something fun and different. I can’t resist a navy gingham!

Speckle Melamine Plate (Set of 4) | here

These pair so perfectly with the casual blue + white plate set I have going. Subtle yet fun.


Anthony and I got these when we got married. We use them daily for lunches and dinners. They are super sturdy, classic and I love the dotted details.

Our Dinner Plates | here 

Our Salad Plates | here


Curved Drinking Glasses (Set of 16) | here

We’ve have glasses just like this (different brand and they’re no longer available)… I love the unique shape and get so many compliments on them. Over the years, we’ve broken so many so I was thrilled to find this similar, budget-friendly option.

Everyday Glasses | here

As I’m typing this post, my husband, Anthony just told me we need to switch up our main drinking glasses. He prefers these, and quite honestly… I’m really into them. I love that they’re classic with sexy lines. How can a drinking glass look this good?!

Acrylic Bubble Drinking Glass | here

I am so into the bubble drinking glass look and decided on these because they’re acrylic and will be perfect for my family’s more “casual, not-so-careful” lifestyle.

Clear Bubble Drinking Glass (Set of 6)| here

These are a similar, glass version to the previous ones I shared. I’m adding these to our collection too!


Kid’s Dinner Plates | here

We have the divided and flat plates for our kids. These are a great size (typical dinner plate size) and I love how they tie in perfectly to our dinnerware.

Kids Silicone Dog Shaped Plate + Bowl | here

These are silicone and almost “sticky” so they don’t easily fall off the table/highchair.

Smaller Kids Plates (Set of 3 – Assorted Colors) | here

THIS BRAND IS IT FOR KIDS! I love that they have plates, bowls and cups that all match. There are tons of color options. They are more of an adult salad size plate, but I find this size/shape is best for kids.

Smaller Kid’s Plates With Dividers (Set of 3 – Assorted Colors) | here

We use these all of the time! So perfect for meals and snacks.

Kids Plastic Bowls  (Set of 4 – Assorted Colors) | here

Coordinating bowls for this set!

Kids No-Spill Sippy Cup (4 Pack – Assorted Colors) | here

No-spill cups that actually do not spill! The no spill component is removable, making these super easy to clean and durable.

Kids Plastic Drinking Cups (4 Pack) | here

My two year old drinks out of these and I love that they continue to tie into the coordinating set.

Kids Plastic Cups With Straw Set of 4 – Assorted Colors)| here

More from this set with a straw!


5 Piece Flatware Set | here

This is the utensil set we use

Kid’s Utensils | here

These are the utensils our kids use that match their dinnerware set.

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