Dumbbell Legs & Glutes – 6/2

Warm up:
-Squat jumps
-Mountain climbers
-Jumping jacks

-Dumbbell donkey kicks
-Dumbbell walking lunges
     superset with star jumps
-Dumbbell single leg deadlifts
     superset with box jumps
-Dumbbell step ups into reverse lunge

Cool down:
-Jumping jacks
-Mountain climbers
-Body weight squats

Dollar a Day Training: Sets, reps, and weight suggestions are included on the downloadable
workout version, as well as my personal training tips and explanations
of exercise variations.

For this week’s combo pack (meal plan & 5 workouts):


Booty pump ūüėČ
Gym Style Details:
Top & Crops: Lululemon
Tip of the Day: Does muscle weigh more than fat? Such a common question and a great one at that! Short answer: no. Long answer: 5lbs of muscle weights the same as 5lbs of fat, just as 5lbs of feathers weighs the same as 5lbs of lead. 5lbs is 5lbs! However, I think this myth arises from the fact that muscle is more dense than far. What does this mean? 5lbs of muscle will physically take up less space than 5lbs of fat on your body. Therefore, two people of equal weight and different body compositions (ie: one person that has more muscle mass and one person that has more body fat) may appear to be different size, such that the individual with more muscle will be “smaller” in size. The picture below helps demonstrate this point!
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  1. Anonymous

    Hi! I'm 22, 5'2, and 127 pounds. My legs are toned but I am having a lot of trouble losing fat from my mid-section. I run and I also do some strength training as well as occasional yoga. I have no idea how to organize my weekly workouts in order to start seeing more fat loss/toning. Yo're in such great shape, do you have any suggestions?

  2. Anonymous


    I was wondering, do you cook all of your meals for the week on Sunday and refrigerate them? I am a college student and I am very busy (just like you!) on weekends and weekdays, but I NEED to start having meals planned out so that I am not tempted to eat a quick, unhealthy meal out. Any other tips on this is much appreciated!

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