ConfidenceKini Challenge: Legs (W4D4)

Today’s To-Do List:

[ ] Weighted Workout: Lower Body (Strength Emphasis)

[ ] Photo Challenge

[ ] Community Check In

Lower Body Strength

  • For equipment, use either a dumbbell or barbell and a resistance band or cable machine


Daily Photo Challenge

DEADLIFT PR: challenge yourself today by testing your max on a deadlift. You can choose the variation (sumo, conventional or stiff leg) and you decide whether you’re going for weight or reps or both! Always remember, it’s about your personal progress. Share that with the community today! I bet you’re getting stronger!!

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Tip of the Day: Deadlifts – are you in or out?! I’m not even going to act tough and confident when it comes to deadlifts because when I first stepped foot in the gym, they scared me. I had no problem picking up lighter dumbbells and doing deadlifts like that but deadlifts with a barbell and serious weight added totally freaked me out…. most likely because it appeared to be the ultimate test of strength. I was also always worried about “doing it wrong.” By now, you probably know about me that I prioritize proper form and injury prevention. My husband and I both have overcome lower back injuries like so many people out there so when it comes to heavy lifting, I’m extra cautious for myself and for this community! Personally, I’ve found that deadlifts actually help build my core and therefore, protect my back. Plus, as someone who went from a pancake booty to some curves made of muscle on the backside ((still working on it)) deadlifts have helped me make the most backside progress even more so than the oh-so-talked-about squat! If you don’t already love deadlifts, I think you soon will 🙂

Here are my top tips for deadlifting heavier:

(1) Stick to an overhand grip – it’s pretty common to grip the barbell with one hand over and the other under for deadlifts, but I find this actually causes rotation in my spine. Grip the barbell around shoulder-width apart.

(2) Breath into your belly – have you been in a yoga class when the instructor tells you to take a deep breath and actually expand the belly with the air you take in?! Right before I go for a rep when I’m lifting heavier, I breath into my belly. This helps me contract my core throughout the entire movement, which is key! Don’t let this discourage you because, just like with yoga, getting down your breathing takes lots of practice!

(3) It’s all about the booty – this is the weirdest advice you may ever received regarding deadlifts but I think of it all the time ((it’s weird lol, I warned you)) When you lower down to deadlift, think of your butt reaching back to pull a nail out of the “wall” behind you using your butt cheeks. Then, as you raise back up, squeeze that booty ((grabbing that nail lol)) and drive forward with your hips as if you’re “pulling” it out of the wall. I know it’s weird but if you can imagine it, it helps greatly with form

(4) Bar path – if you’re using a barbell or set of dumbbells the path they take should be a straight line. This means as you lower down and as you come back, you are what is moving, not the weight. The weight and path of the bar should go straigh up and straight down.

Community Check In #LGTeamKini

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