Coming in 2018 (sneak peek preview!)

I’ve been a busy bee ensuring this upcoming year delivers the absolute best for you ladies. New fitness plans. Meal plan installments. Something for the mamas. MORE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT! I get the goose bumps just thinking about how great of a year it will be for us. I’m so thankful you’re deciding to be a part of it so I wanted to give you a little preview of what’ coming (just in the next few months!)


This is one of the things I’m most excited about sharing in early 2018! I’m working on a second version of a fitness plan that this community absolutely loves – can you guess which one?

You all know that not too long ago, I was a college student with a blog where I shared my daily workouts (that’s truly how all of this began). As LG grows, I always try to “do better” and “provide more.” With that said, there is one plan that I know I can make even better for you ladies, so that’s what I’m currently working on. And, it’s going to be AMAZING!

As soon as this plan is available, we can follow it together as a community!


One of the things I put the most into this past year was the Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan. Every challenge, I shared weekly meal menus with meal plan members (for free!). It was my way of making sure healthy eating felt fresh and enjoyable for you all. The response was UNREAL.

There were so many new meal plan members this year and the feedback on all the recipes that I constantly shared with you ladies was more than I expected. I plan on keeping up with all of that.

Andddd, one top request was a meal-by-meal guide. Done! In 2018, I’ll be launching a meal plan installment with full days of eating. There are a lot of ladies who prefer a bit more customizability (me!) so I’ll also be making blueprints for you to make substitutions/fill in other meals. 

If you haven’t yet joined the meal plan, now is a great time to get in on the deliciousness!

2018 PLAN

BREAKING NEWS: I’m not into the overly hyped New Years resolutions, especially as it relates to health and fitness. I feel like every trainer out there promotes a “go hard” approach at the new year and I personally think it sets women up for failure. Setting a laundry list goals, encouraging a rigid plan and going all in… it’s just not my thing. 

Last year was the first year I decided to do something different, and can I tell you that I had my most enjoyable, balanced year yet! I honestly felt like the month of January set the tone for the entire year. I focused on reestablishing healthy habits and taking baby steps at the start of the year and that’s what intend to do again. 

Basically, I’m putting together a plan for the first few weeks of 2018 centered on what I’m calling the “KEY 3”

KEY 3 for 2018

1. SWEAT – every day calls for a sweat session – it can be a weight training workout or walk with your dog. It can be intense or quick. It’s about getting the body moving and sweating. The plan will use a mash up of workouts from LG plans so it’s a perfect way to reuse your current plans in a unique, new way.

2. EAT – yes, healthy eating is always important, but as part of the key 2, I’m going to be encouraging you to focus on reestablishing healthy food habits in an enjoyable way

3. ENJOY – the critical part of the key 3 is doing something that you really enjoy every day. I’ll elaborate more on this in Day 1 but I’m going to have you write down 10 things you enjoy doing. Every day, you must prioritize hitting 2 of those 10 items. It’s about self care. It’s about creating a life that feels good on the inside. It’s about promoting a balanced life. 

I #LGDoubleDogDareYa to start this new year differently and start with a more balanced and relaxed appraoch!


I want to share this news now because nothing annoys me more that purchasing something only to see it on sale a week later (that happened once with my dining table and I’m still sick about it haha). Anyways, I’m going to be putting my plans on sale after Christmas, so if you’ve been thinking about trying a new one or joining the meal plan, hold off until then.


2018 holds huge things for all the moms-to-be and current mamas in the LG community. Many of you know I had my son this past year. As I worked out during my pregnancy and after, I documented EVERYTHING. I am putting together the most comprehensive pre and post natal fitness plan I’ve ever come across. 

I get several emails per day about this and I’ve waited so long to ensure it includes absolutely everything. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s coming together!



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