These healthier breakfast casseroles are a Christmas tradition from my family that I wanted to share with all of you. On Christmas Eve day, my mom, sister and I would prep the breakfast casseroles. They’re pretty easy so it’s definitely family-friendly or a good go-to if you’re short on time (which is a given on Christmas Eve day haha).

After you prep, you can simply store them in the refrigerator. On Christmas morning, it’s a pop in the oven to bake and enjoy! Or, you can prepare the morning of and then bake.

I have such fond memories of Christmas morning. I’m giggling as I type this because I recall my mom used to video record my sister and I walking down the stairs Christmas AM (not iPhone record but one of those video recorders that was like a foot long, rested on your shoulder, and had an eye piece you looked into. Do you remember when the “upgrade” then had a screen you could look at haha! wow!)

Anyways, we would wake up on Christmas and my mom would make us wait at the top of the staircase to get the camcorder. We would walk down the stairs as she said “Good Morning, girls. Santa came!” She couldn’t get enough of our reactions as we turned the corner to see our gifts under the tree. My sister and I knew how much she loved it so we totally played it up and gave her what she wanted lol. 

While we opened, these breakfast casseroles would bake and they would be hot and ready to eat right after gift exchanging.

Now, I will come right out and say these are not “healthy” breakfast casseroles that I would eat regularly. They are, however, healthier versions of the ones my mom made. Plus, it’s Christmas so enjoy the food and day!

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