Chest & Triceps Circuit + Abs – 3/9

Chest & Triceps Circuit:
-push ups
-chest press machine
-cable rope pushdowns
-assisted dips
-cable triceps kickbacks

*Move through this complete sequence, then rest & repeat a total of 4-5x

-bosu ball sit ups
     -superset with bosu ball weighted sit ups
-lying leg lifts
     -superset with reverse crunches

*I rested between the first & second set of movements completing a total of 3 sets of each

TIP OF THE DAY: Sexy six pack tip! I prefer a bosu ball over a regular stability ball for crunches. With stability balls, the size of the ball in relation to your body size is very important;  therefore, I find the bosu ball to be more adaptable to any body size/shape and personally, I feel the movement more. For my weighted bosu ball sit ups, I hold a medicine ball up and out. When I contract my abdominal muscles to sit up, I push the medicine ball up to the sky and return.

Blah – feeling a little “skinny” today! For all you ladies afraid of calories, I PROMISE that you will be pleasantly surprised as to how your body handles a sufficient amount of clean calories. Yesterday, I was busy & had trouble getting in all my meals, hence, my flat & skinny feeling/look today. TIME FOR FOOD 🙂
I keep both hands on the ball – just had to snap a demo picture for you all 😉
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