Backyard/No Equipment HIIT Cardio & Abs Circuit – 9/18

Backyard/No Equipment HIIT Cardio:
-3 min walking/jogging (warm up)

-100 ft. high knees
-100 ft. kick butts
-100 ft. sprint
-30 sec jumping jacks
-30 sec burpees

-3 min walking (cool down)

Abs Circuit:
qvv75 movements preforming one after the next; full ab workout available on downloadable version

Dollar a Day Training: For the full ab circuit as well as my personal training tips on how to get the maximum benefit out of this workout and a more detailed description of how to organize the cardio exercises, see today’s downloadable workout.

For the combo pack (meal plan & 5 workouts – 1 free workout):

My “lazy girl cardio workout” – no excuses ladies, if you have a backyard or nearby street/parking lot, get your booty out there & moving! Click to play & get a peak at me getting my sweat on during this workout. (Left – kick butts, right – high knees)

Fitness Barbie Gym Style:
Top: Lululemon
Shorts: Nike
Shoes: Nike Frees
Eat Clean to Get Lean: This chick is Dallas bound! One of my food travel tips – grill several pounds of chicken with a
basic seasoning (today’s choice: mrs dash garlic & herb, liquid
aminos, and lemon juice) & you’ll be sure to have a protein source
to add to items that can easily be purchased at convenience stores and
grocery stores (ie: oats, sweet potatoes, rice, nuts). I always request a
hotel room with a fridge & micro which is typically little to no
additional cost! Travel while staying on track.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I follow you on Instagram and I have your blog saved in my computer favorites. I am very slim: 5'6" and 119 lbs. I am currently working out at the gym with a trainer in order to reach my goal that is to gain about 10-15 lbs. But, I am just learning about eating clean and consuming a good diet to gain weight. I see your meal plans, and I would like to know if you do any personalized meals, for in my case, to gain weight. Planning my meals is something that I struggle with, and need assistance. Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you,
    Maritza B.

    • Fitness Barbie

      Hi Maritza,
      I do not offer custom meal plans; I simply share what my weekly meal plan looks like. However, if you download it, you will see it can very easily be adjusted to help you gain healthy weight. For instance, for a weight gain diet, you will typically want to slowly increase your calories/macros. Based on where you are now, I suggest increasing around 100 per week or every two weeks. My meal plans are a good guide of how to "create" healthy meals and space out macros. There is a macro count for each meal so you can see where you could increase/decrease!


  2. Cailee Joy

    Just found you on Pinterest! Props to you on getting so fit!! It's super inspiring! I love eating healthy and have my own blog about it…but I def. struggle with the fitness aspect… but I'm ready to challenge myself! Any ideas on how to get started??
    Sincerely, Cailee @ http://hellohealthyeating.com

    • Fitness Barbie

      Hi Cailee,
      Eating healthy is such a wonderful foundation; in terms of fitness, I would suggest trying to get into a regular gym routine, such as picking 4-5 days per week you will exercise. Feel free to use any of my workouts as a guide to what you will do in the gym each day! Expand from just cardio (most typically get stuck in that) and venture into the weight section!


    • Cailee Joy

      Sweet! I will try to come up with a routine!! Thanks so much ­čÖé

  3. Amy / No Equipment

    This looks like a killer workout! I will try this when I workout outdoors today!

  4. Street Workout

    nice article!

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