Avre Sneakers: this is why I have so many pairs

Avre is one of my current favorite sneaker brands. With a mission of “don’t waste, wear it,” it’s hard not to love this brand Avre and their sustainable sneakers.

The chic look of these sneakers first caught my eye. When I started wearing them daily, I was blown away but the comfort and versatility of the shoes.

When I learned about the brand’s mission, my love grew even deeper. Avre is a female created brand that uses sustainable materials and recycled water bottles to make each pair of shoes.



I love sneakers and I love to review sneakers. I hope these sneaker reviews help you out with your purchases. If I could sum these sneakers up best, I would label them the most versatile for life. I can workout in them, run errands in them, play with my kids in them and live an entire day in comfort and style wearing my Avrew sneaker..

My main pro is the comfort and support of these shoes. Like I stated before these shoes are made with recycled water bottles. To make these shoes, Avre shreds plastic bottles into tiny flakes which are then melted and reformulated into yarn…How cool is that! I love the eco friendly aspect and mission of the shows.

All Avre sneakers are also machine washable, which is perfect for me with working out or everyday wear or grass stains. It is so convenient to throw them in the washer and have them come out like brand new. shoes.

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  • The sneakers retail from around $90 – $150. I am always impressed by the price point based on the sustainability and durability of these shows. I have worn some of my sneakers for over a year and they hold up great.


  • Versatility: These sneakers all provide a fashionable athletic look. I wear most of these  sneakers for just about every workout and activity: short-distance running, walking, lifting, circuits, errands, etc., which makes them a smart purchase for sneakers 
  • Supportive for All Day Wear: this is a combination I look for. Supportive sneakers can be bulkier. These sneakers are lightweight and provide a breathable comfortable feel. 


  • Sizing: This is important!. Most shoes fit large, so I order a half size down in all Avre sneakers. For example, I am usually a size 9 and order an 8.5 in most of the styles and they fit perfectly. The Energee Sneakers do fit more true to size.


YES! I have almost every style of these shoes and there is a reason for that.  


Infinity Glide Sneakers
  • Flexible stretch knit upper in a sleek slip-on design.
  • This is the most solid Avre sneaker I own
  • Great for most activities  – walking, lifting, or running everyday errands (not my favorite for running)
  • $145
  • 3 Colors
  • Fit – runs 1/2 size big

This is one of my favorite Avre sneakers; I especially love the appearance of these. The soles are SOLID like I feel glued to the ground while lifting with ample support. They’re not my fav for running but I love them for pretty much everything else!

Swift Icon Sneakers
  • Breathable and perfect for on the go.
  • Perfect sneaker for workouts & daily routine.
  • Sock-like upper feels like a second skin by providing a snug, secure fit.
  • $125
  • 2 Patterns
  • Fit – runs big. If in-between sizes; go a size down.

I love that these slide on but also provide a lace up option to get them super secure. Just like with all Avre sneakers, I couldn’t love the look of these anymore. They’re super comfortable!!

Momentum Sneakers
  • Perfect for on the go.
  • Durable & lightweight sneakers.
  • Adjustable hidden laces and a seamless, high elastic band offer extra flexibility and a customizable fit.
  • $125
  • 3 Colors
  • Fit – runs 1/2 size big

These are probably my most worn sneaker. I have them in white and wear them several times each week. They look super cute with an athletic look as well as with jeans.

Limitless Sneakers
  • AM to PM style – goes with any style.
  • Versatile and durable
  • Slip-on silhouette for the ultimate front-to-back support. 
  • $95
  • Fit – Runs a half size big

These are the only Avre sneakers I don’t wear for workout. They’re super cute with everyday outfits. Major comfort!

Quick Surge Sneakers
  • Fit – Runs half size big
  • $145
  • 2 Colors

I don’t have these sneakers but I wanted to share another Avre style

Energee Sneakers
  • These are supposed to fit seamlessly without needing the time to break them in.
  • Features an elastic strap on the instep, to help ensure flexibility and comfort
  • 3 colors
  • $145
  • Fit: Runs true to size

I don’t have these sneakers but they’re next on my list!


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