Arms (Biceps & Triceps) Superset Workout – 11/18

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Tip of the Day: Fat loss versus maintenance – is there a difference in the approach? A famous 1959 Yale University study that health and fitness experts often refer back to concluded that 95% of individuals who lose weight, regain it within months to years. Since then, many studies have attempted to prove this percentage is not so large, but yo-yo dieting ((aka ups and downs in weight fluctuation)) is quite evident in society; I would guess 95% of us either know someone who is a yo-yo dieter or personally have gone through yo-yo deiting. “Lauren, what are you getting at other than trying to depress us?!” Sorry ladies…I’m almost there!

Yesterday, on Instagram, you may have seen me post the below picture with the caption “Dear Fat, Prepare to die! XO, Me.” The response to that picture was, in other words, “what fat do you have to lose.” Enter…fat loss versus maintenance and the above study results. Clearly, weight/fat loss is not the end result. I, just like any of you, who have worked to achieve a body that may be considered a “physical goal” known that it cannot be sustained without the same amount of work it took to get there; those who make this mistake may risk being placed into the yo-yo weight gain and loss category.

My Top Two Ways To Beat The Yo-Yo Weight Gain & Loss:
(1) constantly set new goals
In health and fitness, a physical goal is not something you can simply check off; it requires a great deal of work to simply stay in the same spot, so before you beat yourself up for not making forward progress, pat yourself on the back for not taking steps backwards! As soon as you hit a goal, set a new one. This will keep you motivated to continuing to work hard.
(2) baby your hormones with balance
 Believe it or not, a large part of fat loss comes down to hormones. I’m sure you can think of a lot of ways outside of fat loss that imbalances in hormones can cause your body to get out of whack ((PMS, anyone?!)) Things like binge eating and, on the contrary, periods of food deprivation can be detrimental the hormones responsible for fat loss. The best approach to any healthy lifestyle is one that is balanced ((not too restrictive and not too relaxed)). Even while losing fat, it’s okay to enjoy a treat ((not twenty)) on occasion and workout for an hour ((not three)).
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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Lauren, @fridaysa here, I came across this site and thought you might be able to use it/ share it in some way! It's super easy to understand and I think will be really helpful, especially for those who have a hard time understanding how many cals, protein, fats etc they should consume, as well as just a ton of great info!


    Thanks for everything!

    • Fitness Barbie

      Awesome, thanks for sharing.


  2. Anonymous

    Awesome post!

    • Fitness Barbie

      Aw, thank you ­čÖé


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Lauren,
    I was just wondering how long your weight sessions usually last?

    • Fitness Barbie

      They are typically 35-50 minutes depending on what type of workout I'm doing!


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