ANTHONY TAKEOVER: supporting your partners goals

Hey guys, it’s Anthony today. Judging by the views on my last post, many of you cared what I had to say. So I am back for the day…

“Oh my goodness” -Lauren hehe

Lauren asked me to talk to you ladies about the things I do that help support her goals. As you know, she’s always setting goals and I like to do whatever I can to help support her in reaching those goals – like she does for me too.

You guys have very nice things to say about our marriage and our family. One of our core values as a couple is to keep in mind that we are a team. We have our individual strengths and differences in how we operate but together, we make it work.

I just thought of a quick list – 3 things – that I try to do on a regular, daily basis to support Lauren in her goals. I’m keeping these mainly workout and food related. Obviously there is more but I thought you may be most interested in this category. Whether you have a husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, best friend, roommate, sister, etc. who you can lean on, I thought this may be helpful to share for the both of you.



I enjoy cooking and it comes pretty naturally so it doesn’t feel like “work” for me. Lauren likes it but it’s more of a task to check off her list. Also, as you all know it’s a very time consuming task so when I know she’s extra busy, I try to do more of the cooking to take tasks off her plate (pun intended ha).

A tip I have is that I just cook dinner or get it going without telling her because then she doesn’t even worry about it and it is a nice surprise.

If your partner enjoys being in the kitchen even just bit, this is a place I’m sure they could really support you. Lauren taught me the trick of doubling whatever I’m cooking so we can have it for the next day’s lunch and I do that too!

A little bit of help in the kitchen goes a long way when someone is trying to eat healthy. If your partner has something else they excel at like cleaning or whatever it may be those are other things that can shorten your to do list which is what it’s all about.



I think this is is a pretty standard partner thing but when life gets busy we don’t always remember to do this. I try to go out of my way to keep Lauren confident. Confidence, like happiness, is an inside job but those around you can make a big difference.

Something I do for Lauren is remind her of her past accomplishments. I can tell when she’s struggling or doubting a decision so I bring up other similar situations that worked out which builds her confidence with whatever she is currently dealing with. I also try to put things in perspective for her. Our problems really are small when you play a perspective game but sometimes you just need someone else to remind you of that.



People are pretty surprised to hear that Lauren and I don’t workout together. Prior to becoming parents, we used to go to the gym almost every day together but as soon as we walked through the doors, she would do her LG workout and I would do mine. Now, it’s a treat to go together but life is just different for us now which is okay.

So another tip I have is to either go together or to help make time for her to go. I know some partners just aren’t into fitness. I don’t think you need to make them go to the gym with you but Lauren makes a point to take interest in my hobbies even though if it’s not her thing. If you are having a tough time making time for the gym, maybe there is something your partner could do whether it’s watching the kids or going swimming while you lift (if your gym is set up like that). 

Lauren thanks me a lot for saying “I’ve got Leo… why don’t you go to the gym and run errands or do whatever you need to do.” I think sometimes she needs the reminder that I’ve got things covered and she can focus on herself. 

Alright, it’s Lauren here… I hope Anthony’s tips help you and your partner in some capacity. He is very supportive of my goals in the gym and in life. He definitely does seemingly “small things” that add up to big things. Life is a team effort and if you can equip the people around you to assist (as you do for them), it makes goals a lot more feasible.

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