I found 2 pairs of inexpensive moto leggings on Amazon for $25 and they’re the perfect alternatives for the super popular Alo Yogo leggings if you’re not into the price tag yet love the look. In this post, I’ll break it down for you, sharing the exact links and whether or not I think they’re worth saving the money. 

alo yoga moto leggings and white crop tank


This pair put moto leggings on a map. Celebs like Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been pictured rocking Alo Yoga often. If you’re not familiar with Alo Yoga, they are a high-end brand that sells activewear and loungewear. Their moto leggings come in a variety of colors and 2 different waistbands: normal rise and high rise (my preference). 
PRICE: $110 regular rise | $114 high waisted 
MY REVIEW: I love them. I own 2 pairs. I have both an XS and S. They fit pretty true to size. I wore the small all throughout both pregnancies and the waistband comfortably stretched over my belly. The comfort of the seamless waistband is something to be experienced. They look super high-end and I wear them both in the gym and out and about. In my opinion, they’re worth the splurge!


PRICE: $23.99
MY REVIEW – PROS: these alternatives are it! the material has a very similar feel to the Alo Yogo moto leggings, which is a cottony soft feel. They look very high end with the same moto details. The only difference is the seam in the waistband. This alternative offers a high rise just like Alo and it’s a good waistband… it hugs you and stays put.
MY REVIEW – CON: this isn’t even a con just a difference. The Alo Yoga version features a seamless waistband: as if a piece of material was folded over on top of each other and the fold is the top of the waistband; this alternative legging has a traditional seam waistband, where the material sewn together at the top. Again, this isn’t a con because most leggings (even high end ones) have a waistband sewn together.
BUY OR PASS – I LOVE these leggings and wear them often. You’ve probably seen them but don’t know the difference. I think every woman should *add to cart* if you like moto leggings. Plus, there are lots of colors!


PRICE: $26.99
MY REVIEW – PROS: these alternatives have a very similar look to the Alo Yogo moto leggings. I like the material, which is a slick workout material; that dry fit/traditional under armor feel, you know what I mean? The overall look is good.
MY REVIEW – CON: the material is different than the Alo Yoga pair (this pair is slick and the Alo Yoga is cottony); not a con but just a difference. The con for me is the fit but I wanted to share this pair because this is my personal fit obstacle with a lot of leggings and may not be the case for you. I could wear 2 sizes of pants: an XS in waist and a S in my butt, so what happens is that I get an odd fit around the butt as if the pants don’t want to stay up and they don’t hug my body like they should. It’s an issue I have with many brands.
BUY OR PASS – I own these but for me, they’re not the most comfortable because of the fit. I would recommend them if you have the same size in your waist and butt AND mostly if you like that super slick, smoothing material as opposed to cotton. Even for a more expensive price, I would pick my alternative #1 over this pair unless, again, you’re crazy over the material.

alo yoga moto leggings cheap alternatives

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