Garage Organization: how we transformed our garage without breaking the bank

When we moved into our home a few months ago my husband made me promise: “please let’s keep the garage clean enough that we can actually park our cars in there.” Well, fast forward several months and 0 cars could fit into our 3 car garage.

If you’re unfamiliar, here in Houston, we don’t have basements. I grew up in the Midwest and your basement is everything: the ultimate hang out and storage area. In the south, we rely on our garages for storage.

Between holiday decorations, kid’s outdoor toys and all the yard/landscape items, our garage filled up fast. I’ve learned that unless something has a “home” it turns into a mess. So, I was determined to get our garage organized.

My greatest goal was actually to get everything off of the ground. I wanted to maximize storage options on the wall to make more room on the ground.

My garage is far from completed and these aren’t really after photos moreso a “during” phase but I wanted to share links to what I am using because right now is such a popular time to clean out the garage, and I’ve LOVED the 2 options I’ve found so far…

I’ve always used large storage bins. I used to get clear ones and stack them in a closet. For our garage, I wanted to start fresh with 1 solid color; I opted for white because it looked clean and I actually prefer not seeing into the container (because it does look a bit messy when you can lol). I then purchased the Elfa Shelves for these containers. I have a variety of widths and am ordering more, but the 20″ depth allows for the bins to fit. I also plan on adding a few more with drawers!!

Now these are AWESOME! They easily attach to the wall and have all sorts of attachments you can use to hang items… even kids toys! I did 2 rows of 5 of these but plan on adding 2-4 more! These are a budget-friendly option for garage organization.

elfa garage organization
rubbermais fast track garage organization
Classic White 6' Basic Shelving Units
Classic White 4' Basic Shelving Units
Classic White 2' Basic Shelving Units
White Tote Boxes
48" Fast Track Rail,Satin Nickel/Black,Individual
FastTrack Garage Storage System Sliding Triple Hook
FastTrack Ladder Hook
FastTrack Compact Hook
Fasttrack Hardware Pack
FastTrack Garage Storage Wire Mesh Basket
Fasttrack Vertical Ball Rack

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