8 Fun Easter Activities and Crafts for All Ages

I love to make each and every holiday special, and love to include holiday-themed activities and crafts that will make the day more memorable for my kids.

Thankfully, my boys’ schools takes care of all the messy, paint crafts lol. I went on Pinterest to get some ideas of some “parent-friendly,” easy crafts or activities. I found so many that I wanted to compile a list to share. I added several different activities and crafts for kids of all ages: baby, toddler and young child.

1. Tissue Paper Scrunch Egg


What You’ll Need:
1. Cardstock Paper
2. Tissue Paper
3. Scissors
4. Elmer’s Glue

1. Cut the cardstock paper in the shape of an egg
2. Cut various colors of tissue paper into long strips or squares
3. Scrunch up the tissue paper and use Elmer glue to press and secure the tissue paper to the egg
4. Continue until the egg is fully covered in scrunched tissue paper

2. Water Balloon Egg Toss


What You’ll Need:
1. Colorful Water Balloons
2. Water

1. Fill up the water balloons
2. Toss the water balloon “eggs” back and forth
3. You can also make it a game – When someone drops an egg/water balloon they are out and the game continues until there is a winner.

3. Jelly Bean Color Matching


What You’ll Need:
1. Colorful Markers or Crayons
2. Colorful Jelly Beans
3. White Cardstock Paper
4. Scissors

1. Cut out an Easter egg shape from the white paper
2. Draw colorful large dots on the paper
3. Put the jelly beans in a bowl
4. Match each jelly bean to the same color dot on the egg

4. Guess How Many…Jelly Bean Edition


What You’ll Need:
1. Jelly Beans/ M&M’s
2. Closed Jar/Container
3. Paper
4. Pen

1. Count the amount of jelly beans/ M&M’s/ candy
2. Place into a clear jar
3. Allow everyone to count and estimate based on looking at the jar and write their guesses on a piece of paper
3. The closest guess is the winner

5. Kitchen Whisk Pom Activity


What You’ll Need:
1. Kitchen Whisk – silicone preferable
2. Colorful Pom Poms
3. Bowl

1. Place Pom poms in a bowl
2. Show your child how to take the Pom poms out of the bowl and not the whisk or fill the whisk with Pom poms and allow your child to pull them out

6. Easter Sensory Bin


What You’ll Need:
1. Rice
2. Food Coloring + Vinegar + Plastic Bags- optional if you want it rainbow colored)
3. Storage Tub or Big bin
4. Empty Egg Cartons

1. Dye the rice – A mixture of 1 cup of rice, 1/2 tsp vinegar, and a few drops of liquid food coloring.
2. Let the rice sit in a ziplock bag and absorb the color.
3. Dump the rice into a bin and allow the children to play – scooping the rice and dumping it. Pouring the rice into the eggs etc.

7. Easter Bunny Ears Headband


What You’ll Need:
1. Pink and White Cardstock Paper
2. Ruler
3. Pencil
4. Scissors
5. Glue or Tape

1. Cut the paper into 2 bunny ears and a long strip to create a headband
2. Attach the bunny ears on to the strip with either glue or tape

8. Easter Egg Floral Centerpiece


What You’ll Need:
1. Eggs
2. Egg Dying Kit
3. Vase
4. Flowers or Artificial Stems

1. Hard boil the eggs
2. Dye the cooled eggs with the dying kit (in various shades to create an ombre effect)
3. Place the eggs in the vase
4. Add flowers or artificial stems in the center to create a centerpiece

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