7 of My Recent Amazon Purchases

1. Nude Transparent Straps Pointed Toe High Heels (here)

I love the transparent clear strap on these heels. They totally elongate yours legs and look way more than they cost.


2. ProMist Max Microfiber Spray Mop (here)

This mop is so affordable and works great! My little son Leo even likes to use it and helps out. I also love the fact that the pad comes off and can be thrown in the washing machine to clean it.


3. Colorfulkoala High Waisted Buttery Soft Full Length Leggings (here)

If you follow along with me on here I’m sure you know I am a fan of the CRZ YOGA leggings (here). They have been back ordered lately so I tried this new brand, Colorfulkoala, and WOW… I love them! They are so soft and lightweight, it feels like you are wearing nothing. I ordered the charcoal gray color but have been eyeing up the light blue and pink as well.

4. Kids Book Rack/ Storage Sling (here)

Bought this a few years ago for my kid’s books. I like that it matches our furniture and we get such great use out of this, so I ordered another one. 


5. Monogram Doormat (here)

I shared this in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide and actually ended up ordering it for my mom. For the price, (30$), it is so durable and the quality is amazing. My mom raved about it.

6. Fuzzy Slippers (here)
Bought these during quarantine and they are easily one of my new favorite pairs of slippers. It feels like walking on a cloud and I love the open toe sandal type look for a summer slipper. They have amazing reviews too!

7. Outdoor Picnic Cooler Basket (here)
I LOVE the picnic look of this. It’s fully lined and no real compartments so it can fit cans, tupperware, whatever you want to put in it super easily. I got this 2 weeks ago and we have probably used it 5-10 times already!


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