6 Year Blogiversary: a look back + major change update

August 16th is a special anniversary for me… it’s the day I started blogging 6 years ago. I celebrate just about everything because, if not, every day is just another day. I love to stop, reflect and appreciate life’s little moments because they’re often the “big ones” when you look back. To celebrate 6 years of LG, I thought it would be fun to look back as well as share something I’m going to be changing this upcoming year.


A LOOK BACK – 6 years ago

6 years ago on this very day, I began my blog. I sat in my childhood bedroom with pink walls and fuzzy pillows, googling “how to start a blog” – true story. In less than 24 hours, I had my blog up and running with its very first post.

In college, I was all about the gym and I was responsible for putting together the daily workouts my girlfriends and I would follow. During summer break, I would text the workout of the day. This is before group texting – I would write up a workout on my phone and individually text it to all my friends.

I am giggling as I type this because I recall my friends texting me: “hey, did you workout yet? I’m going to the gym in 10 and need to know what to do.”

I decided it would be easiest to share my workouts via a blog. Now… this is totally before blogging was a thing. The only people I knew who had blogs were college friends who would study abroad; they shared all their adventures/pictures via a blog with loved ones back home but stopped blogging after the semester ended. Think back 6 years ago… I feel like no one knew what a blog even was.

You guys would laugh if you saw how I used to blog. If you followed me way back when, you may remember my super eye-catching blog posts. I’ll save you some major scrolling back and share one here

lauren gleisberg workout

That was the extent of it. If you were real lucky, sometimes I would share a cool pic collage like this one…

lauren gleisberg and husband Anthony

I shouldn’t poke fun at myself because my blog has always been one thing and those first posts prove it: real. Really me.

I never tried (and still don’t try) to be anything but myself. My workouts are ones I truly follow. My meals are ones that my family and I eat regularly. My words are my own. My blog is my journey navigating a healthy lifestyle and personal growth. 



Just a few weeks after I first began my blog 6 years ago, I headed back to college and I continued to blog every. single. day. You know how when you’re young, everyone tells you how much life is about finding what you love to do/your passion and making that your career. In retrospect, it was completely clear that this space was “my thing.”

At the time, however, I was studying my butt off to excel in college and eventually, to get into dental school. I’ve never dedicated myself to something like I did my academics… my goal was to graduate summa cum laude and get into dental school. Check. Check. Buttt, it’s so funny because I would get all that stuff done only to go enjoy myself by working out, taking pictures of it and blogging.

Blogging/LG/health and fitness was never a career path that occurred to me back then. Honestly, I think that’s why my blog took off… people could sense that I was genuinely enjoying this and truly there to help others. I received ZERO benefit from blogging other than doing it for the love of the game. For years, I made $0.00 and could have care less… I just loved it!

Obviously with the way the internet works, individuals outside of my circle of friends could find my blog and follow the daily workouts I shared. At this time, Instagram was also taking off so I connected with a lot of women on that.

I don’t want to get too wordy here because a lot has happened over the past 6 years but one thing remains the same… how absolutely grateful I am for you and for getting what I get to do every day… create content that allows you to feel healthier and happier.



As the LG community grows, it becomes increasingly important to me to remain connected to the many women who are a part of it. 6 years ago, I seriously recognized every name and face of those who commented on my posts; we would chat on the daily. These days, I receive 100-200 emails per day and 400+ DMs daily.

Yet, it’s the women who make up this community that give me the inspiration and drive to work hard to create all things LG.

With that said…

6th YEAR CHANGE: people, first and foremost; work tasks second

I don’t exactly know how this change will play out, but in this 6th year, I’m going to do everything to prioritize tasks less and prioritize you, the women more.

Emails, DMs and comments are usually the task I save until the end of the day because things like products, challenges, blog posts, back end work, etc. – those are all things that mean a lot to you that I try to complete first.

I’ve already started beginning my day with them. I feel that the more I can love on you, the women who make the LG community what it is, the better everything will become.

I say major change because to me… it is. Being able to stay connected with you and keep this community as personalized as it is means more to me than anything, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of us.

Thank you for letting me into your lives. I pinch myself that so many women sign up to allow me to kick their butts. I will be forever thankful for that and can’t wait for many more years together!

All my love,



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