6 Super Simple Ways I Motivate Myself to Workout

No motivation? We’ve all been there. I have 6 go-to tricks to motivate myself to get to the gym and workout. It’s NOT the cheesy “drink more water” “set your gym clothes out” type of motivation lol. These are super simple yet effective ways I can get myself to workout.

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Quick Note… if you find yourself with a lack of motivation, please know you don’t suck lol. I’m typing this at 330 PM. I’m normally pretty great about using my lunch break as a time to workout and I genuinely look forward to it.

Today, I’m dragging my heels. I don’t feel like going to the gym. I didn’t sleep well last night. I could probably come up with another 10 excuses as to why I’m lacking motivation but my point is… it happens. It happens to me. It happens to you. It happens to Susie Q. 

I truly believe life is all about a well-thought-out plan B. Below is a list of 6 things I would consider a Plan B (Plan A would be that I just have this never-ending, Energizer bunny like motivation; a girl can dream lol.)


This is something that works for me very well lately. In general, I mostly use Pinterest for home decor and workout/meal ideas (you can follow my boards HERE). All I have to do is search for some recipes; 5 minutes later, I find my love of healthy living lights up. When you truly love this lifestyle, there are positive triggers that really make you feel that passion – do you know what I mean?! It’s kind of weird how easily this works for me and hopefully it does for you too!


Disclaimer- this one will likely only work for those of you who are slightly OCD (like myself lol), love organizing, color coordinating, etc. I discovered this one when I was weeks behind on laundry. I was putting away all my workout gear and as I organized it in my closet, I was envisioning cute outfits I could put together. As silly as it sounds, it made me want to jump right into the clothing and get to the gym. Plus, who’s going to complain about an organized closet/drawer?!


Don’t even worry about getting to the gym just yet, but take two minutes to construct a workout or find one you love. When I’m lacking motivation, I’ll open up an old workout plan of mine and pick a workout that looks fun and different. Or, I’ll go old school and take out a pen and piece of paper to write a workout of my own. Again, don’t focus on when you’ll do this workout but just enjoy the process of finding or creating one. This will likely lead to you wanting to complete the workout!


If you’ve followed me for some time, you have probably heard me talk about my walk trick a time or two (or probably 20x by now lol). It literally works every. single. time. for me and that’s why I don’t stop sharing it. When you’re not motivated to do an intense workout or life, commit to a walk. You don’t even have to go to the gym… just go walk down your street. There’s something about a walk that can easily turn into a walk/jog combo that can easily turn into coming back to do a few weighted movements and before you know it, you’re having a great workout!

Sidenote- so many of you have told me you’ve tried my walk trick and it’s worked surprisingly well for you!


Okay, so I’m not the biggest believer in supplements. I have a few I take but I don’t believe any supplements are absolutely necessary. With that said, I love me some pre-workout. That’s an understatement haha. If you know my husband and I well, you’ve seen our silliness when it comes to pre-workout supplements/caffeinated drinks. 

Pre-workout supplements contain ingredients to help us energize, focus and generate a muscle pump =a good workout. My favorite part is putting on some music, sitting on the patio or in my car with the sunroof open and sipping on that pre-workout. Heck, I workout just of the pre-workout supplement haha. Kidding. Maybe?! 

If you’re someone who wakes up early to get in a workout, has school/work/a long day before getting to the gym, or you’re one tired mama AND a lack of motivation is a consistent battle for you, think about using a pre-workout supplement.  

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Yes, I mean it! There are just some days you won’t be motivated to workout. Don’t. BUT, know when you’re being lazy. You know yourself best. I totally know when I could get to the gym and I’m just being lazy versus when I’m lacking motivation and could use the day off mentally. It seems counterintuitive but sometimes the weeks I enjoy workout out most come after I take a day or two away from the gym. Enjoy your day off to enjoy a week full of motivation!

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