Friday Five: 5 Fav Amazon Purchases of the Month (Sept 2018)

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Five aka a post where I share 5 random things. The theme for today is my 5 Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Month from the month of September. I shared a post just like this back in July (here it is if you’re interested) and it actually showed up on my top 3 most read blog posts that month, so I figured I would do another edition!



I’ve been on a major organization kick lately. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it “organizing” as much as implementing “organizational systems.” For example, I started doing 1 load of laundry every day regardless of the size to stay on top of things; while I start that load, I fold and put away the laundry from the previous day.
My new clothing organizational system… week of outfits ahead of time. I have 2 main outfits each day: 1) gym outfit 2) daily/work outfit AND while I am getting ready in the morning, I am also picking out my sons outfit and dressing him for the day.
I found these clothing rack dividers and wrote the days of the week on them (I really just focus on Monday – Friday), I pick out 5 workout outfits and 5 daily outfits for myself and hang them at the front of my closet. I do the same for my son. This saves a little bit of time but mostly, it saves brainpower in the morning. I noticed we were dancing to music in the AM while getting dressed instead of my son half dressed while I am in the laundry room digging for socks and I myself am thinking “where is that white shirt?” You know what I mean?!
=saves time AND creates a less stressful morning


These are the mini bands I use and love. I’ve had them less than a year but I’ve found the resistance quality holds up and I can’t resist the pink ombre haha.
I ordered another set of these this month. I keep 1 in my home gym and 1 in my car for when I go to the gym. There were so many days I intended to take them from my garage gym to the car but forgot so I figured I would just have a back up set of bands.
I highly recommend these! I posted a video with some exercises I use with the bands here



I already know what my official fall uniform is going to be… basic tank, long cardigan, denim and a cute pair of flats or boots. I don’t know if this is savvy or lazy but I started doing some clothing shopping on Amazon haha. I have seen some bloggers talk about Amazon Fashion (not sure exactly what that is and I have no connection to is) but maybe they’re stepping up their clothing offerings. If it means cute clothing for free 2 day shipping, count me in!
Just an FYI – this boutique “Buddy Love” is not just on Amazon, I’ve seen their clothing and page a lot on Instagram.
lauren gleisberg buddly love long cardigan and ag jeans
Cardigan – here
Tank – here
Denim – here
Shoes – here
(these shoes are $6 are my local target; I know they’re more online so also check out a store by you for this deal!)


I actually bought this book back in May but only began in this month. If I am being totally honest…. I read the first few pages in bed the other night and totally fell asleep BUT I think this book is going to be hysterical and insightful. I’ve actually never read a “marriage” book so I am pretty interested.
Let’s talk marriage real quick… first off, no one has a perfect marriage and I certainly do not even claim to. However, having a marriage that is strong, supportive, and joyful is really important to me. I’ve found what you put in is what you get out when it comes to a marriage and even a few tips from a recommended book are tips I’ll take!
PS – I don’t think this just applies to marriage… I think this would be helpful for those in relationships and dating in general



You may have seen videos on Instagram of my son zooming this car around our house… product review is 9.8/10. Quick background- when Toys R Us was sadly closing, my husband bought a rather elaborate RC car “for Leo.” Well, I can barely figure out how to drive that thing so Leo certainly isn’t.  My husband and son just love playing with it together, so I got on Amazon and tried to find one suitable for toddlers. Leo went crazy for this!
He steers it with the remote control. He will push it around. He plays with the sound effect buttons. He is constantly reaching for this in his toy box. We’ve bought it for 3 other toddler boys that’s how much we love it!
If you have a toddler birthday party coming up or a little one yourself, I highly recommend this! So much enjoyment in our home from this car.

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