5 Best Workout Shoes For Women 2021

A topic that I am always curious on and one that I am often asked about… what are the best workout shoes for women? Am I working out in the best sneakers for me and my workouts? Not all sneakers are created equal and the wrong sneaker can inhibit optimal performance. I put together a list of my favorite workout sneakers for women below. I added notes on why I like training in each particular pair so read on for the list below…


These are my most supportive sneaker… you literally feel a boost and if I had to wear a sneaker all day, these would be my pick! I love them for running (not long-distance but a 1 or 2 mile run) as well as cross training and upper body lifting. Personally, these sneakers are not my favorite for leg day. They are one of the pricier ones on the list but well worth the splurge in my opinion.


I personally love a slip on sneaker and these are one of the best. Avre makes sustainable sneakers, so if you’re passionate about that as well… it makes this pair even better. Avre sneakers are eye catching; I’m always asked about my pairs when I wear them. They’re great to lift in as well as wear all day. I would choose a different sneaker for running but love these for everything else!

Techloom Bliss

I want to point out these are the priciest on the list. I do not think they are worth the splurge if you’re on a budget. However, I have 4 pairs because I personally think they’re well worth the price for comfort, durability and aesthetics. I love how these look! They feel like you’re wearing a sock. They’re comfortable and supportive, and I do EVERYTHING in these- lift, run, jump and run errands. Only con is the price.

Swift Run

The BEST under $100 sneaker on the market in my opinion. I have several pairs of these because of how versatile they are. They’re good for light cardio as well as lifting, workout classes, and more. There are so many color options, and again, the price is such a pro!

Air Max

I am newer to Nike Air Max sneakers, but they make my list because they just feel unique. They offer a lot of cushion and support if that’s your jam. You can run, lift, jump and walk around in these. A bit higher of a price point and hard to find (they tend to sell out fast) but a great sneaker option for training.

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