This is one of my favorite blog posts to write and coincidentally, these posts always appear on my “most read” blog post list as well. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise because who isn’t using Amazon prime for just about every purchase these days?!

I order so much from Amazon that I never have a clue of what is arriving; yesterday, I opened what I thought was a workout top only to discover it was garbage bags. The day prior, I gave my husband a box of what I thought was something he ordered and it turned out to be nursing bras haha. Anything and everything – we order it online!

I am rounding up my 5 best Amazon prime purchases from this month. 

best amazon prime purchases
1. CHIC COOLER (here)
So, I purchased this as a “bottle cooler” but it’s become so much more. In fact, last weekend, my husband asked if he could use it to put 2 energy drinks in it for him and his buddy while they went on a little road trip.
If you need a mini cooler or bottle cooler, this is it!
I decided on this one because:

  • STUNNING -navy stripes, tan accents and gold hardware
  • the gold top handle is beautiful yet functional; very often, I wear it like a wristlet when I’m holding the cooler, kids, keys and other random things
  • it can hold 2 full sized bottles/cans + extras (so many I found were for 1 bottle or 100)
  • I actually saw multiple functions for it. For example, it was big enough to hold Beckham’s bottle and some of Leo’s cold food items like fruit and cheese. It could also entirely serve as a food cooler for when Beckham begins solids. And, my husband uses it for cans. 

I HIGHLY recommend this!

This is a multiple-time reorder for me! First off, I am a huge fan of the brand and this is totally my miracle zip zapper. Seriously, I apply a dab before bed and my pimple is completely diminished by the morning.
For those who like specific ingredients… it uses salicylic acid, sulfur, and zinc oxide to help draw impurities from the skin.
IMPT, HOW TO APPLY: do not shake the bottle. Once you receive it, let it sit on your counter. The liquid will rise to the top and the sediment will settle at the bottom of the bottle. After I wash, tone and moisturize, I then apply this. I use a cotton swab and dip it into the pink sediment. I then dab it directly onto the pimple. Allow it to dry. Don’t rub it in. In the AM, rinse off and look for the magic.
3. $16 ESPADRILLES (here)
I had THESE $100 espadrilles in my shopping cart (I still may purchase) but then, I saw this nearly identical look alike.
Fair warning – these don’t have great reviews on Amazon but I think you just have to know how to order them based on the reviews. The reviews state that the shoes run big – almost a full size I found. So just order 1 size smaller than what you are. That worked perfect for me. 
The shoes are CUTE! No, they’re not the highest quality (but they’re $16 and I honestly find them to be great). I really wanted a cream pair of espadrilles but knew that meant dirty dirty. I plan on wearing these without fear of marks and then I may get that more expensive pair to wear for nicer occasions. 
You may recall this item from my Amazon Organizational Essentials list. Since then, I’ve ordered another and love it so much that I felt the need to share it again here. 
I have cloth-lined, metal laundry baskets that are a farmhouse style. They’re beautiful but bulky and I need an option that was lighter and easier to carry. I wanted a classic basket but picked this one because you can collapse it down to nothing. 
I slide it behind my washer/dryer and stand them upright in closets when I’m not using them! They would be ideal for college dorms, apartments/smaller homes or if you just need space-saving options like me.
For mother’s day I purchased my mother-in-law these Ugg slides. She loves a cozy slipper/sock but she’s also always letting their 3 dogs out, so I thought the hard sole was good for that. I was tempted to order myself a pair but then I stumbled upon these.
I LOVE how full of fuzz they are. The open toe is perfect for summer because it’s a little cozy but not too hot. I have to retire my normal Ugg slippers in the warmer months. These aren’t prime but were worth the wait! They are a tiny bit narrow so I would order up if you have a wide foot or are between sizes.
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