4 Ways to Maximize Your Results With Home Workouts

#LGSummerFitcation – Phase 1, Day 2

Workout of the Day: Back + Biceps
(( CLICK HERE for the full workout plan ))
Daily Challenge: “At Home Workout” – share with the community an exercise you love to do at home or a picture of you getting your fitness on from your home gym #LGAccountability
Tip of the Day: Maximize your results with home workouts through these 4 tips

(1) CREATE YOUR HOME GYM: I suggest creating a space within your home that is strictly for workouts even if it’s in the garage or gym. One of the benefits of working out at a gym is the physical act of leaving the home along with any tasks or concerns behind and being able to step into the gym with a clear mind. However, this is very easy to recreate by having a designated gym space within your home. If you’re tight on space, create a gym basket, such as a large storage container filled with your exercise equipment; pulling this out and laying out an exercise or yoga mat will signify the start to a workout and the pause to your home life.

(2) SWITCH IT UP: Home workouts may mean you have less equipment to work with, but it certainly doesn’t mean you’ll have less benefits. The key is to switch up your home workouts and get creative. Switching up your fitness routine creates what is known as muscle confusion or the changed routine you force your body to work harder to adapt to. Some home workout switch ups may include swaps of equipment (ie: kettlebell for a barbell), working out on the patio to have the heat intensify the workout, or simply switching up the time of day of the workout. Switch ups get results!

(3) TRAIN IN CIRCUITS: Circuit training is a highly effective form of HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT consists of intervals of high intensity followed by rest. So, for instance, you may perform 15 reps of bicep curls, following by 30 seconds of running in place or 15 reps of squats at max effort then a rest period of 60 seconds. This type of training leads to an afterburn in which the body literally burns calories for up to 24 hours following a workout as it works to play “catch up” on the oxygen debt you worked up by training at intense levels. Circuits are a great way to complete effective workouts in a short amount of time with little to no equipment.

(4) END WITH MEDITATION: If you’re going to work out at home, I suggest you take advantage of the extra time you can save on a gym commute. Use that time for 5-10 minutes of mediation. Have you heard about the beautiful peace that is: savasana aka corpse pose?! This pose is about regrouping and refocusing, which is the perfect transition from your workout back into your day. Simply allow the body to be still by lying on your back with palms facing up. In this pose, there is an intense sensory withdrawal where the conciousness is directed inward, which has strong neurological benefits. Try following your breath throughout this movement; if a thought comes to your mind, let it go by “watching” your breath move deeply in and out. Believe me when I say a few minutes of savasana can change your entire day! But don’t take my work, get hooked on it for yourself ­čÖé

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  1. Anonymous

    Do you need the books for this challenge or are you going to start posting workouts on a daily basis again?

  2. Raghav Singh

    nice tips
    I am doing Yoga @ home.It is the best home exercises you can do around the house.
    or join Yoga Teacher Training India

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Lauren,
    I also really enjoyed when you posted a workout with pictures every day. Are you going to do this anymore? I feel like I don't know what to do at the gym without it!

  4. Mahim

    Hi! I know something information about fitness fact that works properly. You may check it out. I hope that it will equally help you. Thank you.

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