4 Simple Steps on How To Organize a Spice Drawer

My spice drawer was a complete mess. Anyone else? Not only is a messy spice drawer or cabinet an eye sore, but also it’s not functional for cooking. I’ve been meaning to clean and organize my spice drawer for some time, so I went on Amazon to purchase 2 things and the entire job took less than 1 hour.

I was beyond ecstatic with the final result. The entire project was under $100 and completely transformed the drawer and made is SO much more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

4 Simple Steps to Organizing Your Spice Drawer

I followed these 4 simple steps to organizing my spice drawer. It was a quick and simple process.

STEP 1 – Clear Out The Drawer

Take all the spices out and sort through them. Check the bottles for freshness and expiration dates. Discard any that you can no longer smell or that you no longer use.

^I could not believe how many I threw away due to expiration dates.

STEP 2 – Clean The Drawer

I wiped down the entire drawer then took a handheld vacuum to make sure everything was nice and clean before placing anything back in.


STEP 3 –  Choose Your Organizer

For me having everything easily displayed is how it looks best visibly and also is easiest to use. You can use plastic organizers (HERE) which I have in my other kitchen drawers or an in-drawer rack/tier, which is what I personally did. HERE is the exact one I bought. I purchased 2 because they fold beneath each other and you can expand them to fit the drawer. To me it looks so sleek and looks amazing once you place the spices back in.


STEP 4 –  Transfer the Spices and Organize

This is the fun part! I bought all cohesive generic spice jars. HERE is my exact set. There were tons of label options for both the top of the jars and the front of the jars. I loved that they gave a section of blank labels for you to write in your own spices as well. The kit came with a funnel..which I rarely used. I personally popped the plastic top fully off the jar and it was fairly easy to dump the spices right in. I then applied a label to the front of the jar and then a label to the cap

*TIP – Apply the cap label before unscrewing the cap or once the car is fully screwed back on. If you apply the label while the cap is not on the jar, it may lay upside down or sideways once the cap is screwed back on.

Once all your spices are done, place them back in the drawer. I put mine in alphabetic order so It looked extra nice and organized.

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