4 Fitness Products Every Fit Chick Should Own

#NotSponsored You know I’m a total product junkie and I love to share the things that help me most as well as the ones I suggest passing up.

Today, I’m sharing the 4 products that I think should be on every Fit Chick’s “Must Have” list. From gym gear to help you up your training to items that may keep you looking extra cute post-workout, these 4 items are ones that I truly use regularly and swear by! And again, they’re not sponsored lol (I just always feel the need to say that!)

If you’re into lifting, I highly suggest you get some straps. Straps aren’t weight lifting gloves. They won’t protect your hands. Instead, straps serve the purpose of helping you lift heavier by assisting your grip strength.
Now in the world of lifting, straps are a little bit controversial because they can be viewed as an “assistance” in helping you lift heavier. However, if you’re like me and want the results of being able to lift heavier without caring about the technical
Why are they helpful? Grip strength! So, if we were to deadlift a barbell with 45 lb plates on each side (total of 135 lbs), the more difficult part for a lot of women is not actually the strength required to perform the deadlift rather the forearms and hand strength required to grip the bar. Straps help you hang onto the bar/weight! I also use straps for movements like rows and pulldowns… I find them very beneficial on back day!

HERE are the pink (of course) straps I use

HERE is a video I found demonstrating how to use straps with a barbell

^it does take a little bit of practice and getting used to but it’s worth it in my opinion

I should probably clarify that this product is more so one every “girly girl fit chick” should own. It’s by no means a “need” but it’s definitely something that can make a huge difference. I have 2 that I suggest for 2 different types of hair needs: 1) for the girl who wants her pony tail to stay in place and 2) for the chick who wants her hair to look just as good post-workout (or close to it!) as it did when she got to the gym. Read on!
NO SLIDE HAIR BAND: as I type this, I’m giggling thinking about how many times I’ve been jumping rope and my high pony tail messy bun falls from the top of my head to the pony tail holder practically falling onto the floor. Some of us really need hair bands that stay put. I’ve totally found that one. Fair warning – it stays in place so much that it actually hurts a bit to take out haha. 
THESE are the silicone-ish ones that do not budge
NO CRIMP HAIR BAND: there are some workouts where I’m not as concerned with my hair staying in place as I am my hair looking presentable when I leave the gym. I use these on a lower intensity workout day or when I workout on my lunch break and have to be somewhere after (and look half way decent lol). You’ve heard me mention these before and they’re remain on my favorite list.
THESE are the hair bands I use to keep my hair crimp free after a pony tail

One of my biggest pet peeves about bloggers is that many posts become redundant and expected. How many “6 Ways to Get Motivated to Workout” articles have you read with suggestions like “set goals” and “lay your gym clothes out.” I’m not knocking that because those are two things I swear by but I’m just saying those aren’t exactly fun to read because we already know that we should do that. I don’t find that stuff helpful… what I do find helpful are the little tips and tricks ladies have like exactly how do you set those goals – is there a system? Is there a planner you find beneficial for writing your goals?? You know what I mean?!
Going off of that… yes, we all know a water bottle is something every fitness enthusiast should have (and we all probably have 27 of them stuffed in our kitchen cabinets). What I suggest is ditching a lot of the ones you currently have and likely aren’t using #DECLUTTER That’s what I did a few months ago right before I had my baby.. I felt this need to purge everything. Then, I replaced them with quality items that I valued and served a better purpose.
Enter in the oversized yet slim water bottle. We need oversized water bottles because we drink a lot lol. There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym, taking 3 sips of water during your lift and needing to refill your water bottle (again and again). Now, the water bottle also needs to be slim to fit in your car cup holder, in your purse or gym bag and most importantly, to make it easy to grab and drink out of. 

My favorite water bottle is THIS one but I want THIS marble one (I have both the 17 oz and 25 oz sizes and with the climate I live in, I highly value the ability for it to keep my water ice cold for 24+ hours… and it really works)

My second favorite water bottle is THIS one – I like the grippy-ness of it

Headphone selections are pretty personal. I used to love ear buds. My husband could only wear the headphones that wrapped around the ear. Now, I can only do over the ear head phones and my husband loves ear buds. Everyone has their personal preference.
In my opinion, if you’re someone who weight trains or does high intensity workouts, you need cordless headphones! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done a curl and the dumbbell got tangled in my headphone cord. Or, oh my gosh… have you ever had your earbud get yanked out of your ear?! I remember doing a burpee when I stepped on my headphone cord and it ripped off. It can get a bit annoying and disrupt your workout flow. For this reason, I always suggest cordless options and with that option, there are still a lot of headphones to choose from!

You’ve probably seen me wear them a million time but THESE are my headphones.

^the price is high but this is only my 2nd pair and my 1st pair lasted me almost 4 years! Plus, you can almost always find them on sale if you keep your eyes peeled (like at the link I shared)

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