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NOBODY (especially not me) wants to spend hours in the gym. Life is too short for that. 

I became obsessed with designing workouts that could produce the same effectiveness of 1+ hour workout in just 30 MINUTES.



YOU ACTUALLY DO THEM: its much easier to motivate yourself to complete a 30 min workout and fit it into your busy schedule SO you finally stay consistent with a workout plan

INCREASED FOCUS: because the workouts are short, you’re much more likely to stay focused and keep up the intensity of the workouts


Butttt… here’s the thing…


You can’t just do any 30 minute workout.

It has to be strategically designed for a level of intensity that causes muscle breakdown (a good thing!) which is how we see that muscle definition.


Good news: I know how to create workout that help you get fit, lose stubborn body fat and burn a TON of calories in just 30 minutes.

Download that freebie and you’ll be introduced to my 30 Minute Workout Plan that tens of thousands of women are using and raving about.


If you’re interested…

CLICK HERE for my progress pics using the plan

CLICK HERE for Jess, a community member’s plan results


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Get your 30 Min Workout Plan Freebie:


On a personal note…

Hi there :):) Quick intro… I’m Lauren aka LG. This is my blog where I share daily workouts, healthy recipes that actually taste good, lots of girly products and tips/tricks on how to get fit, lose fat and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

I’m a wife, mom to an 11 month old and pretty much your average 20-something (can you say that if you’re almost 30?! lol)

I am glad you’re here. I really love what I do and I’m super passionate about helping women get fit through short, effective workouts so I’m grateful to be a small part of your journey.

I’m always here if you need anything! (you can always email me at contact@laurengleisberg.com if you need help)

xo Lauren

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