Friday Five (DIY garage door makeover, smoothies, $6 hair product + more)

Happy Friday and welcome to the Friday Five. On Fridays, I like to share 5 random things I’m into during the week. When I say random… I mean random but I consider you my girlfriend and these are the types of things my girlfriends and I chat about: “hey I just did a DIY garage door makeover for under $50… you should try it on yours.” Take 5 minutes to enjoy the Friday Five :):)


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Home owner stuff, right?! If you’re looking straight at our house, our garage door is facing you. This may be common where you are but growing up in a Wisconsin suburb where lots were pretty large, almost everyone’s garage door was on the side of their home. I guess I’m just more used to that look.

Ever since moving in, I’ve wanted a “cuter” garage door. When I looked into replacing our standard, basic garage door, I was taken back at the cost.

I hoped online and found garage door accessories – an easy DIY makeover for around $50


I purchased:

THESE magnetic hardware

THESE magnetic windows.


I was initially going to just add hardware to the garage door but the thought of drilling into the door and the permanence of it freaked me out a bit. 

REVIEW: the hardware is amazing. It’s so so so strong (we have crazy wind and rain in Houston and it’s never budged). It looks amazing! The windows – they look fake up close but I love the look from the road. 

PRO TIP: if you decide on the windows, place the 4 rectangles closer together so the imperfections of spacing is less obvious

Honestly, I give this a 10/10 product review for what it is. No, you didn’t spend $7,000 on a new garage door so for $50 I am thrilled with the look. 




You know how much I love a ponytail with a twist and braids. I’m always wrapping my hair around my hair ties so you can’t see them. It gives a more polished look to a simple pony.

I used to wrap the hair and secure it with bobby pin. That does the trick but after a few hours or during a tough workout, it comes loose. 

Then I began using THIS – game changer!

My mom used to use this on my hair all the time. The smaller sized one is perfect for wrapping hair around your elastic. I’ll do a quick tutorial on IG stories today to show y’all but if you buy this product, there are instructions on how to do it. And, it takes all of 20 seconds.




This one is for my fellow LGMoms. You may recall I’ve been hooked on Smoothie King ever since they launched their cleaner blending initiative… they added more good stuff like whole fruit & veggies and removed bad stuff like high fructose corn syrup. Whenever I go the the Smoothie King by my house (which is conveniently located on the corner between my neighborhood and my gym haha), I look for options with added benefits.

Smoothie King partnered with Premama: a brand that makes high-quality prenatal supplements. They have a “Premama Smoothie” which contains a prenatal supplement (vitamins and minerals especially important to pregnancy like folic acid, calcium and vitamin B) as well as bananas, blueberries, raspberries and spinach. It’s delicious… I had to taste test just so I could report back ;):) When I was pregnant and nursing with Leo, this would have been the ultimate craving-curber.




I just laughed at how random that one was. One of my top tips for healthy living is to implement a strong Plan B. For example…

Plan A: cook chicken on the grill and make enough extra to enjoy for a few additional meals. Eat dinner on the patio with the entire family.

Plan B: have rotisserie chicken on hand so that when your husband says he will be home by 6 but it’s 6:40 and you/the family are hungry and the hubs is running behind, you have a shortcut meal you can make.

Rotisserie chicken has been saving my butt a lot lately. I love the taste. It’s already cooked. You can add it into anything – pasta, wraps, sandwiches, etc. to make a full meal. It is definitely a go-to of mine! 




I couldn’t finish this list without talking about the new Weight Training Plan 3.0 that launched this week. While I could talk about the plan details and how much it can help transform your body, I want to discuss something else… the 30 minute workouts.

It’s summer. There are BBQs and parties. You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy, right?!

Yet, so many of us are still trying to squeeze in workouts on a regular basis. I’m not kidding you guys… this 30 minute workout thing has changed my life. I’ve never been able to fit in my workouts as easily as I have this past year since I switched over from my usual 1 hour workout.

My old thought process: “it’s Saturday AM… I have to run errands, make an appetizer, get myself and Leo ready, be home for his AM nap all before 11 AM when we leave for the pool party. I don’t have an hour to spare. Eh, I’ll just workout tomorrow.” =skipped workout

My current thought process of the same scenario “I’ll just do my 30 minute workout in the garage gym while Leo naps.” 

It’s bizarre how much my mindset has changed. I feel like there is always a way to fit in a 30 minute workout, so I’m actually working out MORE for LESS time and seeing BETTER results.

The new Weight Training Plan features all 30-ish minute workouts (with optional add ons if you want to lengthen it), so h0p on the 30 Min Workout Revolution bandwagon lol. 

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