10 Practical Tips to Navigate the Holidays

Hello, holidays! It’s the most magical time of the year. For those of us who are passionate about healthy living, it can also be a challenging time to navigate. Do you get in a workout on Thanksgiving?! Do you indulge at every holiday party?? How exactly do we balance our usual lifestyle and goals with all the exciting events the holidays has in store.

You know by now,  I embrace living life to the fullest. I think of healthy living as my foundations. I prioritize it because it allows me to feel my absolute best, such as during the chaotic holiday season. With that said, I embrace all the moments of the holidays. Over the years, I’ve collected several hacks, so here are 10 practical tips to navigate the holidays…

1. Get AheadWe all love to make new years resolutions but why wait?! It’s more common to take the approach of enjoying the holidays and starting fresh in the New Year. However, we can still enjoy the holidays AND get ahead with our new year goals. By starting now and being conscious, we can be in a better position when the new year hits.

2. Extra Water (especially Lemon Water) Yes, you hear this 365 days/year, but this is especially beneficial during the holiday season. Did you know that hunger and thirst stem from the same spot in the brain?! And, we can often misinterpret the two signals: we think we are hungry when we are really in need of water.  When I was drinking a gallon of water a day, I found myself staying much more full throughout the day.
Added tip – I personally add lemon to my water because it acts as a natural diuretic.  You can add cucumber, mint, orange, anything to help give a slight flavor to your water and help the taste and help you drink more.

3. Increased Steps this is a small change that can make a big difference. Find fun and interesting ways to get in more steps. If you work at a desk, set a timer every 30-60 minutes to get up and walk around. Park further in the parking lot when out and about. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. Find unique ways to get in more steps and have fun with it. If you have a Apple Watch of Fitbit this becomes even more fun and a “challenge”.

4. Social Calendar/Never Go Hungry – During the holidays, my social calendar fills up much more than other times of the year. I like to get it all on my calendar so I can visualize which days may throw off my workouts or meals. If I see a weekend with 2-3 events, I’ll skip my rest day during the week and lift to front load my workouts. If I know I’m going out for dinner and drinks on a certain day,  I’ll aim to keep my nutrition on point in the days leading up to that. The balance comes from planning! My husband Anthony also swears by the trick of… never go to an event hungry. Either eat before you go or somewhat plan what you are going to eat when there. Knowing what you are generally going to eat will help you stay on track. Anthony and I personally keep things lower carb before we go, knowing we will save those for more treats and drinks.

5. Focus on Sunday – Thursday – I try to do this almost every week and not just around the holidays because it works so well for me. I know my treats, drinks and indulgences tend to fall on Friday/Saturday. I make a point to really focus and buckle down Sunday – Thursday so I can enjoy more Friday + Saturday.

6. Weight Training Workouts – lift, lift, lift this holiday season. I used to indulge on a holiday or weekend and think I needed to do hours of cardio to “work it off.” However, excess carbs stores as glycogen within our bodies, which is great fuel for a weight training workout! After a treat day or meal, lift and utilize all that glycogen to your benefit!


7. AM/Home Workouts – during a busy season, I like home workouts in the morning.  Here’s why… when I workout from home, I save over 30 minutes in the commute along. I also workout in the AM. Do I want to to that?! Not always, but it ensures I get it done. You can expect that unexpected things will pop up during the day, which makes a workout later in the day less likely.


8. Home Cooked Meals –  I aim to cook at home a lot more during the holidays to offset a bit more meals out. There are a lot of “hidden” calories and sodium in even seemingly healthier meals at restaurants and quick options like Chick-Fil-A and sandwich shops, so this is a tip that makes a big impact.

9. Accountability/Support
  –  having an accountability partner helps keep you going and makes everything more enjoyable. Whether you have someone in your life to buddy up with during the holiday season or if you want to lean into the LG community, this will help keep you more consistent!

10. Have Realistic Expectations – I find that I navigate the holidays best when I set realistic goals for myself. I aim to lift 4 days per week. I set a goal of 60 minutes of cardio per week. I limit my drinks to 1-2 nights/week. That is realistic for me, so find a spot that is realistic for you… something that prioritizes your wellness while enjoying

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