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I beat the winter blues in the gym with some really good music (and by really good… I mean mostly inappropriate rap music lol). Today, I wanted to share my workout playlist that I’ve been listening to lately. I hope you find a song or two that you like just as much.

I am also spicing up this blog post by sharing a few random health and wellness items I have in my Amazon cart at the moment. Not sure if I am the only one who does this… throughout the week, I add items to my cart and then all of the sudden I realize I have 27 items totaling $685 – it’s the modern day window shopping, right?! I then get serious and place an order for the things we really need so here are a few I think I’m going to go for!



I tend to have a combination of 80% “new” and 20% “old yet new” songs on my playlist. For my workout playlists, I am also big on the beats per minute… I find the more upbeat the song is, the more I can elevate my mood and workout! Probably my favorite song on this playlist is False Alarm – it just always gets me pumped up for a workout. 

PLEASE leave song recommendations you have in the comments of this blog post! I always look for new ideas.

winter 2019 workout playlist for gym



Pump Up Workout Playlist + Headphone Review (this post includes a previous workout playlist as well as a very in depth review on the best headphones for your workout)



And to keep this post very LG, here are 5 health and wellness currently in my shopping cart…



I’ve been organizing my home and cabinets lately and it’s interesting to note which items cause the most chaos. While I would love to purchase an “organization system” for everything, I start with the items that seem to make things most messy. In my kitchen cabinets water bottles are a big one, so I think this unit will really help. Plus, I can add onto it!



I’m always looking for ways to help myself and my family drink more water. I love having a pitcher in the refrigerator for homemade iced teas or infused water concoctions. I was attracted to this one because of the great reviews, the different sizes available, and how it works with both hot and cold drinks. The cute design helps too.



I actually am debating between these two. For years, I’ve purchased THESE so I put them in my cart to reorder because we’ve lost several; I’ve always loved the variety of sizes – they seem to be all we ever need.. Buttt, then I saw THESE and I really like the locking system on them. I’ll let you know what I decide!



My love of weighted hip thrusts has me eyeing up this pink barbell pad. I don’t usually use these pads for squats: although I should try it out! I definitely need some padding for hip thrusts so my hip bones don’t bruise as I add challenging weight. I’ve made that mistake before!

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    Lizzie Alvergnat | Holistically Lizzie
    February 26, 2019 at 7:37 AM

    I’d like to get a water bottle organizer. I really need to clean up the clutter of water bottles in my kitchen. It’s om my must-haves list.

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