The LG Sister Spotlight is our weekly opportunity to connect as a community and get to know each other better. This week’s spotlight is on Jordan who was the ConfidenceKini Challenge week 3 sneaker giveaway winner. It’s amazing how many of us women have unique passions and hobbies (I love Jordan’s passion for Rodeo.. how cool!). Yet, we come together with a mutual love of becoming our best selves through health and fitness. Meet Jordan!

Name: Jordan Tibbitts 
IG handle: jt_tidbits
Age: 31
Location: Blackfoot, Idaho
Occupation: Housewife 
Hobbies: Barrel Racing, riding horses, mountain biking, baking, designing, spending time with family 
How did you first get started with your health and fitness journey?
I’ve always been active with riding horses but it wasn’t until my daughter (age 10) was born that I started working out. My first workout program was Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I bought it at Walmart for nine dollars, LOL! It was a great workout and I was able to loose the baby weight fairly quickly. I did the workouts for a couple years and then I realized that my body had become way to accustomed to them and had to switch it up. Since then I have done Beach Body, running, spin class and everything in between! Right now I am loving building some muscle with Lauren Gleisbergs 5 week challenge!
How do you motivate yourself when you’ve hit an obstacle?
I’m usually super motivated to workout because I have to stay fairly athletic to compete in rodeos. I have also found that exercise is a great way to calm my anxiety. I need exercise!! My biggest obstacle would definitely be food because I love to eat! Counting macros (though I regularly slip up) has been great for me because I like the control.
What does a balanced healthy lifestyle look like to you? 
I try to eat lots of healthy foods but I also want to enjoy time and meals with my family. I try not to deprive myself to much because I want to enjoy life! I push myself in my workouts but also recognize when my body needs a break. 
What is a simple “trick” you have that makes healthy living easier and enjoyable for you? 
I almost always do my workouts in the morning, that way there’s no chance of running out of time or energy!  Bonus, the mood lift and energy I get from a good workout!
How has the LG accountability community played a role in your success?
It has been great to have the support and knowledge of other women who are doing the same thing as you are. Things come up in life, there are definitely obstacles, but when you see other women’s obstacles and how they overcome them it is so inspiring!!
What advice would you share with a fellow LG sister looking to get happier and healthier?
You can do it!! If you can’t run then walk! Make little changes everyday and do what YOU can do! 
Favorite Quote: JUST DO IT!
Favorite Book: Scriptures
Favorite TV Show: Goldbergs 
Favorite Movie: Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere!
Favorite healthy food: Eggs (I eat them everyday!)
Favorite Treat: Cake! 
Favorite weekend activity: Rodeo 

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