Jess's 30×30 Workout Plan Progress

Real life women seeing real results! I am always inspired watching women really go for it in life. Whether that is getting an education, pursuing a passion, starting a family or simply committing to a workout plan – I just love to cheer women on and today, I couldn’t be happier to applaud Jess aka @rookierunninglife (IG) for all she accomplished following my original 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan.

I also really like to highlight LG Sisters in the community because 1. you are amazing and 2. this community is about way more than me. I don’t just like to share my progress and my experience as I am just one of the many, so today is all about Jess!

If you’ve been thinking about starting the brand new 30×30 workout plan, she will give you a serious kick in that beautiful booty of yours to go for it!


progress of woman's review of 30x30 fat loss shred

Jess Bettencourt / Instagram: @rookierunninglife

What initially attracted you to the 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan?
I was initially drawn to the 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan because I was getting bored with my exercises in the gym and wanted to see more results. The plan shook up my workout routine and made it possible for me to complete an intense workout in less than 30 minutes – without needing hardly any gym equipment! In under half an hour, I was sweating so much and breathing hard, you would think I just worked out for hours. LG makes these workouts super fast and effective, which is perfect for any girl who is always on-the-go and just wants to get in a good workout! Also, the cost was so reasonable that I knew even if I didn’t like it (which was definitely not the case), it was worth a try since the plan is very affordable.

What did you think after the Day 1 workout?
I’ll be honest, day 1 scared me – so many variations of push-ups, burpees, planks, ah! Then I saw the time break downs of one minute (or so) per exercise, and I thought, hey you can do anything for 60 seconds. So, I did – the first day was hard but I pushed myself in ways I didn’t think was possible. The way the exercises are broken down makes them digestible and doable – I was so proud of myself for completing day 1 and it led me to show up and crush day 2 the next day (and so forth)!
The 30×30 workouts are intense. What helped you push through the times when you perhaps wanted to stop short or skip a few reps?
Intense is the right word – phew! I think the time breakdown helped push me through each exercise – like hey, keep going, you only have a few more seconds. Or hey, in 20 minutes, you’ll be done with a killer workout and be feeling those post exercise endorphins. I also felt myself getting stronger with each few days so that helped push me to complete all 30 days! I loved the results I was seeing and it really helped me give my full effort during the short workouts.
I also had a killer playlist ready to go before each workout. It’s amazing that you only go through 6-8 songs or so, and before you know it, you’re done with your LG workout for the day!
In your opinion, how is the 30×30 plan different from other workouts?
LG30x30 is different from other plans because it incorporates a lot of your own body weight in quick, high intensity exercise circuits. Some days, I would workout from home, and at the time, I didn’t have a weight rack or many sets of dumbbells (I’ve since upgraded). But it was nice to know that all I needed was my body – squat jumps, planks, push-ups on a chair, etc. It was easy to do both at home and in the gym.
In addition to the format, the LG sisterhood is SO supportive. On days when I didn’t feel like getting in my workout, I would just scroll through the hashtag #LG30x30 or #LGsisters and see the LG community crushing their workouts – so I would too. Not only are you getting intense, quick workouts, but meeting awesome, strong women with similar interests and goals along the way!
Tell us about your physical results. What did you notice?
I got some of the best results I ever have on ANY program – and LG30x30 took the shortest amount of time (and less cardio) than anything else I have tried! I noticed I became leaner and more sculpted, especially in my thighs and stomach area. I developed muscle in areas where before, I really had to flex to see results (like my biceps and my abdominal area). I also found myself lifting slightly heavier when I returned to the weight rack – even though during the 30 days, I was only using my body weight. I was surprised with the results because I never thought that 30 minute workouts would have the capacity to sculpt my body and make me stronger the way it did – goodbye to the days of long, boring cardio sessions!
Now, more importantly, how did the plan make you feel after the 30 days? Inner results!
Inner results were the most important to me after completing LG30x30. I felt SO much more energy – no extra caffeine needed. I was ready to tackle any challenge put in front of me – not just in fitness, but also at work during a very busy time. I was overall a happier, more confident person and this part really does trickle into all aspects of life. If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.
Do you have any advice for someone thinking about trying the 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan?
When starting the program, it’s easy to get intimidated, or say it’s too hard and want to give up. Just try to get through each exercise by the seconds. Say to yourself, OK, only 20 more seconds. Then repeat until you’re done with the circuit. Then show up the next day and give it your all, all over again. You will be surprised at how fast the time flies by and the 30 days are up – the days will go by anyway, so you might as well make them count! Some days are harder than others, but if you show up, the results will come.
I can’t wait for the new 30×30 program to challenge myself all over again and see results just like I did with the first edition. Thank you LG for this new style of intense, effective exercise!

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