Avre Infinity Glide Sneaker Review (Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Shoes)

With a mission of “don’t waste, wear it,” it’s hard not to love this brand Avre and their sustainable sneakers. The chic look of these sneakers first caught my eye. When I learned about the brand’s mission, my love grew deeper. I then wondered, “would I actually like the fit, feel and functionality?!” Find out in my in depth sneaker review of the Avre Infinity Glide sneakers below.

AVRE SNEAKERS: a little bit about the brand + the sneakers I have

Avre is a shoe brand aimed at creating sustainable yet fashionable shoes and empowering women to leave an eco-concious footprint. They donate 10% of proceeds to Oceana and Girls in Tech. Personally, I loved the brand’s mission, so I wanted to support and try out some of their sneakers.
HERE is the website; the exact pair I got is called the Infinity Glide (the brand generously offered 20% off to the LG Community with the code LGA20)


You know me by now… I’m the girl who reads 64 Amazon reviews prior to purchasing a $6 item. I’m a smart shopper. Of course, I love a good deal, but more importantly, I like to make smart purchases by putting my money where I see it being worthwhile and beneficial, so here is my thorough review of the Avre sneakers.
Like I said, I fell in love with this brand’s mission. There is a cool graphic on the about section of the website showing how Avre creates these recycled sneakers They wash and chop P.E.T. plastics into tiny flakes. The flakes are melted down and formed into chips. These chips are then reformulated and spun into yarn, making up the shoes. It’s pretty incredible and just knowing the impact the shoes had on the environment, made them a win before they even hit my feet.
When I put them on, here’s what I thought…



  • Sock-Like Feel: I love a sneaker that I can slide right into. Thesee are no lace sneakers that fit and feel like a sock. They are comfortable and fit my foot well without being too loose or too tight – usually without laces it’s one way or the other but these fit like a glove (or sock lol)
  • Support: for me, the standout fit feature was the support. I feel the arch and heel support is substantial, making them a great option for longer wear.
  • Comfort: they are a shoe you could easily wear all day and find comfortable.
  • Chic Appearance: I’ll be the first to admit I buy shoes for the “cute factor” and then I determine how much and when I wear them. The look of these shoes is 10/10


  • Moisture Wicking: I’ve worked out outside in 100 degree Houston, Texas heat in these and was very impressed by how my feet were able to breathe and how these shoes wicked away sweat.
  • Solid Base: when I weight train, I personally like shoes that have a solid base, making me feel like I’m glued to the floor so that I can complete athletic movements. These are exactly that. I love that these feel like a substantial yet are a lightweight option so that I can lift, jump, etc.
  • All Day Wear: I spend a lot of time in sneakers… I’ll throw on my workout outfit in the morning, workout in the afternoon and then run errands after. For my feet to feel good at the end of a day says a lot about a shoe, and I am confident in saying these are great for all day wear.


  • Price: at $145 these are on the pricier side of sneakers. In my opinion, they’re worth the buy and because of the eco-friendly mission, I feel that this is a good place to put my money just something to note
  • Running: when I test out a sneaker, I do just about every type of workout in them. I loved these sneakers for walking, lifting, jumping, tennis, etc. but I would choose a different option for long distance running.
  • Sizing: I am normally a size 9 in just about every sneaker I purchase. The brand recommends purchasing these 1/2 size smaller than what you usually wear. I have these in an 8.5 and they fit perfectly.


Would I recommend these to my best friend and this community? Yes! I would 100% recommend them to my best friend, my sister, my mom and all of you.
You can’t talk about this brand without mentioning their positive mission of creating recycled threads used in creating their shoes and how their work and products decrease waste in landfills, protect the oceans and reduce our carbon footprint. I strive to support more brands like this.
Overall, I would pick these sneakers time and time again for the chic, unique sneaker look. They are incredibly comfortable, supportive and feel good on your feet, making them a great option for all day wear.
There are lots of color options in this specific style, and I’m definitely going to be checking out other styles from the brand.


Avre very generously offered the LG Community 20% OFF (code: LGA20)

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