2017 Fitness Calendar Challenge + New Year Ebook Sale

During the Fitmas Challenge, we developed healthy habits and a solid foundation of training. Now we are ready to move on to an advanced plan and a fun switch up! I’m totally up for workouts that are different each day. Anyone else?!

Within this calendar challenge, we will use the LG ebook plans for our daily workout…. you will need the Weight Training Plans (home or gym version) for the weighted workout days and the 30×30 Fat Loss plan for the other days. The calendar will serve as a guide to help us choose our workout of the day.

For those of you who already have the LG workout ebook programs, this is a perfect way to reuse them in a brand new way. If you don’t yet have them, now is the perfect time to scoop them up and to take advantage of the NEW YEAR EBOOK SALE! (find it below)

The best part is that after this calendar, you can use the programs as they were written… now that’s what I call a twofer ((two for one ;))

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can use the calendar below to plan ahead for your workout and choose your workout of the day
  • You will find the corresponding workouts in 30×30 Fat Loss Shred and the Weight Training Plan (home) / Weight Training Plan (gym)
  • During the week, you can look forward to fun content like delish recipes, training tips, healthy eating tricks, videos, and lifestyle content too



Weight Training Plans (home + gym): choose these workouts when you’re up for traditional weight training and cardio workouts (40-45min) and looking to sculpt a fit and lean body with muscle definition

30×30 Fat Loss Shred: choose these workouts when you’re up for a quicker (30 min) but very intense workout that will help you sculpt and shred with weights, plyometrics, body weight resistance, HIIT and LISS

*Photo demonstrations of every exercises are found in each ebook

Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan: This meal plan ups your results, teaching you how to eat in a way to see physical results through food alone! This lifestyle eating plan is enjoyable, effective and maintainable. Enjoy 150+ delicious recipes and a lifetime meal plan membership to receive all future cookbooks and meal plan updates for free!



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