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High Protein Chai Tea Latte

Course Drinks
Servings 1 serving


  • 1 chai tea bag
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1 serving collagen
  • 2/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • Liquid stevia to taste


  • Microwave the water until boiling (~1 min in my micro); you can also boil on the stove
  • Add the chai bag and let steep for 5-10 mins (10min is a strong chai flavor; my preference)
  • Microwave or warm on the stove the almond milk in a large cup or saucepan until hot but NOT boiling (~30-45 sec in my micro)
  • Add collagen into almond milk + use a handheld milk frother (be sure you have a large cup bc frothing will make foam
  • Remove the chai from the water and combine milk and tea
  • Add in sweetener and froth again