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How to Grow vs How to Shrink Your Butt

Some of us are interested in how to grow the butt. Others of us are learning how to shrink the butt. Many of us are looking to lift, tighten and sculpt the butt. Whatever your glute goals are, I am going to help teach you how to reach them!

how to grow and shrink your butt



  • how we build muscle and lose fat
  • how to grow your butt
  • how to shrink your butt
  • why you need to also focus on food



First things first, in order to reach our goals of growing or shrinking our butt, we need to understand the underlying processes: muscle hypertrophy and fat loss


MUSCLE HYPERTROPHY: in order for us to gain muscles, we need to break down our muscle cells. Seems odd, right?! During our workouts, we can achieve muscle breakdown… the muscle fibers are literally “damaged” during exercise. Then, through proper rest and with good nutrition, those muscles recover, building back up bigger and stronger. This is how we see “results.”

One important thing to note… muscle breakdown doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of effort. It requires heavy lifting and progressive training, so be sure your workout plan takes that into consideration!


FAT LOSS: fat gain and fat loss are systemic processes. The greatest take away is that we cannot pick and choose where these processes occur. For example, we can’t gain weight and say “put this weight on my boobs” haha – I wish. Similarly, we cannot spot target or pick where we lose fat. It happens overall throughout the body. Typically, the first places we gain are the last places we lose. This is important to remember when wanting to “shrink the butt.” 



Growing your glutes is a challenge because putting on muscle is a challenge. BUT, it is possible, especially through weight training. Just like with any other muscle group, we must focus on muscle hypertrophy in order to increase muscle mass on that backside. Here’s what I’ve found to work.


GLUTE PRE-EXHAUST: you know this is one of my signature training styles and something I include in the new Fall Challenge and many of my plans because it ignites those glutes. The idea of a glute pre-exhaust is that you begin your workout with a few glute isolated exercises like cable kickbacks or donkey kicks or glute bridges. The exact exercises aren’t as important as is feeling the movement and getting those glutes fired up. Then, you begin your regular leg workout. Because the glutes are already “exhausted” they are forced to work even harder in the leg workout. I find this very effective for making a leg day glute focused.

TRADITIONAL POWERLIFTING EXERCISES: this one came through a lot of trial and error in my personal journey. If you want to grow your glutes, stick to the staples like squats and deadlifts! For a long time, I did all sorts of step ups, curtsy lunges and cool-looking glute exercises I saw on Instagram (those are great but have their time and place!). The traditional powerlifting exercises are ones that target the legs and glutes so intensely that other exercises don’t seem to compare. For this reason, when I’m focused on growing my glutes, I always include squats and deadlifts (or some variation) in every leg workout.

HEAVIER LIFTING: especially with those traditional powerlifting exercises, challenge yourself with weight. The idea here is that we are always progressively training to see results. Progressive training is about doing something just a little bit “more” than the previous workout. While there are many ways to progressively train, in this example, we would be increasing the weight just a little bit week to week. This extra challenge helps grow those glutes.



Verrrrry few of any of us have too much muscle on our butts. The “issue” in wanting to shrink our butts is not that we need to do less weight training rather we need to tighten up our nutrition. A combination of reducing body fat through food and adding in strategic butt training approaches will do the trick!


FOCUS ON OVERALL BODY FAT REDUCTION: okay, so spot targeting is a complete fitness myth (despite what magazines/marketing attempt to “teach” us – grrrr). Spot targeting is the idea that we can pick and choose where we lose body fat. For example, ab exercises will NOT decrease belly fat. Exercise can only increase muscle mass not directly decrease fat. So, we can’t do a particular butt exercise to shrink the glutes. 

What we can do, however, is focus on decreasing overall body fat to eventually blast fat on that booty. We do this through healthy eating and exercise. If this is your goal, stick to your healthy lifestyle in the gym and in the kitchen. I will share that from personal experience… this goal is reached much more effectively through the work you do with nutrition. 


PLYOMETRICS/CARDIO/RUNNING: this is a personal tip from my training… I don’t know the science behind this (or if there even is any), but when I add in cardio… more specifically running into my routine, my butt seems to look its best. I’m not a huge runner so don’t overwhelm yourself here. A light jog or even a run/walk mixture will make for a great addition to your regimen. Also, plyometrics which many of my plans have do a great job at sculpting the butt.



Truth is that training is just half of the equation and how we eat determines if we will reach our goals or not. If you’re looking to grow your glutes, it’s important to focus on eating enough “good stuff” to facilitate muscle recovery – like protein. If you’re looking to shrink your butt, portion control and the macro combinations of each meal plays a part. 

I cannot emphasize enough how much my Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan has helped me see results. It’s the difference between struggling to see results and seeing results naturally. I highly recommend it if you’ve been feeling stuck with food and/or your results. 


Get the brand new Glute Guide for effective training to sculpt your butt

lauren gleisberg's glute guide



Combining the Glute Guide with Your Training (Glute Goals!)

Glutes/Booty/Butt it’s always on my goal list when it comes to training. I recently shared that I was going to be switching up my workouts to include more glute work. This past year, I released the Glute Guide. It’s a 5 week plan designed to sculpt, tighten and lift the booty muscles; the best part is that you can use it on it’s own or combine it with another plan. I’m going to be combining it with my current training.


This past weekend, when I shared that I would be doing workouts from the Glute Guide, I was flooded with messages asking to share more on how exactly I’m going about that so I thought it would be best to do a blog post with the details.

I’ll include 2 main points in this post

1) how I’m tweaking the Glute Guide to combine it with my regular workouts

2) 4 highly effective isolated glute exercises that are my favorite from the plan



Every week, I’m adding in a bit more glute workout, so I broke down my approach by week. I also haven’t thought much past 4 weeks because in about a month, I’m going to switch up my training again!

In the Glute Guide, the workouts are divided into 4 types of workouts: glute accessory, isolated glutes, plyometrics and lower body strength. As I add them into my training, I’m simply picking and choosing which workouts I’m doing instead of following week 1 for week 1 and week 2 for week 2. Have fun with it and select the ones seem most fun to you.

NOTE: I refer to “normal training” which just means my current workouts. I’m following the Spring Calendar Workout Plan and doing those workouts for total body training.


Week 1: normal training + 2 glute accessory workouts (complete 1 on leg day and 1 on any other day of the week)

Week 2: normal training + 1 glute accessory workout (complete at the end of leg day) & 1 isolated glute workout (add this at the end of another workout or swap for a different workout); goal is 2 leg workouts in 1 week

Week 3: normal training + 1 plyometric workout (completed at the end of leg day) & 1 isolate glute workout (add this at the end of another workout or swap for a different workout)

Week 4: normal training + 1 plyometric workout (completed at the end of leg day) & & 1 isolated glute workout (add this at the end of another workout or swap for a different workout)



Below are 4 exercises that I find to be the most effective at isolating and working the glute muscles. These 4 exercies are ones I include in the Glute Guide; they can be done before a leg workout (pre-exhaust technique), incorporated in a lower body workout, or completed after a workout for a glute burn out. I find a combination of those approaches best, which is why I laid the Glute Guide out how I did.



This is certainly an awkward one to do in the gym but if you can get past that, you’ll end up loving these. They target the glutes in a way that a typical glute bridge doesn’t. I love doing really high reps with these!

frog pumps butt exercise lauren gleisberg
frog pumps butt exercise lauren gleisberg



With this exercise, I create a challenge by adding weight. I’ll use a band (like pictures) or more often, I’ll place a barbell with added weights on my hips and complete the reps.

lauren gleisberg doing a hip thrust exercise



This is an exercise I’m sure you’ve completed before. It would likely be on many people’s “top glute exercise” list because it’s effective. I like to do body weight versions and added resistance with a band or cable. I also love that you can play with the angle to hit the glutes differently (on the ground like pictures or standing and leaning forward)

lauren gleisberg doing a glute kickback
glute kickbacks butt exercise lauren gleisberg



Just like hip thrusts, I like that good mornings allow you to add heavier weight to increase the challenge of the exercises. I like increasing weight with each set when I complete good mornings.

lauren gleisberg doing a good morning exercise
lauren gleisberg doing a good morning exercise



lauren gleisberg glute guide about

Glutes & Plyometrics | Lower Body & Cardio Workout

Day 13 of the Spring Workout Calendar Plan and this leg workout is definitely going to challenge you. It combines glute isolating moves, compound leg exercises and plyometrics to work the entire lower body and challenge your cardio endurance. Take rests when needed because I definitely needed to!


Also, if you’re struggling with that lost hour of sleep and a bit of an off schedule, I have 3 things to help you with that today…



1. FOCUS ON PROTEIN: even a slight time change can affect our appetites. Protein is the macronutrient most responsible for satiety aka the full feeling. Protein will help provide steady energy and can help curb cravings.

2. SCREEN-FREE BEDTIME: instead of watching TV or scrolling on the phone before bed, opt for something else like a book .

3. REDUCE CAFFEINE MID-DAY: I get you… I drank an extra cup of coffee too on Sunday but that’s not exactly the best approach. It’s reported that the half life of caffeine is about 6 hours and even though we think “oh it doesn’t affect my sleep,” it can actually prevent us from getting into deep sleep. After mid-day/early afternoon, stop the caffeinated beverages.


Here is today’s workout…


lauren gleisberg doing a leg and butt workout



If you’re looking for a workout plan that focuses on getting fit and shedding fat through quick, effective workouts, download the free calendar and follow along HERE

spring break workout calendar plan

Legs + Butt Workout

This leg and butt workout is fast paced and challenging. Also, I’m in a fun, energetic mood today and I wanted to add something fun to this post. At the end of your workout, take some time to stretch and as you do, feel free to read my Friday Five aka 5 random thoughts/things I’m sharing haha.


Friday Five


Time management has always been on my radar but when I became a mom, I had to get serious about it.

Who’s heard of this “Miracle Cube” – am I the last person on the planet who just bought it?! Whether I set it for 15 minutes of straightening up or doing 1 hour of emails, it’s helped me become an efficiency machine!

I feel like I should dedicate a blog post to this thing it’s helped me that much.


Pinterest has always been the most enjoyable social media platform to me. There’s no competition/comparing… it’s all just fun and fantasy.

“Your dream house board looks more beautiful than my dream house pins. I’m going to go pin some amazign stuff.” haha no. It’s just such a fun platform.

You can follow my account here

My favorite pin of the week was seeing someone frame their wifi password for guests. I asked our LG graphic designer, Christina to put together a cute template for a 4×6 and 5×7 frame where we can all download, put in our password and print. I’ll share that soon!

lauren gleisberg wifi password in a frame


Speaking of Pinterest, I am a quote-aholic especially on there. After seeign this quote, I keep replaying it in my head. Nobody knows what is best for you more than you so focus more on listening to your own voice.


I am so late to the PopSocket game as well but I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon. I don’t keep up with the latest iPhone and mine was so old that it was constantly glitching. As soon as I couldn’t Insta story anymore, I ran to Verizon to upgrade haha.

I ended up getting the iPhone 8 Plus (a lot of you recommended the 8 over the X) but I got a popsocket to hold it better and I’m obsessed. Plus, they’re only $10!


How’s that for a random #5. I’ve been buying rotisserie chicken every week at the grocery store and it’s speeding up my meal prep like you wouldn’t believe. Many recipes I make call for cooked chicken, so I’ll just add in rotisserie chicken and it takes the hands on prep from like 30 minutes to 12.

My grocery store even sells rotisserie chicken that has already been taken off to make it even easier. I mean I guess we live in a world where groceries are now delivered to your door so I guess using precooked chicken isn’t that crazy lol.

That was fun. Okay, here is today’s workout…

lauren gleisberg legs and butt workout


If you’re looking for a workout plan that focuses on getting fit and shedding fat through quick, effective workouts, download the free calendar and follow along HERE

spring break workout calendar plan

FITMAS CHALLENGE: Legs + Glutes (W5D1)

It’s the last week of the Fitmas Challenge which also happens to be the week leading up to Christmas. I’m sure for many of us this week will bring a whole lot of… everything! A lot of finishing up work, shopping, cooking, socializing, preparing for festivities, etc.

All of that will be a lot more enjoyable if we focus on ourselves first. You can only pour from a cup that is full… don’t forget that! I encourage you to take time to workout each day this week. Use it at 30-45mins to clear your mind and put yourself/your health first. 


[ ] Blog Workout: Legs + Glutes



Fitmas Challenge: Legs (W2D2)

A traditional leg day workout featuring my signature glute activation followed by a lower body weight training workout. If you want to activate the glute muscles, it’s very important to warm them up.

In this workout, you will see we do 3 exercises with body weight/light weight resistance and high reps to engage the glute muscles. The lower body workout will utilize weights to work the leg and butt muscles. Be sure to go heavy and challenge yourself with weight in that lower body workout.


[ ] Blog Workout: legs


Freezer dump meals are my new thing! You literally prep for a few mins, freeze and dump into a crockpot for a delicious meal. This pot roast is perfect for the cooler weather.

Fitmas Challenge: Leg + Glute Circuit Workout (W1D1)

Welcome to your very first Fitmas Challenge workout. I wanted today’s workout to be one that really pushed you… muscle burning and cardiovascular-ly challenging. Keep those rest times short for one intense lower body workout.


[ ] Blog Workout: legs + glutes

[ ] Video Workout Plan: glute workout


lauren gleisberg teaching women how to deadlift

I’m talking about the 3 best tips I have to see great results during this Fitmas Challenge (no, it’s not the typical “set your workout clothes out the night prior type of tips hehe). I hope these really help you!

Legs and Butt Workout

You’ve seen this workout structure before because it guarantees a booty burn! 20 squat jumps between all the leg exercises is what we’ve got going today.



My Training Recommendation: complete the glute guide workout and omit today’s blog workout


  • Complete each exercise 3x through before moving on
  • Complete 1 set of 30 reps of squat jumps in between each exercise
  • Intensity Increase Option: complete 2 sets of 20 reps of squat jumps


MORNING VIEW – an ordinary view has all the power to make us smile; it’s just our perspective. What morning view are you seeing that is putting a smile on your face? #LGFallChallenge #LGSmileMore


Sassy Post Week continues. It’s Day 2 and I’m dishing on what I really think about sponsored posts! Plus, I am sharing on how it all works… how Instagram accounts set up sponsored posts, what you can really make from it, etc.


At any time, you can upgrade to the Challenge Premium Pack or Bundle (+meal plan) and instantly receive the exclusives including the early access link to your weekly workouts and the meal menus!

join lauren gleisberg and her fall challenge with the premium challenge pack



This week’s leg workout intensity comes from 4 supersets. A superset is a technique I incorporate to ensure muscle fatigue. One of the ways I like to include supersets is by combining a weighted exercise with one that also challenges us cardiovasularly.

These types of workouts leave my legs burning and my entire body sweating. Soooo, after the workout you’ll be needing the dry shampoo I’m product reviewing in today’s blog post haha #NotSponsoredJustReallyLoveIt

I hope you can handle this after yesterday’s 800 rep challenge workout. I’m so sorry for that but I promise you it will all be worth it!



My Training Recommendation: complete the glute guide workout instead of today’s blog workout; focus on increasing strength this week 

lauren gleisberg doing her leg and glute weight training workout


  • This workout consists of 4 supersets; a superset is 2 movements completed back to back with no rest in between
  • For all unilateral movements (ex: single leg deadlifts), the suggested rep range is to be completed on each side (ex: 10 reps on the left, 10 reps on the right)
  • Intensity Increase Option: add an addition 3-5 reps of pulses at the end of each set


AN OLD PHOTO/MEMORY THAT MAKES YOU SMILE – looking back on fond memories always puts a smile on my face. What’s one that makes you grin? Share it with us! #LGFallChallenge


lauren gleisberg living proof dry shampoo review

Hands down the best dry shampoo I’ve found + my 2 minute messy bun tutorial!


At any time, you can upgrade to the Challenge Premium Pack or Bundle (+meal plan) and instantly receive the exclusives including the early access link to your weekly workouts and the meal menus!

join lauren gleisberg and her fall challenge with the premium challenge pack


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