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30 Minute Circuit Workout (+3 reasons why I love short workouts)

This is one of my favorite workouts from the new 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan (this one). If you’re following along with the community – we are currently on Day 11. I am going to screenshot the workout and include it here because that’s truly how much I enjoyed it. 

This workout in particular I liked because of how tight it left me feeling. I realize as I’m typing this that is kind of an odd thing to like about the workout haha. Allow me to explain. You know when you’re lifting and let’s say you’re doing an arm workout… your biceps are pumped up and you feel so strong. I love that! Typically, on a cardio/ab type of day, I don’t get that sort of strong and empowered feeling BUT this workout totally gave me that. My core felt so tight and strong. I was sweating. Such a great workout! I hope you love it as much as I did.

Okay, if you scroll down a bit I’m going to share 3 reasons why I’m currently loving shorter workouts.

30 minute circuit workout



This one is totally mental. Then again, isn’t life a total mind game. When you master your mind, you master your life… I’m still working on that haha but for now, I’ll master my workouts. Okay, so with shorter workouts, I feel like I am so much more focused and therefore, the quality of my workouts increase.

Because these workouts are timed, I know they won’t exceed 30 minutes. My thought process prior to these workouts is like: “okay, it’s only 30 minutes… put your phone in your back, don’t think about what happened at work and just get to working out.” 


I am constantly pushing to keep my workouts different. It’s good for the body. It’s good for the mind. There’s nothing more boring in life than doing the same thing over and over.

Okay, now I’m laughing because since I’ve been 12 years old, peanut butter on toast or an English muffin has been something I’ve eaten as part of my breakfast haha. BUT… with most other things (like workouts!), I can’t do the same thing for too long.

30 minute workouts are just different. And sometimes, different feels good!


Kind of funny, I know but when I know my workout will only be 30 minutes, I actually complete it. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this list, life is a mind game. When it’s 530 AM and I’m committing to a morning workout or if it’s 6 pm and I’ve had a long work day yet still need to go to the gym… the thought of getting in a 30 minute workout feels so much more feasible. 

Don’t get me wrong… very often, I’m motivated enough to tackle a workout that is 45 minutes or more. The time at the gym seems to fly by BUT there are definitely days when a short workout happens simply because it was a short workout. And, something is better than nothing! You know?!

FITMAS CHALLENGE: Biceps + Triceps (W5D3)

This workout is amazing! No, that’s not a typo hehe. This workout combines arms, abs and cardio for a lift that leaves you feeling so tight and strong. All of the exercises build on one another so you’re working similar muscle groups through each of the 3 movements per circuit. This leads to greater muscle fatigue and an overall good workout!


[ ] Blog Workout: strong arms circuit workout

lauren gleisberg doing an arm weight training workout for women



I’m sharing a peek at some of the exciting things coming out in 2018!

Fitmas Challenge: Cardio + Core (W3D3)

Here’s a little hump day cardio and core to get you through the half way point. How is your week going? I am suggesting this workout today as well as any day you may need a little extra kick in the rear. When I completed it, I felt energized without feeling like I had to give a ton of effort to my workout.


[ ] Blog Workout: cardio + core


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Fitmas Challenge: Chest + Triceps (W2D1)

Week 2 Day 1 – it’s a new week and the perfect opportunity to jump right back into the swing of things. After a Thanksgiving celebration, you may feel you need to “make up” for any extra eating or missed workout but I want you to shake that mindset right now.

This is a lifestyle… our lifestyle. One bad day or one bad week will not make or break you just like one good day or one good week won’t give you instant results. Today, workout because you love it and you love the way it makes you feel. 

This chest and triceps workout is fast paced. I love the combination of the weighted exercises with bodyweight resistance moves and some cardio tossed in there. 


[ ] Blog Workout: chest + triceps

[ ] Video Workout Plan: triceps workout video

lauren gleisberg doing an upper body workout for women


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Combine weight training with body weight resistance to get one effective circuit style workout. Today’s workout will be harder than it looks! I feel like that’s a common theme with my workouts haha.

WEIGHT TRAINING + BODY WEIGHT: I’ve been adding in more body weight resistance training combined with weighted movements. I like to superset these types of exercises or throw them into a circuit to focus on muscle fatigue. Speaking of common themes… muscle fatigue is something I’m stressing lately because that’s how we see results. We must increase the time under tension in order to grow those muscles. This style is seeming very effective at achieving that goal.

CIRCUIT STYLE: an upper body favorite training style to work both the muscles and endurance. It turns any workout into a sweaty, calorie-burning lift. 

I’ll let you get to the workout now! Have a great Friday… I really hope you enjoy this one!


lauren gleisberg curling a dumbbell

lauren gleisberg doing her weight training workout


My Training Recommendation: complete 1 round of each arm circuit and the complete isolated glute + cardio workout

lauren gleisberg arm and abs circuit workout


  • This workout consists of 3 circuits; complete 3 rounds of each circuit before moving onto the next
  • Intensity Increase Option: complete 5 rounds instead of 3


SOMETHING UNEXPECTED THAT MADE YOU SMILE – what out of the ordinary happened today that put a smile on your face? Share it with us! #LGFallChallenge


lauren gleisberg fitness community

Friday’s are for community! Take a few minutes and read today’s LG Sister Spotlight to meet Sarah!


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“All my co-workers have been commenting on my fit arms lately and it’s thanks to those LG Lady Guns workouts” – I just recieved that in an email before writing this blog post. Naturally, I thought it was perfect to add to this intro because I hear it all of the time.

While we are focusing on our glutes during this challenge, don’t think I’ve forgotten about all the other muscle groups. One of my specialities is sculpting those fit arms with visible muscle definition. I help all of us achieve that through designated arm days, ensuring we are working those muscles deeply enough like in today’s workout.

lauren gleisberg exercising with a biceps, triceps and ab workout

lauren gleisberg completing an arms and abs circuit workout


  • This is a circuit style workout with 3 circuits; complete 3 rounds of a given circuit before moving onto the next.
  • For an added challenge, complete up to 5 rounds of each circuit
  • For an extra added challenge, after each ab movement, include 30 seconds of cardio (ex: high knees, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc.)


“A VIEW THAT MAKES YOU SMILE” – what view are you taking in today that puts a smile on your face?

-TODAY’S BLOG POST-lauren gleisberg explaining how to lose fat and get fit with spot targeting

Have you ever wondered if and how you can lose fat in your stomach, slim your arms or lift your butt?! That is called spot targeting and in today’s post, I’m teaching you how to achieve that!


At any time, you can upgrade to the Challenge Premium Pack or Bundle (+meal plan) and instantly receive the exclusives including the early access link to your weekly workouts and the meal menus!
join lauren gleisberg and her fall challenge with the premium challenge pack


All you’ll need for this workout is a bench! Be sure to bring the intensity because while this circuit is short, it’s challenging! Your abs will be burning. The cardio will kick your booty. BUT, it’s all worth it!

lauren gleisberg doing an ab and cardio circuit workout


Yesterday, I wrote THIS post on 6 Super Simple Ways I Motivate Myself to Workout. One thing I totally forgot to mention is another tip I have on easing back into a fitness routine when you’ve taken time away. Because…. we’ve all been there. 

It may be a week away for vacation, a few days off when life gets hectic or you may not even be able to remember the last time you saw a gym… ease back in with a short workout. The thought of spending an hour or more at a gym will likely keep you from going when you’re low on motivation. So, just commit to a 20 minute workout.

The workout I’m sharing today is one you can complete in 20 minutes! It’s also so intense, I didn’t want to do more than 20 minutes lol. I’m a big believer in the quality of a workout over the length of time!



30 seconds: scissor kicks + butt ups

30 seconds: bench hop overs

1 minute: complete rest

30 seconds: knee in + outs

30 seconds: step up hops

1 minute: complete rest

30 seconds: decline toe taps

30 seconds: incline mountain climbers

1 minutes: complete rest

…complete 3 total rounds

I hope you like this circuit. I think I’m going to start sharing more workouts of varying lengths. AND, eventually, my OCD-loving self would love to organize workouts on my website not only by targeted muscle but also by the length of time. For example: 20 mins, 30, mins, 45 mins, 1 hour. Would you find that helpful? Let me know in the comments! Any other way you’d like to see them arranged??


If you’re following the Calendar Fitness Plan, here’s today’s workout! I wanted to keep with the training style of the calendar in combining weights with cardio. Today’s circuit will challenge your endurance and muscles!

Y’all… this Wisconsin girl turned Texan is going through her first hurricane. What a hurricane to experience! Hurricane Harvey is absolutely devastating south.

We live in a suburb about 1 hour north of Houston. We had plenty of time to prepare, stocking up on food, water and supplies (which we did! Thankfully!). We knew our obstacle wouldn’t be the hurricane itself, rather the tropical storm and flooding in the days following Harvey making landfall.

We are currently safe and dry. We have no suggestions to evacuate, rather advice to stay put and inside. The land and roads around our neighborhood are flooded as the creeks are at maximum capacity and spilling over. I get knots in my stomach watching the water slowly creep across the roads and towards the homes, especially hearing we are to get another 20+ inches of rain.

Our impact is nothing compared to so many others! I’ve been glued to the television news coverage. One thing is for sure… it’s amazing how people are coming out to help complete strangers. Even our neighbors are all checking on one another, giving updates via social media and helping with small needs. 

I really appreciate all your thoughts and messages. We are doing well and are praying for those who aren’t as lucky as we are!

Join in on the Calendar Fitness Plan…

workout fitness plan for summer by blogger lauren Gleisberg




1. Download the Calendar – click the download here link (don’t just save the picture; the PDF will provide a clearer image)

2. Save – I suggest saving a copy to your phone (I like to copy it to iBooks) and printing another (I’m old school and love a hard copy lol, anyone else?!)

3. Have Your Plans Ready – the calendar uses both the LG Sisters Get Strong & 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plans with a few new workouts I’ll post on the blog. Break out those plans if you already have them and if not, snag them while they’re on sale!

4. Follow Along Day by Day – each day, check the calendar and do the suggested workout from either the ebook guides or the new workout right here on the blog. It’s that easy! Well, that easy to follow along… the workouts are another story lol.  



Who doesn’t get sick of cardio from time to time?! If you’re not feeling your workouts, it’s not you! A lot of people think that when they lack motivation, it’s “their fault.” Sometimes, all it takes is switching up your workouts to jump back in.

That was totally me yesterday! I wanted to do a cardio workout but wasn’t feeling the gym or a traditional walk/run type of cardio.

My husband, Anthony and I went to a park nearby with a walking trail. Instead of doing the trail in a standard way, I found a section that I could use to complete all sorts of glute emphasized/cardio movements.

If you’re looking for a switch up workout this week, I highly suggest you try this one.



To Do: Before beginning this workout, find a portion of a trail you’ll be using that is about 100 meters. If you don’t have a trail, you can use any street, parking lot or track

^when I reference a “set” below: 1 set = 100 meters back and forth (=200 meters total)

^if you don’t want to measure in distance you can do 1 set = 1 minute

Warm Up:

3 sets – Jog


1 set – Long Jumps

1 set – Karaoke 

1 set – High Knees

1 set – But Kicks

1 set – Power Skipping

1 set – Walking Lunges

…repeat HIIT section 4-6x

Cool Down:

3 sets – Jog 



Outdoor Leg + Cardio Workout

I always love a switch up, so today that’s what I’m sharing with you. The scheduled workout of the day is legs as part of the Weight Training Plan 2.o/Summer Challenge. Buttt, if you’re looking for a little something different, I have an alternative workout you can try today!

My sweet little Leo turned 1 month old on Friday (half of my heart wants him to stay little forever and the other half loves watching him grow). I decided this is the week that I am going to ease back into workouts.

My husband, Anthony and I are celebrating 2 years of marriage today, so my mom came over to watch the baby and we headed out for our day date… brunch at our favorite place and a workout outside. I had Anthony record clips of my workout so that I could share it with you.



3 sets, 30 reps – Kettlebell Swings

3 sets, 20 reps – Split Squats + Kickback (20 reps each side)

3 sets, 20 reps – Stair Squat Hops

3 sets, 10 reps – KB Walking Lunges (10 steps each side)

3 sets, 30 reps – Step Up Hops (30 reps each side)

3 sets, 20 reps – Calf Raises

*Personally, I tried to take as little rest in between sets as possible


Kettlebell Swings: begin with your legs wider than shoulder width apart and your knees bent, sitting slightly back into the start of a squat position. Reach down with both hands to grab a dumbbell and let it hang straight down in front of you. Use your glutes (important!) to fuel this movement. Squeeze your butt and thrust your hips forward as you move the kettlebell from down in front of you to straight out at shoulder level. Keep your chest high.

Elevated Split Squats + Kickback: place your front foot slightly elevated on some sort of step. Transfer your weight to that front foot as your back leg comes up into a glute kickback. Don’t use momentum… preform this movement slow and controlled allowing that glute to do the work in the kickback. Bring that back leg down to the ground, dropping into a lunge/split squat position and repeat.

Stair Squat Hops: on a series of steps, sit back and down into a squat. Slowly and carefully hop up to the next step staying in that squat position. If you only have a few steps (like I do), briskly jog down the steps to repeat.

KB Walking Lunges: perform walking lunges as you normally would but to increase the challenge, with every lunge, transfer the kettlebell from your right hand to your left hand (and vice versa). Make this kettelbell transfer between your legs as you lunge forward.

Step Up Hops: Place one foot on a step and very quickly, drive the knee on the opposite leg up as you hop off of the step. Repeat. I find it’s key with this movement to develop a rhythm and use your arms to drive yourself up.

Calf Raises: Find a step or if you don’t have one, you can perform this movement on a flat surface but a step will increase the challenge. Stand only with the balls of your feet on the step and raise to your tippy toes. My personal tip is that I like to hold this movement for one to two seconds at the top to really engage the calves and then slowly lower down.