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The No Equipment Arms + Abs Workout that Kicks My A$$

This no equipment workout kicks my a$$ and I actually love it. I find it rather difficult to work my arms without equipment, you know what I mean? Two training components I implement to create an arm burn is that I’ll complete higher reps to make a bodyweight movement more challenging and I add in a lot of push ups: the ultimate upper body movement. I also included exercises that recruit the abs and rev up the heart rate to make this workout top notch. I suggest completing as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes but adjust the timeframe as needed: 15 minutes if that’s all you have or 35 minutes if you want a longer workout.

no equipment arms abs workout

This is one of the Most Advanced Ab Workouts I’ve Ever Done

You can get an effective, quick ab workout in with these 4 exercises. In fact, it was one of the most advanced ab workouts I’ve ever done.



I stumbled upon this piece of equipment in my gym. It looks like a rowing machine lifted up on an incline. You basically begin each movement in an inclined plank position with your forearms resting on a pad and hands gripping a fixed bar. Your knees and shins rest on a pad that glides up (knees up to chest) and down (back into a plank position). From there, you can complete all types of plank variation exercises.



Don’t have a core trainer machine? You could modify this workout at home using something about 1 foot off of the ground such as the first step of a staircase or a low bench/chair and either paper plates (for carpet) or towels (for tile). Rest your forearms on the step and place the plates/towels under your feet to reduce the friction so you can glide through these movements.


core trainer gym workout with lauren gleisberg



Here’s an image you can easily save to your phone to reference when you’re working out. In fact, I created a folder in my phone called “workouts” and I save all sorts of ideas there. I screen shot my workouts for the week and I can easily reference them.

core trainer workout by lauren gleisberg

Have you tried my new 6 Min Lower Abs workout? If you liked this post, I’m sure you’ll love that workout too! HERE it is.

best lower ab workout lauren gleisberg


This Hanging Abs + Oblique Workout is Sculpting My Core

hanging ab workout lauren gleisberg

This is the best ab workout I’ve done in a realllllly long time! It’s a hanging abs workout, so all you’ll need is some sort of pull up bar or anything you can hold onto that gets your feet a few inches off the ground.

I used to hate doing ab workouts. I’m an in and out of the gym type girl. I usually do a quick ab workout at the end of my workouts, so when I’m in a rush, it gets bumped off the list.


Lately, I’ve been doing lots of ab workout: up to 3 per week. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m seeing progress and definition in my core muscles. Or, maybe it’s just because I’ve been enjoying challenging myself. Whatever the reason… I’m here for it!

I shared THIS Hanging Abs Workout on Instagram and it seemed to be a hit, so I wanted to provide a full workout you could save to your Pinterest, phone and provide additional training tips!



If you like a quick burst of intensity like me. Try 1-2 rounds of this. If you’re up for a bigger challenge, go for 3-4 rounds. 

hanging abs and obliques workout


Here’s an image you can easily save to your phone to reference when you’re working out. In fact, I created a folder in my phone called “workouts” and I save all sorts of ideas there. I screen shot my workouts for the week and I can easily reference them.

hanging ab workout summary


Here are a few form tips to keep in mind…


As you hang, engage your upper back muscles; I like to think of squeezing a pencil between my shoulder blazes. This moves your shoulders down away from your ears. Your legs should be straight down. And, very importantly, you should be motionless.


This exercise not only works your entire core:

  • your “six pack” muscles aka the rectus abdominis
  • the transverse abdominis muscles, which are the deepest ab muscles
  • external and internal obliques also help stabilize you during the move

Squeeze your legs together, bend your knees and use your core to pull your knees up and into your stomach. Pause and slowly lower back down. Do your best not to sway or move around.


To set up, follow the started form detailed above. Raise your right leg up, keeping your leg as straight as possible. Only raise to the height you feel comfortable. As you slowly lower the right leg, raise the left leg. Continue on, keeping control throughout the movement.


This is a “side crunch” and it primarily targets your obliques on either side of your core. 

Begin in the starting form described above. Squeeze your legs together, slightly rotate your hips to twist your torso to one side. Bend your knees and raise them into your belly. Pause and slowly lower down.


This is one of the most common yet underrated ab movements. It becomes incredibly difficult at the end of a workout like this one.

Place your forearms on the ground. Your shoulders should be stacked right above your elbows and your arms should be parallel to your body.

Plant your toes into the floor. Squeeze your glutes. Straighten your spine. I like to look at a spot on the floor that is about 1 foot in front of my hands to help align my back. Hold for as long as you can.

Have you tried my new 6 Min Lower Abs workout? If you liked this post, I’m sure you’ll love that workout too! HERE it is.

best lower ab workout lauren gleisberg

Upper Body & Abs Weighted Workout

It’s a good day and it’s going to be a good day. After you complete this upper body and ab workout, I suggest you stretch for a few minutes and give this blog post (the Friday Five) a read.

Last week, I shared my first Friday Five – it’s just a fun little addition to the daily blog post, basically 5 random things I’m into that week.. I follow a blog that does the Friday Five and it becomes my favorite blog post of the week. I don’t think I’m nosy but I’m always interested in what others are interested in – I love getting ideas and inspiration from others!

Friday Five


I guess it’s good that I’ve said the Friday Five is a random list because this sure is. I’m always looking for binge-worth Netflix series and this one has me totally hooked. Have you watched?? It’s called Lockup. It’s on MSNBC but Netflix also has a bazillion episodes.

I know a lot of you are also ridiculously obsessed with Law & Order SVU like I am and I feel like if you’re into that whole creepy, killer, legal system thing, this is one to watch too!

Anthony and I watch an episode together almost every night because what else would you like to think about before you doze off haha.


I shared this on my Instagram stories a few weekends ago when I first tried it. I was at Trader Joes and they have pretty good, healthy pizza crusts: a gluten-free one and a cauliflower one. They’re good but to me, they still have that “good for a healthier version” taste.

I saw these as a featured item in my Trader Joes store and I grabbed a pack to try. We do Sunday dinners as a family each week and I hosted that weekend so I put together a margherita pizza with these. Everyone (including my dad who scoffs at whole grain anything haha) loved it!

I know not everyone has a Trader Joes location near them (I didn’t for the first 4 years of my health journey) but if you do, try the sprouted grain crust out. I think they go for $3.99 for a 2 pack.


1. Looking for a delicious healthy pizza recipe? THIS one is my fav and I’m sure you’ve seen me make it 29x

2. Struggling with guilt over eating pizza? THIS sassy post I wrote is one of the most popular blog posts to date so I’m sure you’ll love it too!

bbq chicken pizza on white pottery barn plate


Believe it or not, some people go to Target just for toothpaste and dish detergent. Me… I do my grocery shopping, home decor shopping, household shopping AND clothing shopping at Target.

I’ve especially taken notice to the shoes they have lately and I purchased 2 pairs in February that I’ve been wearing all of the time.

THESE white loafers ($23)


THESE white mules ($37)


Speaking of shoes, I wanted to give a quick little review on my recent favorite workout shoes. I can’t call it for certain but I feel like I’m becoming an ADIDAS > Nike girl. I truly never thought that day would come but we are close if not there.

I’ll share a list of all the Adidas Shoes I have and the one that is my true favorite

1. Ultraboost – ridiculously expensive; I got them as a pregnancy gift from the hubby when my feet were getting more sore and they’re probably in the top 3 of best, most supportive shoes I’ve ever owned. Worth the investment? Quite possibly!

2. Originals FLB – these are cute and I like them for when I’m doing weight training but I’m not obsessed lol.

3. Swift Run – these are them! My current favorite! You’ve probably seen the 2 pair I have. I go through athletic shoes so quickly because I train in them, film in them, and wear them 90% of the time.

These are so versatile and comfy. I’m not one of those people who is shoe-smart like “oh these are good for long distance runs, these are my sprinting shoes, these are for leg day” and instead I’m “these match my outfit” haha. The comfort and functionality is an added bonus if I’m being honest.

The Swift Runs pass all the test and in a world of ridiculously pricey sneaker, I feel like these are on the less expensive side especially when you catch them on sale. I got one pair for $60.

I have THESE neutral ones & THESE green shimmer ones

5. YouTube Meditation

I’ve been trying to get back into meditation. I know, isn’t everyone saying that these days?! lol. I started waking up 10 minutes earlier than usual. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but why is it that in the AM, 10 minutes earlier feels like an hour earlier?!

Anyways, part of my AM routine is to meditate. I do so for literally 3 minutes at the most 5. I use YouTube and simply will search “3 minute guided meditation” (or whatever the time I’m looking for / sometimes I’ll add in anxiety or positivity or focus)

That was fun. Okay, here is today’s workout…

upper body and abs workout




This workout is all about abs and cardio. I’m keeping these blog workouts short yet intense. The 30 minute-ish workout philosophy has really improved my fitness game and I hope it helps you in the same way. In fact, I’m going to do an entire post tomorrow on the length of a workout: how long you need to get in an effective workout and how you can speed it. up.



I also want to add – thank you so much for the sweet response to yesterday’s blog post. I can’t lose sight of the fact that 99% of you are sweet, encouraging and supportive.



Without fail, come early spring, the fitness world buzz always surrounds ABS. When it comes to abs, I’m 50/50 on the topic.

Half of me is like: woohoo abs! Love them! I’ll work my butt off to see them!

The other half of me feels like: eh. Abs don’t make you happy. There is so much marketing hype around ab muscles and unfortunately, so many myths perpetuated that it frustrates me.

I just want you to know: seeing abdominal definition will not make or break you. I get that it’s a fun fitness goal and I understand the fascination, which is why I share



How to Spot Target: lost fat & get fit in desired areas

3 Things I’m Doing to See Abs

Here is today’s workout…

lauren gleisberg hiit cardio and abs workout



This workout targets the arm muscles (biceps, triceps and shoulders) and the entire core. I love this muscle group combination because you feel the burn in your entire upper body while working up a great sweat.


lauren gleisberg doing an arm and ab workout

Yesterday, a miracle happened in my home… I finished my entire to-do list and I had energy after, so I did a Sunday Q&A blog post!

I answered questions like:

  • Where I got the black and white shirt from Saturday’s posts (that was actually the week’s top question lol)
  • How many days I did 30×30 to get back in shape
  • What I think of Whole30
  • When the MOM gear is launching
  • About the collagen supplement I’m taking
  • My patio details



With all the 30×30 workouts going on lately, I thought an advanced ab circuit workout would be a fun switch up. Also, be sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the post for a little Valentine’s Day “gift” <3 Sooo, what exactly makes this workout “advanced?”


An advanced training technique I like to incorporate is an increased time under tension. I talk about time under tension quite a bit on here but in case you need a refresher, I’ll share what the TUT method is an provide examples of workouts to further explain.

TUT = time under tension

TUT refers to the amount of time a muscle group is actually being worked. For example, a set of 10 reps of squats may take around 25 seconds or less (=25 seconds of time under tension). A set of squats requiring 25 reps may take around 1 minute to complete (=1 minute of time under tension).

One helpful tip I have for completing an advanced ab workout is to increase the time under tension.


1 set, 15 reps crunches (TUT = ~30 seconds)


1 set, 15 reps crunches (TUT = ~30 seconds)


1 set, 15 reps sit ups (TUT = ~30 seconds)


1 set, 15 reps sit ups (TUT = ~30 seconds)


1 set 15 reps bicycle crunches (TUT = ~30 seconds)


1 set 15 reps bicycle crunches (TUT = ~30 seconds)



15 reps crunches

15 reps sit ups

15 reps bicycle crunches


…complete 2 rounds

(TUT = ~90 seconds per round)


The total number of sets and reps are the same for the two workout example. But, in workout example 2, the time under tension was greater because the 3 exercises were completed in sequence with no rest in between. This creates for a more advanced workout.

Just think… it’s a lot harder to hold a plank for 90 seconds than it is 30 seconds. This is why I increase the time under tension in my advanced ab workouts.

Here is a version of that… 

Add this ab workout to any workout you’re completing this week of complete this workout in combination with cardio!


If you’re interested in an advanced ab training program, check out my “Premium Ab Plan” – it contains a 6 week ab workout plan and 5 follow along workout videos.

for Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing 14% off the plan – use code LGValentines at checkout

30 Minute Circuit Workout (+3 reasons why I love short workouts)

This is one of my favorite workouts from the new 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plan (this one). If you’re following along with the community – we are currently on Day 11. I am going to screenshot the workout and include it here because that’s truly how much I enjoyed it. 

This workout in particular I liked because of how tight it left me feeling. I realize as I’m typing this that is kind of an odd thing to like about the workout haha. Allow me to explain. You know when you’re lifting and let’s say you’re doing an arm workout… your biceps are pumped up and you feel so strong. I love that! Typically, on a cardio/ab type of day, I don’t get that sort of strong and empowered feeling BUT this workout totally gave me that. My core felt so tight and strong. I was sweating. Such a great workout! I hope you love it as much as I did.

Okay, if you scroll down a bit I’m going to share 3 reasons why I’m currently loving shorter workouts.

30 minute circuit workout



This one is totally mental. Then again, isn’t life a total mind game. When you master your mind, you master your life… I’m still working on that haha but for now, I’ll master my workouts. Okay, so with shorter workouts, I feel like I am so much more focused and therefore, the quality of my workouts increase.

Because these workouts are timed, I know they won’t exceed 30 minutes. My thought process prior to these workouts is like: “okay, it’s only 30 minutes… put your phone in your back, don’t think about what happened at work and just get to working out.” 


I am constantly pushing to keep my workouts different. It’s good for the body. It’s good for the mind. There’s nothing more boring in life than doing the same thing over and over.

Okay, now I’m laughing because since I’ve been 12 years old, peanut butter on toast or an English muffin has been something I’ve eaten as part of my breakfast haha. BUT… with most other things (like workouts!), I can’t do the same thing for too long.

30 minute workouts are just different. And sometimes, different feels good!


Kind of funny, I know but when I know my workout will only be 30 minutes, I actually complete it. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this list, life is a mind game. When it’s 530 AM and I’m committing to a morning workout or if it’s 6 pm and I’ve had a long work day yet still need to go to the gym… the thought of getting in a 30 minute workout feels so much more feasible. 

Don’t get me wrong… very often, I’m motivated enough to tackle a workout that is 45 minutes or more. The time at the gym seems to fly by BUT there are definitely days when a short workout happens simply because it was a short workout. And, something is better than nothing! You know?!

Fitmas Challenge: Cardio + Core (W4D4)

I love a bodyweight cardio workout that doesn’t require any equipment. I feel like I’m always telling you “you’ll like this workout” haha but I really think you’ll enjoy today’s cardio for 2 reasons.

1) the moves are just a little bit different that it was fun to complete them

2) the time actually moved pretty fast


[ ] Blog Workout: HIIT Cardio & Abs workout x5 rounds

[ ] Video Workout Plan: abs workout video 

lauren gleisberg doing a cardio and core workout for women



cheeseburger mini muffin healthy recipe

You MUST try these cheeseburger mini muffins + I’m sharing “5 things” in this post for just a fun little something today.

3 Things I’m Doing to See Ab Results (in Winter!)

Cooler temps and staying inside more? Yes. Heavier layers and less skin showing? Yes. Yes. A reason to work less on those abdominal muscles? Heck no. Here are 3 specific things I’m starting now and continuing to do during the winter months to work on my abs.


I didn’t want this list to be the typical fitness blogger: eat well, workout and drink lemon water type of post but with that said, I will state the obvious. In order for me to improve my midsection this winter, I am going to privatize eating nutrient-dense foods and portioned meals. Got it. Check. All I’m saying about that (if you need more help on how I do that, see the guidelines in the Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan).

Now, what I am doing differently is focusing on my restful breaks aka when I’m not eating. If there is one thing that has changed for me in the past year, it’s been snacking and grazing. Snacking is one of my top 5 pet peeves. When I snack (even when it’s “healthy snacks”) I just feel crummy. I can’t even describe why other than I don’t feel like myself.

My goal this winter is to focus more not just on Guidelines #1 in the Meal Plan (timing) but also to give my body a break between meals. I eat 5 meals per day. I get in enough calories to support my goals and my lifestyle. For me, snacking isn’t out of hunger, it’s out of boredom. 

When you study the digestive system and especially how it relates to fat loss, there’s a great benefit in downtime from eating. I really think this is going to help my results this winter.


After having my baby, Leo, I embarked on the journey that is going from a loose tummy and little strength back to tight and strong. It’s not just a mom struggle. The midsection is a common problem area and what I did to get back in shape during my post-natal phase is something that I know will translate beneficially to anyone and everyone… even me this winter!

Let’s backtrack quick…. direct ab work consists of exercises that primarily target the rectus abdominus: the muscles that make up the “six pack” or front of the tummy. In contrast, core work contains movements that work the entire core: front, sides and back of the midsection.

My ab training consisted of a lot of direct ab work: crunches, sit ups, etc. After implementing more core work when I had my baby, I felt “sucked in” and “tighter.” I want to continue with that. 

5 Core Exercises I LOVE:

1. Plank 

2. Lying Toe Taps (from today’s ab workout video!)

3. Plank Walk Outs

4. Heavy Deadlifts

5. Back & Front Squats w/ a Barbell

^#4 & #5 may be surprising ones to make the list but those are unbelievable core workouts. in fact, when I focused on heavy lifting with those 2 exercises, I wasn’t doing any other ab/core work yet was seeing the most abdominal progress


We all know we should *drink more water* but lately, I’ve been wanting to go deeper into that. Not only do I want to stay hydrated, but I want to stay hydrated throughout the day and incorporate beneficial liquids.

MORNING HYDRATION: one goal of mine this winter is to hydrate first thing in the morning. Think about not having a sip of water for the next 8 hours. Thinking about that makes me want to pour a glass of water lol. That is exactly what happens when we go to sleep. So, my goal is to wake up and have a big glass of water and wait about 20-30 mins before breakfast. 

BONE BROTH: I feel like I should do an entire post on bone broth so I’ll save all the benefits for another day and just say here that I’ll be drinking bone broth regularly this winter. 

LEMON GINGER WATER: lemon and ginger is the ultimate anti-inflammatory combination, which I am hopeful will support my ab goals this winter.

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