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Valentine’s Day is this week and for those of us who will be enjoying a Valentine’s Day dinner at home, I wanted to share 3 meal ideas I know you’ll love.

Call me crazy but I’ve never been big about going out for Valentine’s Day. Even prior to marriage and kids, I thought it was more romantic to be with just my partner at home. If someone is willing to spend the time to cook you a meal that is total #GOALS to me. Plus, the restaurants are jam packed and it’s more difficult when the holiday falls on a weekday.

What about you? Are you someone who enjoys Valentine’s Day dinner out or in?

Anyway, I have 3 healthy Valentine’s Day dinner ideas that will make your celebration delicious. Whoever your serving these meals to won’t have a clue that they’re heathy. 



If your Valentine’s Day dinner vibe is something you want to keep simple and classic OR if it is something that the entire family will be enjoying, I would suggest this. My only suggested modification would be to make these Spicy + Cheesy Stuffed Peppers in RED bell peppers to make it more festive.

This is a community favorite entree recipe so it will not disappoint. In fact, if you’ve never tried this recipe before… I highly suggest you add it to your list on Valentine’s Day or any day this week.



This would be a great dinner idea if your Valentine’s Day plans include cozying up with your love, relaxing on the couch, watching Netflix and eating something yummy. My husband LOVES when I make this beef stew, so he was definitely my inspiration behind this dinner pick.

The best part is that you can prepare this earlier in the week and freeze it. The morning of Valentine’s Day, pop this into your crockpot and your Valentine’s Day dinner will be ready without any hands on cooking time! Now, that’s a Valentine’s Day gift haha. 



This dinner idea is totally my pick of the three. I enjoy a more of an informal approach to cooking and eating at home. Plus, I think it’s a bit more romantic to “share” entrees.

For this dinner idea, whip up a batch of my Buffalo Chicken Dip. You can serve it with celery sticks, tortilla chips or both. It’s an absolute hit with everyone who has tried it, so you definitely won’t disappoint your hunny.

Then finish it with a something sweet… FroYo Bites. The strawberries gives these a festive touch and I would maybe suggest even adding a bit of melted chocolate over the top for a more romantic, Valentine’s Day vibe.


3 BEST WORKOUT LEGGINGS for 2019 (+budget friendly options)

lauren gleisberg in alo yoga black moto leggings

My workouts are only as good as my workout leggings. I used to be a cute over function type of buyer. I would suffer through a blister to wear the most adorable pair of sneakers. As my workout intensity increased, I realized just how important it is for my attire to keep up with my pace. I have tried HUNDREDS of different types of leggings and narrowed down my 3 absolute favorite workout leggings. 

As I was putting this together, I realized my 3 favorite workout leggings were all around $100 give or take a bit. With workout leggings, I think quality > quantity and highly suggest that approach. I personally rather re-wear the same pair of quality black leggings all week as opposed to having 5 different pairs. BUT, I included 2 other, less expensive options I really like as well.



Here is the rundown on my tried and true favorite options, which I consider to be the best workout leggings for 2019.alo yoga high waisted black leggings

Alo Yoga makes 3 pairs of leggings that I am absolutely obsessed with. You’ll likely recognize these pairs because I am constantly wearing them.

  • Moto Leggings (here)
  • Airbrush Leggings (here)
  • Lounge Leggings (here)



Overall, I think Alo Yoga has the best combination of comfort and fit. These 3 pairs of leggings are as comfortable as pajamas. And for fit, they stay put, which is very important when working out. 

MOTO LEGGINGS – these have a classic cotton feel and I suggest these for a cross training but not for your sweatiest workouts. I love the high waisted version although there is a regular rise available. These are my go-to leggings for when I want to lift and then continue wearing my workout outfit throughout the day. Cute-ness factor is 100!

AIRBRUSH LEGGINGS – these have a contoured fit that feels like a “second skin.” It provides that tight and lifted feeling… the high waist band is the perfect size, leaving me feeling sucked in without anything “spilling over” the top. These leggings really smoothes out your legs and butt. The fabric is moisture-wicking so during my workouts, I don’t feel overheated and sweaty. They are very stretchy. For 2019, this pair is my favorite from Alo Yoga!

LOUNGE LEGGINGS – I do wear these to the gym occasionally but I definitely wouldn’t wear them on my super sweaty workouts. They are beyond comfortable… so so comfortable that I just had to mention them here. The material feels like a cozy blanket. The waistband is perfect. 

Sizing Note: in all the Alo Yoga leggings, I wear an XS which is a 2-4 although I am normally more of a 0-2 in “regular clothing”

lululemon align black leggings best workout

These are the exact pair of Lululemon leggings that feel like butter; they also have 3 lengths, which I will link here:

  • Crops (here)
  • Leggings, my favorite length (here)
  • Pants (here)



I am a big fan of Lululemon leggings in general. I do believe of all the brands I’ve tried, they have the best coverage, meaning that when you squat down and get your workout on, the material doesn’t get sheer. If it does for you, it’s a good indication to size up. 

These leggings are incredibly lightweight; no exaggeration… it truly feels like you’re not wearing pants. The hi-rise on these is everything. The waistband and leggings don’t move around as you move around (so important to me!). The fabric is cozy and legitimately feels like butter. 

If you’ve seen me in a pair of plain black leggings within the past 6 months, there’s a 90% chance it’s these. I wear them multiple times per week. I always suggest starting with a black pair to really get your wear out of them.

When washing, wash these on a gentle cycle and do not throw them in the dryer because I noticed they are susceptible to piling if they aren’t taken care of properly. 

Sizing Note: I am a size 4 in Lululemon leggings. I do recommend trying on each pair before buying because I notice some inconsistency with sizing when it comes to styles and colors. I know that colors/patterns can change the fabric and I’ve occasionally gone up a size in a particular legging when I select another color. Also, if you find any pair of Lululemon leggings gets sheer when you squat down, size up!

outdoor voices leggings for workouts

These were a pair of leggings I purchased that instantly became a hit

  • TechSweat Leggings (here)



I’ve always loved the Outdoor Voices brand. I love what they stand for and I love their look. I’m a matchy matchy kind of girl, so I can’t get enough of the coordinating sets from this brand.

When I first tried on these leggings, I knew they would become a favorite. I HIGHLY recommend these to women who get very sweaty during their workouts. Not a lot of leggings can handle leg and butt BUT (pun intended!) these sure can. 

These leggings don’t budge even during the most intense workouts. The fabric always seems to keep you cool. The fit is both comfortable and flattering. AND, they’re so so cute with lots of color option!

Sizing Note: I am an XS in this brand



1. ZELLA LEGGINGS: these aren’t the least expensive but they’re a moderate price range and I compare them most to Lululemon in the way they fit and function. 

2. OLD NAVY LEGGINGS: Old Navy makes a moto leggings that really rivals the Alo Yoga moto leggings. People RAVE about these and they are literally a fraction of the price.

3. TARGET – JOY LAB: Target has some really great activewear pieces but one brand I love in particular is Joy Lab. The ones that I linked are total Alo Yoga Moto Legging dupes for 1/4 the cost.



My Ultimate Sneaker Review (here)



lauren gleisberg listening to workout playlist with apple air pods

I beat the winter blues in the gym with some really good music (and by really good… I mean mostly inappropriate rap music lol). Today, I wanted to share my workout playlist that I’ve been listening to lately. I hope you find a song or two that you like just as much.

I am also spicing up this blog post by sharing a few random health and wellness items I have in my Amazon cart at the moment. Not sure if I am the only one who does this… throughout the week, I add items to my cart and then all of the sudden I realize I have 27 items totaling $685 – it’s the modern day window shopping, right?! I then get serious and place an order for the things we really need so here are a few I think I’m going to go for!



I tend to have a combination of 80% “new” and 20% “old yet new” songs on my playlist. For my workout playlists, I am also big on the beats per minute… I find the more upbeat the song is, the more I can elevate my mood and workout! Probably my favorite song on this playlist is False Alarm – it just always gets me pumped up for a workout. 

PLEASE leave song recommendations you have in the comments of this blog post! I always look for new ideas.

winter 2019 workout playlist for gym



Pump Up Workout Playlist + Headphone Review (this post includes a previous workout playlist as well as a very in depth review on the best headphones for your workout)



And to keep this post very LG, here are 5 health and wellness currently in my shopping cart…



I’ve been organizing my home and cabinets lately and it’s interesting to note which items cause the most chaos. While I would love to purchase an “organization system” for everything, I start with the items that seem to make things most messy. In my kitchen cabinets water bottles are a big one, so I think this unit will really help. Plus, I can add onto it!



I’m always looking for ways to help myself and my family drink more water. I love having a pitcher in the refrigerator for homemade iced teas or infused water concoctions. I was attracted to this one because of the great reviews, the different sizes available, and how it works with both hot and cold drinks. The cute design helps too.



I actually am debating between these two. For years, I’ve purchased THESE so I put them in my cart to reorder because we’ve lost several; I’ve always loved the variety of sizes – they seem to be all we ever need.. Buttt, then I saw THESE and I really like the locking system on them. I’ll let you know what I decide!



My love of weighted hip thrusts has me eyeing up this pink barbell pad. I don’t usually use these pads for squats: although I should try it out! I definitely need some padding for hip thrusts so my hip bones don’t bruise as I add challenging weight. I’ve made that mistake before!

10 BEST HEALTHY SNACK IDEAS (high protein, low carb)

10 of the best healthy snack ideas that can help you lose weight, get fit and enjoy every bite of the process. If you are a member of my meal plan, you know I’m not crazy about the concept of snacking. Snacks are often protein-poor and carb-heavy, which isn’t a great combo for getting in great shape. Still, sometimes snacks are just part of the meal line up, so here are some healthy snack ideas for you to enjoy.


1. Protein Muffins

Snacks packed with protein will help keep you fuller longer. I have an delicious Chocolate Protein Muffin recipe here


2. Beef or Turkey Jurkey

This makes for the perfect, portable protein option. The key is to find an option that is natural and not too too high in sodium!


3. Apple + Banana Slices with Peanut Butter

The combination of both apple and banana with a side of peanut butter for dipping. I usually use 1/2 a banana and 1/2 an apple to keep the carbohydrates in check (I’ll use the other half the following day).


4. Cottage Cheese + Sunflower Seeds + Pepper

This is a unique snack idea that I came up with in college because it was protein-packed, inexpensive, came together in a matter of minutes and could be easily packed for a grab-and-go option. You just mix cottage cheese and sunflower seeds together in a bowl and sprinkle with a little bit of pepper.


5. Hardboiled Eggs

One of the easiest protein options to pack. I love making a batch of hardboiled eggs at the beginning of the week and store them in the fridge. My favorite way to enjoy is with the Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning! Have you tried that yet?


6. Deli Roll Ups

For a protein-packed, low carb snack, I like to wrap all natural deli meat around a piece of cheese. I’ll usually use 1 slice of cheese (and rip it into 3 strips) and 3 slices of off the bone, all natural ham to wrap around the cheese. Yum!


7. Greek Yogurt + Granola

Greek yogurt OR my new favorite yogurt, which is YQ by Yoplait (it’s high in protein, lower in carbs/sugar and tastier than Greek yogurt) with ~1/4-1/3 cup of granola mixed in.


8. Trader Joes Crispbreads topped with Chicken Salad 

This is a super specific snack, but if you have 1) Trader Joes and 2) Zoe’s Kitchen near you, you’ll love this. The Trader Joes crispbreads are delicious and have an amazing nutrition profile. I’ll eat 1 or 2 and top it with Zoe’s Kitchen chicken salad. It’s so filling yet light.


9. Bell Peppers + Hummus

When I want a lighter snack, I opt for sliced bell peppers and hummus. In particular, my favorite bell pepper color is orange – I am convinced it tastes best.


10. Cucumber Slices + Laughing Cow Cream Cheese

Another lighter snack idea. What I love about this one and the bell peppers in hummus is the crunch is provides (you get that chip or cracker satisfaction. I’ll top cucumber slices with laughing cow cream cheese and enjoy.


Those are some of my go-to snack options. They’re higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates than most of the snack ideas out there, so I hope they keep you full and reaching your goals.

Join Now… 30×30 Fat Loss Shred + 5 Week Food Plan

In 5 weeks, you will be a fitter, leaner, stronger, happier you!

You ready? Commit here…



30x30 Fat Loss Shred



Lauren Gleisberg 5 week food plan










For the first time ever… I am giving away $1,000 cash to a person who purchases and participates in the 30×30 3.0 workout + 5 Week Food Plan. 


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1. Email your before photos to
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3. You may wear a swimsuit, sports bra or fitness attire you feel comfortable in
4. Photo must include date of when photos were taken (you can be holding a piece of paper with the date or have it posted on the wall)
5. Photos must be submitted by Fri, Jan 25
6. Participants must be 18 years of age or older




facial self tanner lauren gleisberg

^because of the bright lighting, this photo doesn’t show the tan color but it does show the glow that comes from the product so I wanted to include it 🙂


What tanning drops? THESE tanning drops!

These are the self tanning drops I’ve been using on my face and body for the easiest, most natural glow. About a month ago, I posted an IG story saying that I purchased a cleaner, more natural facial self tanner (I now also use it on my body) and since then I get asked every… single… day about them! AND (you guys are so sweet), you’re always sending messages that it looks like my skin is glowing… it’s 110% the drops and not me lol. Let’s get to the review



Again, THESE are the tanning drops. The brand is Isle of Paradise.

I purchased mine from Sephora. They sell out fast but then come back in stock quickly so keep an eye out and order them if you see them available. I say that because I haven’t been able to order another since my first purchase, which is a bit annoying but I guess it reinforces they’re that good.

You mix them right into your moisturizer or lotion and apply as you normally would to your face and body. 

Quick Background: I am crazy about self tanner. This is definitely the Wisconsin girl in me… we went so long without that summer sun, so I desperately tried to stay tan year round. I’ve tried just about every product out there.

Even now, living in Texas, I just feel better with a tan. However, as I get older, I crave a more natural, subtle tan (which is very hard to achieve with self tanner).

I previously shared a FULL SELF TANNER REVIEW -> HERE  (these are the “more traditional” self tanners but since purchasing these drops, I haven’t used any of those a single time)



The real reason I wanted to try out these tanning drops is because I have NEVER found a facial self tanner that I liked and that didn’t cause me to break out. 

I use these tanning drops on my face and body. Absolutely zero breakout or irritation.

They’re so easy to apply because you mix them right into your moisturizer, so it really doesn’t add much work to your routine. Previously, I would have to “gear up” to apply self tanner but with this product, I add a few drops to my lotion, apply, wash my hands and I’m done.

I used my regular facial moisturizer and body lotion. Nothing special. It does make it a tiny bit more “liquidy” – naturally but it still applies like lotion. 

There is also no scent, which is pretty unique. I take that back… there is a tiny scent but a good one. It would almost remind you of a beach product but definitely not that typical self tanner scent.  

THE RESULTS: I definitely notice a natural glow that develops quickly. In fact, I love how quickly it develops because sometimes I’ll apply in the AM, do my make up and by mid-day, I already tell I look like I laid out by the pool for a few hours. 

The color is really beautiful, especially on my face. It’s not orange, rather that natural bronze that I feel every self tanner aims for but doesn’t exactly hit.

Honestly… you sweet ladies have been more of a testimonial than me. The day after I first applied, I posted an IG story (talking bout something else) and literally had 20-30 DMs asking if I tried the tanning drops because I looked bronzed and glowing. 


  • most beautiful color (especially on face!)
  • produces a natural glow not just a tan
  • quick + easy application
  • the bottle lasts a long time
  • no typical self tanner scent


  • can’t purchase on Amazon
  • often sold out

^yes, those are really my only 2 cons lol


PRODUCT REVIEW SCORE: 10/10 (and I don’t give 10s easily)



The tanning drops are available in light, medium and dark and the directions suggest to use 1-12 drops depending on the color you’re trying to achieve.

COLOR: my initial instinct was to purchase the medium shade bottle. However, the more reviews I read, the more suggestions I saw to purchase the dark and use less drops. I am really happy I went with the dark. I would be interested in trying the medium to compare but dark definitely isn’t “dark.” To me, it’s a beautiful, bronze that looks super natural.  

NUMBER OF DROPS USED: like I mentioned, the suggestion is 1-12. For my first application, I mixed 4 drops with my moisturizer to use on my face and then mixed 6 in with my lotion to use on my body. It was honestly perfect for me. I now do 4-5 on my face and 5-6 on my body, but read my application tips below for how I do an “application” vs “re-application.”



You know the usual self-tanning application suggestions…

  • exfoliate 24 hours prior to application
  • apply to clean, shaved body 

Yeah, okay… I don’t do that; I just apply after I shower or after I have just washed my face haha.



I begin with my face… I mix my 4-5 drops into 2 pumps of my facial moisturizer. I apply the moisturizer as I normally would BUT I also make sure that I go down my neck, onto my chest and I also carry the lotion onto my ears/back of neck. 

I then mix 5-6 drops into my body lotion and apply as I normally would. It’s so easy! I wash my hands and wait to start glowing lol.



I would say the facial tanner lasts 3-5 days. On day 3, I can tell it’s not as bronzed/glowing and then by day 5, it’s pretty much gone. The tan on my body actually tends to last a bit longer.

I think it’s because my facial skincare routine is a lot more intense and naturally exfoliates/rubs off the tanner. I get a pretty solid week out of the body tanner but I’m not real worried about it fading, especially because I’m mostly in long sleeves and pants this time of the year. 

I “re-apply” on Day 4, which is just a less intense version of my application. I am specifically calling it a reapplication because I have tried using my initial quantity and I noticed that the tan was not as natural looking. 


RE-APPLICATION: 2 drops (cut initial application in half)

For example: on Sunday, I’ll do an application to my face and body and on Thursday, I’ll do a re-application on my face. Then, Sunday back to the face and body application. Does that make sense?!


I feel like I made this a very serious post on… self tanner lol. BUT, I honestly love these drops and wanted to share an in depth product review on them!



Everything You NEED to Know on Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent Fasting is a style of eating in which we alternate between periods of eating and fasting. Now, I don’t like the term “fasting” because it insinuates something restrictive. Funny thing is that we all already do some form of intermittent fasting… we eat during the day and we don’t eat while we sleep. Intermittent Fasting is a more exaggerated form of what many of us are already doing with greater benefits, such as increased fat loss.

I’ve receive so many questions on Intermittent Fasting. I know a lot of women are following IF alongside the new food plan (which is going to be AMAZING for results), so today, I wanted to share all my resources on IF.




You eat for a period of time and then you stop for a period of time – it’s that simple. There is a standard 16/8 protocol that is often suggested, but I also believe in many modifications (especially for women) that are still very effective. Intermittent Fasting or IF is most popular because of the accelerated fat loss benefit because the time spent “fasting” allows the body to switch from burning sugar/carbs to burning fat for its primary energy source. 



First off, I follow IF and saw the benefits for myself so I wanted to share in hopes of help you too. I believe my job is to share as many tools as possible to help you reach your goals. Some tools are more useful for you than others. Yet another woman may find different tools useful. Basically, my goal is to share as much as possible and then empower you to decide which approaches, plans and tips are the best fit for you.

IF is another tool in our nutrition toolbox. It is not a diet. It is not a quick fix. It can be a powerful eating approach for fat loss and a variety of other benefits. My mini guide will provide all the details on it but today, I want to preview it so you can decide if it’s something you’re interested in. 


My Intermittent Fasting Mini Guide is only available as part of my Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan.

If you’re interested in following IF, I highly suggest it because it simplifies all the info out there and teaches you exactly how to get started and seeing the  benefits. 




I have several blog posts I highly recommend reading if you are thinking about trying Intermittent Fasting OR if you’ve just started. These posts are full of my tips, tricks and even mistakes (so you don’t make the same ones lol).



I’ve followed IF 2x in my life- the 1st time was a huge fail and the 2nd time I was successful. Learn from my experience (and my mistakes)




My answers to your most commonly asked questions on IF



What I’ve noticed in following IF for 6 months

Celery Juice: health benefits + how tos

celery juice benefits breville juicer celery juice benefits lauren gleisberg lauren gleisberg celery juice

I am pretty certain by now you’ve heard about the celery juicy trend from at least ten different people. From news programs to women on social media and friends… I’ve heard celery juice conversations just about everywhere. But, WHY?! Why is everyone juicing celery? What are the benefits of celery juice? And is this trend right for you?

Well, first off… celery juice isn’t exactly a trend. It may seem like it right now but people (including me!) have been drinking juice in celery for years. But, what is new for me is drinking straight celery juice. So, why am I doing it?!



To keep it real, the power of social media and positive testimonials caused me to try celery juicing lol. If you have yet to try celery juice but are someone who has heard about it twenty times… I was exactly in your shoes a few months ago. A friend would mention it. I would see an article circulating on Facebook. A girl sharing her healing story would pop up on my YouTube feed.

There is one person that I heard mentioned again and again in celery juice conversations – the Medical Medium. Most everyone who juices celery suggests reading his books; I have not read them but his Instagram and website provide a sufficient amount of information to understand all about celery juicing for me. 

I was also blown away by real life men and women I found on YouTube and Instagram who were sharing how it healed certain things for them. I love following the Little Blonde Book who shares about celery juicing often and how it helped her completely get off medications for Chron’s Disease. 

I struggle with eczema and that was one big motivating factor for me personally to try it out (among many other benefits I’ll mention below).

When it comes to trying health-related things, I tend to have a “why not – let’s give it a try” type of attitude. That’s exactly how I felt after perusing all sorts of celery juice content.



Here are a few of the benefits of celery juice that I found most interesting. 


REDUCES INFLAMMATION: inflammation is a link to a laundry list of diseases. Celery juice contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that essentially starve the bacteria and viruses that create the inflammation

ANTISEPTIC: celery contains mineral salts that can act as an antiseptic when they make contact with viruses and bacteria; the salts break down the pathogens’ cell membranes working to destroy them and eventually flushing out these viruses from the body

AIDS IN DIGESTION + BLOATING: hydrochloric acid plays an essential role in digestion, keeping the digestive system alkaline. Celery juice restores hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach, which makes for better overall digestion. On the topic of digestion… bloating is a common problem many of us face when undigested protein and fat get trapped in the stomach and small intestine. Celery juice promotes hydrochloric acid and bile production to help break this down and reduce bloating.

SKIN HEALTH: eczema, psoriasis and acne are three skin conditions often talked about with celery juice. Like I mentioned, I was most interested in healing eczema. Supposedly, the cluster salts in celery juice pose as a toxin and killer to the pathogens responsible for these skin conditions, which is why they can help heal them. Personally, I haven’t been juicing long enough to notice a huge reduction but my eczema has definitely not gotten any worse (which it normally does in the cold) since starting. AND, I do feel my skin looks clearer but maybe that’s just in my head lol. 

DETOXIFICATION + OVERALL WELLBEING: there are many other shared benefits like preventing high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, fighting ulcers and acid reflux, and detoxifying that made me feel the overall health associated with celery juice was a worthwhile benefit in giving it a try.



Eating celery is beneficial and healthy but it doesn’t deliver the same powerful benefits as does juicing celery for 2 main reasons

1) juicing celery removes the fiber (wait, isn’t fiber good? yes but….) this allows the benefits of what’s contained in celery to become more bioavailable as our bodies are able to digest and utilize it better without the fiber present

2) we would not be able to eat the amount of celery required to deliver the benefits found in celery juice




I pretty much followed the Medical Medium protocol on celery juicing, which you can find on his website, but I’ll be sure to sprinkle in some of my own tips here too!

BUYING CELERY: you’ll learn that somehow not all celery tastes the same. In fact, the taste of celery can vary store by store. I also learned that organic celery actually tastes better, but if you don’t have organic available that’s just fine. Personally, I like to buy all organic produce when juicing.

WASH CELERY: wash celery (extra important if it’s not organic). Chop off any leaves if desired; I find the celery juice is less bitter when the leaves are removed. If I want to speed things up for the following morning, I will wash and chop my celery the night prior.

JUICE: I drink 16 oz of fresh celery juice. For me, this requires about 1 large bunch of celery. For best results, it is suggested to make celery juice fresh and drink it immediately. The medicinal properties decrease when it’s frozen but it’s important to drink within 24 hours of making if you do decide to store in with a lid in the refrigerator.

I use THIS juicer. I love it for it’s functionality/good price (for a juicer!) but most importantly, I love it because it’s very easy to wash. Trust me on this… you will NOT keep up with juicing if there are too many components to your juicer or if it’s difficult to clean, which is why I recommend this one most!

What about the blender?! as I mentioned, one of the keys to celery juice is removing the pulp/fiber, which a blender cannot do. However, you can blend your celery juice then use a strainer to get just the juice

WHEN TO DRINK: you want to drink your celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach. Then, wait 15-30 minutes (I prefer to wait the full 30) before eating breakfast.

If you cannot juice and drink your celery in the AM, the second best time is to drink it on an empty stomach sometime during the day 15-30 minutes before a meal.

MODIFICATIONS: when I first began celery juicing, I reduced the overall consumption. I started with around 8 oz of celery juice. I also added a cucumber, which is a medical medium suggestion. Some people will juice an apple with the celery if the flavor is too difficult to get used to. Just keep in mind- the goal is 16 oz of straight celery juice.



The most common side effect I’ve heard is that some people experience a change in their bowel movements when they begin celery juice. This is a normal detox side effect, especially in individuals who may have a higher level of toxins. Because the celery juice is killing off bacteria and detoxifying the body, loose stools at the beginning may occur. Honestly, I did not notice any of this. Maybe it’s because I started off slowly?! BUT, I did just want to note that it’s talked about as normal when you first begin celery juice. As your body passes out all the toxins, the normal bowel movements should resume.



Finally, I want to make this clear… everything in health is controversial to some extent. Celery juice is no different, so please take everything I shared and all that is out there with a grain of salt, do your own research, consult your healthcare provider, and make the best decision for you.

I love it! I do feel I’ve already noticed some health improvements and again, I have an optimistic attitude on the overall health of it. If I miss one day, I don’t stress about it, but I do plan on keeping this up consistently. 

Have you tried celery juice? Please share anything from your experience in the comments!



30×30 Challenge: Week 1 Schedule

Happy Week 1 of the 30×30 Challenge. For the next 5 weeks, we will be following the same workouts and enjoying the same meals as we work through the new 30×30 Fat Loss Shred 3.0 plan AND the 5 Week Food Plan. These plans definitely have a little magic infused in them and it’s yours for the taking. In just 5 weeks, you will be a stronger, fitter, more confident and happier you!








This is your schedule overview for planning. The actual workouts are found in the 30×30 plan. 


For the first time ever… I am giving away $1,000 cash to a person who purchases and participates in the 30×30 3.0 workout + 5 Week Food Plan. 


Winners will be selected based on physical progress AND (most importantly!) dedication to the community and 30×30 + Food Plans. My team and I will be Insta-stalking… we see all the Instagram posts & stories we are tagged in so keep up your check ins and community support!



Grand Prize Winner – $1,000 cash

2nd Winner – $250 cash

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1. Email your before photos to
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30x30 Fat Loss Shred



Lauren Gleisberg 5 week food plan



5 Week Food Plan – Sample Full Day of Eating

Curious to see what a full day of eating is like when following the 5 Week Food Plan? Here is a delicious little sample.

The 5 Week Food Plan is a brand new meal-by-meal healthy eating guide I created to pair with the 30×30 Fat Loss Shred workout program. It is the easiest, most maintainable food plan to follow, which is why I am so excited about the results. Most diets and plans fail because of our inability to stay consistent. The best meal plan = the one we can stick with.


This is my secret sauce to making the plan easy to follow. Without giving too much away the approach found in the plan, this 4 point approach is what allows us to eat in accordance to our goals yet keeps everything super simple.

  • you will cook only ONCE per day; the rest is moreso meal assembly
  • there’s no counting calories or macros (I do that hard work so you don’t have to)
  • little to no meal prep – some weeks, you won’t even have anything to meal prep ahead of time
  • reducing snacking; I have a dinner trick that has helped curb my cravings and indulgences at night



We are all busy bees and it’s essential that we can put a healthy breakfast together within a few minutes. I made this smoothie in ~3 minutes and enjoyed it while diving into my inbox. This is my Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie recipe… smooth, creamy and satisfying. Today, I added in a scoop of collagen for extra health benefits! 

Disclaimer – my smoothies don’t look this beautiful each AM but that’s why I have a food photographer on the LG team lol

peanut butter banana protein smoothie



The beauty of lunch in the 5 Week Food Plan is that it’s already made the night prior. Again, I don’t want to give away too much that’s in the plan but lunch is a simple reheat + enjoy! NO COOKING! Today is Taco Lasagna, which is one of my favorite all time recipes. It’s a meal that my entire family loves too!

My girl, Sarah is already following the Food Plan and I just saw her IG story of the Taco Lasagna… how delicious does this look?!

lauren gleisberg taco lasagna



I get hungry in the afternoon… not enough for an entire meal but definitely hungry enough that I need a little something. Snacks are often low in protein and high in carbs (not optimal for our goals), so it’s key the snacks in this plan contain protein and come together quickly. Today, I am enjoying yogurt and granola. 

healthy snack yogurt and granola



This is when we cook ONCE for the entire day. I am not talking about cooking a crazy, extensive dinner. I’m referring to meals that are 10 mins of hands on prep, bake and enjoy OR toss in a crockpot and serve fresh on a plate…. cooking LG style ;):)

It’s a fresh dinner and my ultimate trick to seeing results through food. If we cook a satisfying dinner in the evening, we are less likely to reach for junk and snacks later in the night (a time most of us struggle the most).

Tonight, it’s PIZZA! Wait, what? Yes… pizza is on the plan. 

BBQ chicken pizza



Some nights, I am so satisfied with dinner than I’m not in the mood for an evening snack. Other nights, I want a little bit of something. Two nights ago, I enjoyed popcorn. Last night, I was craving these veggie trays I get at my local grocery store (I’ve always been a veggies + dip girl). There is an entire list of light snacks you can enjoy included in the plan.


…and that is how delicious it is to eat with the 5 Week Food Plan! It’s hard to believe you can eat like that AND see results, but just watch! You’ll prove it to yourself!




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